French Bulldogs: How BIG Do They Get?

French bulldogs are lovable companions. They enjoy being around their human family. Very sociable with adorable quirks, they rank high on the list of the most loved pets. Becoming more and more popular, potential owners wondering how big gets Frenchies.

The French bulldog is a small but muscular breed. This charming dog has a flat squarish face with a broad and deep muzzle. The layers of wrinkles on its face with the large round eyes give the dog an adorable old dog appearance.

This small bulldog version has a potato-like body. The dog has a heavy-set body that is sturdy with a lot of muscles.

Their most distinctive feature is the large, erect ear that stands out and adds to the adorability scale.

Vital physical summary you need to know about French bulldogs:

How Big Can They Grow?

French bulldogs are small and can grow to a height of 11 to 13 inches (27.94 – 33.02 cm). You can measure its height from the withers: the ridge between the shoulder blades of the dog.

French bulldogs grow to their full height in a short time between 9 and 12 months. They reach maturity at about two years of age.

How Much Do French bulldogs Weigh?

An adult Frenchie can weigh up to 28 pounds, their compact body packs in some decent weight.

Male Frenchies generally weigh a little more than females. Adult females weigh 16 to 24 pounds. The dog’s lifestyle and genetics can also influence the weight difference between individuals.

A newborn puppy weighs about 11 to 14 ounces. Some puppies can weigh 14 to 18 ounces. The size of the litter also influences the size of each newborn.

Until maturity, the French bulldog continues to pack in weight and gain a heavy-set body.

Their life expectancy is between 9to 11 years.

How to Care for a Frenchie

Proper Food

The ideal food type for your canine will be a protein-rich food, with more inclination for meat. Sometimes dog food available on the market can be more filled with grain protein than meat, even when meat is listed at the top of the ingredient list.

List of best dog foods for French bulldogs.

Puppies eat a lot of food. They need enough food to finance their explorations. Your Frenchies are also growing quickly and doubling their weight. You will need to feed them good food for them to develop correctly.

You can shop for food that is specially formulated for puppies. The food should be rich in nutrients and have a higher protein content than adult dog food. Puppy foods are fortified with vitamins and fats to support the puppy’s development.

Adult diet can be commercial dry food, canned food, or frozen raw food. You can try different food to see what suits your dog best.

Check best wet-canned food for Frenchie here.

If you want to cook for your Frenchie, you can take the help of our article, a vet or a dog expert who can guide you by cooking the right recipes for your bulldog.

The amount of food you give your dog depends on the food requirement of your dog. Your Frenchie can trick you into thinking it is still hungry. Be sure to base the feed on how its body looks.

Follow Their Health – Not Letting Get Big

As the saying goes, no movement is the best movement. These pooches live by this adage. These bulldog breeds are content to nap the day away. They do require minimal exercise, but they need some movement.

French bulldogs love to eat, and they also gain weight easily. It is necessary to watch their diet and make sure they get in some exercise between their nap routines. You will not want your fur companion to become obese. Besides, it can lead to health complications.

Bulldogs have a very short nose. They are prone to respiratory ailments. Their body is not adapted for overheating, and too much exertion can aggravate existing health conditions. Neither are they suited for exposure to cold weather.

Grooming With Love

Frenchies have a short, smooth, and shiny coat. They do not shed much hair – a bonus feature for people who love pets but have no time to deal with the upkeep of so much hair.

Their coat color is commonly fawn, cream, white or, brindle. The coat can have other colors or be a combination of some colors.

This fur companion needs to be bathed once in about a month. You can adjust the bath need according to your dog’s need.

Give Some Worthwhile Attention to Your Frenchie

With a playful personality, your companion will do well with even a small space in your yard to play along with its toys. They can also get in some exercise with short walks when the weather is pleasant.

You can also train your dog to follow some commands. When you first introduce your companion to its new home, you can start training them to avoid chewing some things they shouldn’t. Ingraining proper training into their minds will prevent many expensive losses or repairs, and it will help prevent any loss of temper. Training your fur companion will make your life with the canine much easier.

French bulldog is intelligent and can learn to recognize and obey some commands. Yet, they are stubborn too. To win over your willful companion, bring some creativity into the exercise and see what works best for them. You can add treats to the training session as rewards for each completed level.

Male and Female French bulldogs - How big they can get?

Small Dog Comes With Big Personalities

The rugged-looking bulldog is a breed that loves to please its human friends; and is known for its gentleness and pleasant temperament.

French bulldogs love to be around their human friends. They rather not be left alone for an extended period. These dogs are companionable and generally make very good lapdogs.

French bulldogs tend to nap a lot and are great couch buddies for your no-work days.

These couch buddies are not only companionable. They are intelligent, playful, with their own will at times. They also throw some heart-wrenching tantrums with their piteous howls and barks, though, infrequently.

These fur companions are suitable for apartments and city dwellers, from kids to seniors. So, if your heart is inclined to bring one home, go ahead and be sure to give it a happy life.

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