How Much French Bulldog Should Weigh?

With the alert’bat ear,’ Frenchies are just as adorable and cute. The mesmerizing eyes and the lovely personality make French bulldogs one of the most popular dogs. If you have one or maybe two, then you are lucky for sure.

Like any guardian of the furry friends, keeping them healthy and happy is our main concern. So, it is up to us to see that they are fit and hale. 

For a French bulldog owner, the primary concern is regarding health. If very easy to glide down the slippery path of laziness and gain weight. Now, this is one problem that poses some real health issues, such as being overweight in the long run. 

So, to help you through such issues, let’s get an idea of the things that you need to know as the proud owner of a Frenchie.

The ideal weight of the French Bulldog 

Before moving on, you should know that the male and the female Frenchies weigh differently. The male Frenchie weighs more than the female counterpart, though the difference is marginal.

The male French Bulldog’s weight

The male Frenchies weigh around 20 – 28 pounds (between 9-13 kilograms). French Bulldog girl stands at the height of about 11-12 inches (approx.28- 30 centimeters). The male Frenchies, on average, weigh about 2-4 pounds more than the female.

The female French Bulldog’s weight

Female Frenchies weigh around 18 – 26 pounds (between 8-12 kilograms). The females stand tall about 11-12 inches (approx.28- 30 centimeters). 

There is only a slight variation between the male and the female Frenchie. Various factors come into play in determining the physical stature of the French Bulldog. The ideal weight depends on factors such as body shape and genetics.

Is Your Frenchie Overweight or Underweight? 

Half of the world’s dog population, or maybe, even more, is either underweight or overweight. So, it’s a pretty sure thing that you are not alone. 

Now, to know if your Frenchie is overweight or underweight, here are some primary indications.

Signs of being overweight:

  • Heaving and panting after a little exercise – The French Bulldog are known for a fact to have difficulty breathing. But if you observe that your Frenchie is breathing more heavily than usual, maybe it’s time to shed some weight off. 
  • No defined muscle mass – The athletic and sturdy look is the trademark of the Frenchies. However, if your four-legged friend leans more towards the chubby side, then maybe he/she is gaining some extra weight.  
  • Lack of self-grooming – Dogslike any other animal can reach its different body parts to groom itself. So, if your dog cannot bend over or reach its back paw, then it’s an indication that maybe it’s a tad overweight. But better check with your vet to be sure.

Signs of being underweight:

For many Frenchies, the issue of being underweight does not arise very often. However, if so, the most obvious way of checking is observing the rib-cage area. 

If your Frenchie’s ribs can be seen distinctively, then it’s a sure sign that your Frenchie is underweight.

However, you must know that the Frenchies owing to its playfulness have leaner body structure when they are young. So, don’t make the mistake of taking it as a sign of being underweight.

Best French bulldog weigh?

Tips to Keep your French bulldog Healthy

Whether your Frenchie is on the over- or underweight side, it is vital to know some notions on how to keep them healthy. So here are some tips to help you start up with a healthy regime. 

  • Revamp the diet – To keep the weight on a check, making and following a structured diet plan will do the works. Maintaining a balanced diet will help both you and your dog in the long run.
  • Feed multiple small meals – Like us humans, this strategy of taking multiple small meals in a day applies even to our furry friends.  
  • Minimize the dog treats – Yes, it might sound harsh, but it’s for their own good. Usually, dog treats contain a large amount of sugar and calories. So, keeping a check on the dog treats will be helpful. Choose quality dog treats for your Frenchie.
  • Get regular exercise – Not only to keep the weight in check, but also to remain fit and healthy, don’t forget to exercise your companion. Even a 20minute walk twice a day will keep the health issues away.
  • Consult a vet – It will be wise to keep track of your bully’s health by consulting with a vet regularly. A bit of professional advice will do good to both of you.


The Frenchie bully can put on the extra pounds very easily and quickly. Well, being so adorable with those drooling eyes makes it hard not to shower them will love and food indulgence.

We all want the best for our companion. So, to let your Frenchie have a happy and healthy life, better keep track of the health and how much they weigh.

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