How Often Should You Bathe a French Bulldog?

Frequent brushing is required as French bulldogs have a fine, short, and silky coat of hair. Brushing the hair will allow its natural oil on the hair and skin to get evenly distributed and maintain its natural shine. French bulldogs do not need regular baths as this can cause a loss of their natural oil. Many believe that the required number of baths a French bulldog requires is about 5 to 6 times a year. All Frenchies are different, and their hygiene status can differ from one pet owner to the other. Frenchies, which spent most of their time outdoor, will need more grooming than those who stay indoors most times. Considering everything, you should bathe a Frenchie once or twice a month. Bathing it more than twice can result in the Frenchie losing its natural oil on its skin and hair.

The Basics of Bathing a French Bulldog

It would be best to have lukewarm water, soap, or shampoo and your dog’s towel ready before bathing it. Always remember to start with the Frenchie’s face. With so many wrinkles on its face, it is prone to yeast and bacterial infections. A French Bulldog has many wrinkles on its face, and you should try to keep them dry, cleaning between the wrinkles frequently. After cleaning the face, pour lukewarm water on its body until it is thoroughly wet. Then, apply shampoo or soap and gently rub it all over from its head to its toes. Now wash off the shampoo thoroughly and let your Frenchie dry.

You always want your pet to be clean and hygienic, but it is not advised to bathe your Frenchie as often as you wish. You will need alternatives to keep it neat and clean in between baths. Below are some of the methods that act as an alternative to bathing. 

  • The use of wet wipes:Β Wet wipes are one of the most popular alternatives to bathing as they are perfect for wiping off debris or surface dirt. You can use wipes specially made for dog cleaning / bathing. These wipes are safe for Frenchies and owners. We advise you to use these below:
Bathe wipes for French bulldog

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  • Regular brushing: Since they have a short and thin coat of hair, many owners neglect this method. It is the best way to keep your French Bulldog clean and tidy. Brushing its hair will make it look better and also help its natural oil to distribute evenly on all parts of its body.
  • Dry Shampooing: This method is excellent to help your Frenchie smell well. Apply a dry shampoo on its hair and brush it evenly to make sure it covers the whole body.
  • Keeping its bedding hygienic: You should frequently wash the dog’s bedding so that it does not smell bad. It would help if you also dried the bedding in the Sun often. 
  • You should also frequently clean their face, mouth, ears, and tail pockets to prevent infections and odor.

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