French Bulldogs Common Skin Problem and Treatment

When we own a pet, it becomes our responsibility to keep him happy and healthy. In order to do so, we bring them good food, groom them, take them for evening walks, play with them and also do a lot of other things just to keep them happy. It is important that you take good care of your French bulldogs because they are completely dependent on you. Speaking of pets, having a pet dog at your house is too much fun. That’s because they do not only love animals but, they also add happiness to your life and bring joy to you. Think about the times when you are low and your dog comes and snuggles up to you. There can be no love as pure as a dog’s love. Therefore, you should provide them with all the love and pamper you can. Speaking of dogs, today in this article we are going to discuss the skin problems of a particular dog breed which is the French bulldog or Frenchies. Only dog owners will be familiar with the fact that all breeds of dogs come with some of the other skin issues. Like for example, French bulldogs are more susceptible to skin allergies. These allergies mainly result from food and as well from the environment. Usually, other breeds of dogs also get skin allergies but when it comes to French Bulldogs they are more prone to it. If you own a French bulldog then, you may feel the need to read this article in order to know certain important details about these skin allergies.

French bulldogs Skin Allergies

Types of Skin Allergies That French Bulldogs Get

Here are the different types of skin allergies that your French bulldog may get:

Genetic and Environmental Allergies (Atopic Dermatitis):

Just like in humans skin allergies may also be a genetic problem in French bulldogs. However, these genetic skin allergies can still be treated and managed. Your French bulldog can be genetically predisposed to various allergens in the environment. It could be animal dander, dust or a host of different other allergens. Atopic Dermatitis is a very common type of skin allergy that is found in French bulldogs. This type of skin allergy can make your dog feel uncomfortable and itchy. If not treated it can lead to skin infections, the risk of hair loss and ear infections.


It is true that Frenchies skin allergies are hard to handle but however with a few visits to the vet it can be very well fixed and managed. Other than visiting the vet you can also wipe the face of your dog with wet wipes or you can also use a damp cloth especially when they come back inside the house from outside. This helps removes the dust and dirt that may be stuck in the fur of your dog. Also, there are a lot of other treatment options available that can help cure your dog.

Bacterial Skin Infection (Pyoderma):

This is yet another type of skin problem that is faced by most of the Bulldogs. Pyoderma is a kind of bacterial infection that infects your dog’s skin. This is basically a kind of skin inflammation that is found in the folds of French bulldogs. This is mainly caused because of lack of air passing through the folds of the skin of a bulldog. This leads to itchiness, redness, soreness and even foul smelling.


This can be easily treated until and unless it goes out of hand in case of severe cases. That is the time when you should actually take your dog to the vet for check-up and treatment. In order to prevent this from occurring use a dry cloth or a cotton ball to keep the folds of your Frenchies skin. Wipe these particular areas daily in order to prevent any sweat getting stuck in the folds. This will be helpful in preventing these types of skin problems.

Yeast and Ear Infection (Malassezia Dermatitis):

Another problem in French bulldogs is the problem of yeast and ear infection. Yeast is known to be normal in dogs but it can become a problem when it gets out of control. Like, for example, it may cause pain, redness, itching and as well as soreness. Even the inside of the ear is known to get greasy and smelly because of this problem. This is where you should consult your vet and get the problem solved or else it may also result in severe conditions such as infections.


There are anti-fungal medications that can be given to your dog in order to cure or prevent such infections. The vet may also suggest a full ear cleaning of your dog which can prove to be extremely beneficial for your dog. Therefore, it is important that you take your dog regularly to the vet and get them checked up like a proper full body check-up. This way you can prevent any such kind of diseases getting to your dog.

Other Skin Conditions (Ringworm Dermatophytosis):

This is yet another problem that is faced by bulldogs. Ringworm is a kind of fungus that is known to live in the folds of your Frenchies skin. Ringworms are different from the above mentioned types of skin allergies. They are hard to identify and can also spread to other animals as well. This type of ringworms are also known to live in the environment such as in the carpets, rugs etc. these are mainly the places from where the ringworms get to the body of your dog since they play or lie around on the carpets. Now that you know about the different kinds of skin diseases or allergies that your Frenchies can get, it is important for you to take proper care of it. Sometimes its good practice to have a proper raw diet for your Frenchie. It is advised that you take your dog for regular check-ups to the vet like for example, once or twice in a month. Take proper care of your dog so that you can them happy and healthy.

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  1. jane friar says:

    I have a 2.5 year old french bulldog girl who has developed hot spots and a snotty nose. she is eating well, enjoying playtime and exercise but i dont know what is going on with her. she is raw fed, twice a day, she has had a litter of pups and had a simular hot spot after they were born. she has just had her first season since delivery and spots are back, i wash her with diluted hibiscrub and apply savlon, as one heals another one comes somewhere else. I have four other dogs (3 frenchies and I yorkie) and non of them have any problems

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