Best French Bulldog Multivitamin Supplements

The nutritional needs of a French bulldog are sometimes not met with its everyday diet. Hence, they can be given specialized multivitamins that protect their joints, skin, coat, and digestive system. Apart from adult dogs, puppies and senior dogs are the most vulnerable ones that require a functional and nutrient-enriched (multivitamin) diet to keep them healthy.

If your Frenchie is getting his ideal dosage of vitamins from his diet, then giving him extra supplements is not advisable. But it is seen that usually, Frenchies that are home fed lack certain nutrients that hamper their growth.

The age, weight, breed, and health condition of your dog should be kept in mind before choosing a supplement. Try to make sure that your French bulldog is not allergic to any ingredients used in the health supplement.

Here are some of the best French bulldog multivitamins are:

The Best multivitamin supplements for French bulldogs - NatureVet All in one

NatureVet All in one support Multivitamins for French Bulldogs

NatureVet’s All in one support are ideal multivitamin supplements that cater to the nutritional requirements of your pet. It promotes proper digestion, better immunity, and gives a shine to the skin and coat of your French bulldog. The inclusion of nutrients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin makes this soft chew treats a package of excellent nutritional supplements.

These are ideal for dogs above the age of 12 weeks, and the dosage will be decided according to their weight.


  • Better Digestion: These multivitamins aid smooth digestion with the help of digestive enzymes and protect your dog from having diarrhea, loose stools, and constipation.
  • Improved Skin and Coat: It is a blend of precious Omega fatty acids of 3, 6, and 9 that gives shine and gloss to your pet’s fur and coat. It also protects from scaly or itchy skin.
  • Joint health: This supplement contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin that strengthens the hips and joints of your dog. It also gives relief from arthritis.
  • Overall health: Blends of vitamin B12, D3, and E and minerals such as riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid promotes the overall health of your dog.
  • Price: This multivitamin is cheaper when compared to some other brands of multivitamin, making it more affordable for pet lovers.
  • Palm oil and other bad ingredients free.


  • Smell: Some dogs may not like the smell of the treats because of their strong odor.
  • May need more treats: Since you are supposed to feed your Frenchie according to their weight, you may end up needing more bottles if you are giving more than two treats in a day.
Supplements for French bulldog

PetNaturals Daily Multi for Dogs

This multivitamin from Pet Naturals is a preservative and additive-free nutritional supplement that contains 21 nutrients for the overall health of your pet. It is suitable for dogs of all age groups, breed, and size.

Daily multi is a vegetable flavored soft treat that covers a blend of almost 21 nutrients, some of which are usually left out in commercial and packaged dog food.

The supplement is made under the supervision of veterinarians so that they can keep your pet at its peak condition.


  • No additives: This supplement is free of corn, grain, and artificial ingredients that may upset your pet’s stomach.
  • Gives diet support: This supplement completes the daily nutrition requirement of a dog that may be incomplete in an everyday diet, especially when you give raw or home-cooked foods.
  • Antioxidants: These soft chew treats are packed with vital antioxidants that help in the overall health of the dog.
  • Minerals: The essential minerals in this supplement promotes the proper composition of body fluids, strong immunity, and formation of red blood cells.
  • Vitamin B complex: Pet naturals daily multi contain a complete and balanced vitamin B complex that promotes better eyesight and more energy.
  • Cheap: These multivitamin bites are pretty cheap compared to the results they deliver.


  • Flavor: Since these bites are vegetable flavored, it may be disliked by dogs who are picky eaters.

10 in 1 Dog Multivitamin by Pet Honesty

French bulldog multivitamin supplements

Pet honesty’s 10 in 1 Multivitamin is a nutrient-packed supplement that provides overall nourishment to your pet. They contain essential vitamins, minerals, omegas, probiotics, and Glucosamine that improves joint health, flexibility, and mobility for your pet.

This multivitamin is derived from natural sources and is steroid-free, which makes it more appealing and ideal. They don’t include any form of wheat, corn, sugar, or preservatives and are of premium quality.

10 in 1 multivitamin is manufactured under the guidance of veterinarians in the USA, and it is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

These are available in chicken flavored soft chews, which makes it appealing for your Frenchie.


  • Power-packed with nutrients: Pet honesty’s 10 in 1 multivitamin are packed with essential vitamins that cater to the nutritional needs of your pet. In a single dose, your pet gets the benefits in ten different areas of its health.
  • Joint Health: Glucosamine is a vital ingredient in this multivitamin that reduces joint inflammation. Other active ingredients aid in more mobility and flexibility in your pet.
  • Improved Digestion: The probiotics and pumpkin derivatives strengthen your dog’s digestive system and reduce the risk of diarrhea, loose motion, and other intestinal problems.
  • Better immune system: With blends of different vitamins and antioxidants, these product improves the immune system in your pet and leads to a healthy heart.
  • Skin and Fur: The Omega fatty acids promote good skin and healthy fur that is itch-free and moisturized.
  • Naturally sourced: This product is entirely free of sugar, steroids, and preservatives, which makes it the first preference for pet lovers.


  • Contains palm fruit oil. The company doesn’t advertise the inclusion of this ingredient and its side effects.
  • Price: It may be a little expensive compared to other supplements.
Zesty Paws Multivitamins for French bulldogs

Zesty Paws Senior Advanced Multivitamin

This 8 in 1 multivitamin is an excellent choice to cover the nutritional needs of senior dogs. Senior French bulldogs may be more prone to joint problems, poor vision, or digestive problems, so they need special supplements.

Zesty paw soft chew treats are a blend of vital nutrients such as Qmin+, OptiMSM, Chondroitin, and Glucosamine. These nutrients improve your dog’s immune system and enhance better mobility. It is suitable for small, medium, or large-sized senior canines.


  • Joint health: This complex multivitamin is a blend of nutrients like QMin+, Turmeric curcumin, Glucosamine, chondroitin, and optiMSM that promotes better joints. It also relieves problems that arise from arthritis, which is a common issue with senior French bulldog.
  • Better Cardiovascular and Cognitive health: Nutrients like Folic acid, Coenzyme Q10, Lutemax 2020 (Lutein and Xianthanin) derived naturally from Marigolds, promote a healthy heart, and better cognitive function.
  • Improves Digestion: Ingredients such as niacin, psyllium husk, and other digestive enzymes promotes better digestion and keeps your dog protected from intestinal problems.
  • Protects the Immune system: Features such as Ceylon Cinnamon, Vitamin C, Cran Max, and Vitamin A gives a boost to the immune system by reviving it and nourishing it.
  • Skin and Fur: A unique blend of B-Vitamins, Vitamin A and E, Cod liver oil, and biotin keeps the fur and coat shiny and itch-free.
  • Improved Excretory system: Zesty Paws blend of Cran max and B-complex vitamins promotes better health for kidneys, bladder, and Urinary tract.
  • Naturally derived: This multivitamin is a package of almost 35 nutrients that are all usually derived from excellent sources and are free of artificial flavors. It does not contain preservatives, soy, grain, or corn.


  • It contains yellow tint: The soft chew treats are chicken flavored, and they have a yellow dye that can leave dirty, stubborn stains on surfaces that is hard to remove.
  • Kidney or liver issue: Since the product has Cod liver oil, it is not advisable for senior dogs that suffer from kidney or liver problems.
  • It contains palm oil: It includes palm oil, which is not very beneficial for Dogs.
Image result for Pet Parents USA Dog Multivitamin

Pet Parents USA Dog Multivitamin

Pet Parents 5 in 1 multi-purpose vitamin supplement is filled with ingredients that promote better overall health for your pet. Along with a flourishing heart and digestive system, it also helps good skin and fur coats. It will deliver optimum health benefits regardless of the age, breed, or weight of your Frenchie.

These soft treats are perfect for your fur babies to provide them with the right nutrition and energy to be active. Pet parents 5 in 1 multivitamin are manufactured in an FDA, and GMP approved facility so that they can adhere to the manufacturing norms for quality control.

Pet Parent USA 5 in 1 Dog Multivitamin is one of the few products that offer a complete blend of various vitamins and other concrete nutrients that takes care of your pet both internally and externally. They are manufactured under the guidance of leading pet supplement scientists for better quality.


  • Best Ingredients: These multivitamins are plant and meat-based but don’t use rice and oats. They have premium quality active ingredients and also inactive ingredients that are packed with nutrients such as chicken, tomatoes, and carrot. It also includes PuforMSM, which is clinically better than pure MSM that is mostly found in other health supplements.
  • Powerful nutrients: This multivitamin contains nutrients such as Biotin and Vitamin E that produce Omega fatty acids, which contributes to good fur and skin. It also has Glucosamine and PuforMSM that promotes right hip and joint health.
  • Cardiovascular and Digestive health: Vitamin A, C, E, and Coq10 lowers down bad cholesterol and promotes better cardiovascular fitness along with proper blood circulation. It also strengthens the immune system and releases digestive enzymes that keep intestinal problems at bay.


  • Price: They are expensive and may be hard for some pet lovers to afford.
  • Contains Palm Fruit Oil.
  • Uncertain allergies: Some fur pets reported to have suffered side effects such as diarrhea, while some just refused to take them. They may contain some ingredients that some dogs don’t like.
Zesty paws 5 in 1 Multivitamin for French bulldog

Zesty paws 5 in 1 Multivitamin for Frenchies

This 5 in 1 multivitamin supplement from Zesty paws offers a wide range of nutritional needs to your pet. These chicken flavored soft chew treats provide almost 35 essential vitamins and minerals that cover the overall health of your dog.

This is an excellent option for any canine of any age, breed, or weight. Probiotics, preventative vitamins and digestive enzymes will help younger dogs with more energy while older dogs will benefit from the heart and joint health.


  • Joint health: These soft chew treats contain optiMSM, which is a distilled form of MSM found commonly in supplements. OptiMSM, Glucosamine, and chondroitin work brilliantly to provide excellent hip and joint care to your pet.
  • Digestive health: They contain niacin, digestive enzymes, and probiotics that protects the intestinal tract of your pet. It is an excellent choice for those pets who suffer gas formation, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating.
  • Heart and Immune system: These treats contain KanekaQ10, which is a pure Coq10 compound that takes care of cardiovascular health. While vitamins A, C, and E release antioxidants that give a boost to the immune system of your French bulldog.
  • Skin and coat: It contains Cod liver oil and vitamin E that moisturizes the skin and keeps it itch-free.


  • Contains Palm fruit oil.

Our Conclusion About French Bulldog Multivitamin Supplements

OurFrenchie highly recommend NatureVet All in one Multivitamin supplements. Combination of taste and health performance these snacks was the best ones. Formula made by vets and good ingredients makes these treats top of the top.

Multivitamin supplements provide that perfect dosage of nutrients that your Frenchie requires for overall health and energy. These supplements assure that your pet has an internal as well as external health.

Make sure that you consider your pet’s breed, age, weight any health issues it might have. You should never think of giving human vitamin supplements to your dog, and it may be harmful to their health.

If you see any discomfort or signs of distress in your pet after starting a multivitamin, then discontinue the use immediately and consult a vet.

Apart from some instances, these multivitamins are an excellent choice to give that added nutrition that their diet may not fulfill.

Thank you for reading articles!

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3 thoughts on “Best French Bulldog Multivitamin Supplements

  1. Tom says:

    Question from reader:
    Hi there,
    Can you please give me suggestion whether I need to give my 11 months Frenchie a supplement?

    Her diet is home cooked food (boiled chicken thigh, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, egg shell powder, salmon oil and a sprinkle of dried basil leafs)
    But early this morning she had yellow vomit. Which i’m considering to add more food portion and multivitamins. But I’m just not sure whether the food that i gave her had enough vitamins or not.

    Thanks before! I dont know who else to ask since the vet in my country always suggest to eat kibbles (which I tried a few brands and made my Frenchie often vomit and always having loose stool)

    Hi Alvina,

    Thank you for your message.
    About vomiting.
    It is common behavior for Frenchies, but not in a bad way, that’s natural. He vomits stomach acid. When there is no food left in the stomach for some time, the stomach starts to produce acid. When there is too much acid, French bulldog feels discomfort and vomits. There is nothing much to worry about.
    It might be possible that Frenchie doesn’t get enough nutrition while growing. In simple words – not enough food. Maybe portions you give are too small.

    If we talk about supplements for growing Frenchie then it’s nothing bad at all, while supplements are natural and healthy.
    Supplements we listed in article are healthy and approved by veterinary. Stick to daily dose and everything will be fine.

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