French Bulldogs and Parasites

The most heartbreaking moment for us to see our lovely French bulldogs having parasites. We all want them to be healthy, fit and happy. These parasites are very smaller than any breeds still they are susceptible like other pests that can result in plaque in pets. Thus, it is important to have parasite control for your dog to protect him. Some parasites like fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and heartworm are not only threatening to a dog’s health but can also cause your pup to feel miserable. In order to keep Frenchies here are some guides to prevent parasite.

Intestinal Parasites

Our dog can become a victim to a different range of parasites that dwell in their intestinal tract. It is even more dangerous to those dogs who already suffering from gastrointestinal problems. Hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, tapeworms, giardia, coccidia can result in weight loss, diarrhoea, anaemia, vomiting in dogs. Some parasites have the potential to pass to other dogs or people, due to this it is really important to control them.  As we take care of a new family member like that dog needs to be dewormed many times, apart from that his stool sample needs to be checked with their vet in the first appointment and thereafter yearly sample check-up is required. You can ask the question,”I am seeing poop of my dog fine still I have to go for the checkup”. The answer is yes, there are a few poop infection that may not be visible through our eyes. Parasite eggs are microscopic which usually does not pass into dogs poop as many pass those parasites which are visible through eyes. Cleaning the poop of dog regularly and doing their faecal check-up is needed to prevent them from parasites infection.


Our dog can become the house of persistent parasites. Fleas can attack any dog that can result in discomfort for the dog in the kind of itchy bites. It can even also impact us. Some dogs are allergic to flea saliva that results in the flea allergy in them. Flea allergy can cause sores, uncontrollable itching, scabs, discomfort in dogs. The best way to check the presence of fleas on your dog is to make him stand on the clean white colour towel, and rub their fur using your hand. If some black or pepper like substance called flea dirt falls and becomes red on wetting the towel with water, it means your French bulldog are suffering from fleas infection. The best way to prevent fleas from attacking your dog lies in the fact where you live and what is the social schedule of your dog. If your dog is meeting his dogie friends frequently or stays in daycare dog centre or attends boarding; in that case chances of getting attacked by flea increases. The best remedy to prevent flea is to give flea prevention monthly from Vet or you can use household treatment by ensuring its safeness to kill flea eggs or larvae.


Arachnid species are widely known as ticks which are diminutive heat-seeking missiles. They are experts in feeding themselves on the warm body.  They usually found on the tall grasses, leaves or branches by keeping their legs outstretched. When any dog passes by these things, they attacked them. Ticks find a suitable place on your dog to feed themselves. Once they are done with their food then they drop off. They are not good for you dog, they can transmit some diseases like ehrlichiosis, Lyme or rocky mountain fever. During Summer, spring, warmer climates or after any outing always check your dog for ticks infection. Pay attention to their armpits, area between their toes, ears, these areas are more likely prone to infection. Use a pair of tweezers to grip and pull them gently from the body of the dog. Always make sure you have removed their mouthparts.  After removing them clean the area using warm water and apply soap thereafter. If you want to protect your Frenchie read our review about Anti Flea and Tick Collar here.


    Some owners are not aware what single bite of mosquitoes can cause to the dog especially heartworm. Mosquitoes larvae that pass into the bloodstream with time can result in the development of an adult worm. Adult worms start reproducing themselves in arteries especially around lungs and heart. If infected dogs left without treatment that can cause lethargic. Effective and safe treatments are available to kill larvae. The best thing is many preventives, treatments are available to stop spreading of parasite infection in your French bulldog. Thus, it is essential to do a checkup of your dog with Vet. French bulldog, Frenchies have very sensitive digestive tract and skin, so all products, medicines dosages that are available for stopping parasite infection is not correct. Thus, before giving any preventives against parasite infection consult your Vet in order to keep him healthy and fit. Thank you for reading articles!

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