How to Keep French Bulldog Safe in Car

No matter how old your Frenchie is, you will have to carry it in your car one day or the other. It can be for various reasons like vacation trips, a visit to the veterinarian, or even to the park or woods for a walk. It is essential to know how to do it, which part of the car to carry them and which devices to use while driving with your Frenchie.

How To Help French Bulldog Like Driving?

Get your Frenchie used to your car from a young age. This helps reduce the stress on the dog when it shares a ride with you.

Please do not rush this process and let it gradually get used to the car. You can start by allowing your Frenchie to get accustomed to the environment inside the car. Then, you can take it on short trips and gradually increase the distance till it is comfortable. You can treat your Frenchie after those short trips so that it associates traveling in cars with rewards and positive things.

Can a French Bulldog Get Carsick?

Yes, but not all. Like children, it differs from dog to dog. Many young French Bulldogs have carsickness, but it is up to the owner to monitor the situation. As mentioned earlier, letting it get used to the car environment helps a lot initially. It is good to watch your dog’s mannerisms closely when it is first introduced to the car. You will see a difference in its demeanor and know when it will get sick.

French bulldog in front of the car

Make sure that your Frenchie feels safe and happy inside the car. The carsickness of French Bulldogs is not caused by the car’s moving motion, but by the anxiety caused by the new environment. Make your dog feel that the vehicle is a fun, happy, and safe place and the carsickness should reduce or go away completely. Due to under-developed inner ears, younger Frenchies suffer from carsickness more than the older ones. If your French bulldog suffers from carsickness even after it grows, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian. If you do not consult a vet early, the dog will associate car rides with sickness and anxiety, which will only worsen with time. 

Laws Concerning Carrying French Bulldogs in Cars

Laws to carry animals in cars can vary from one country to the other. Many countries have laws that allow owners to carry pets only if they fulfill specific safety requirements. The safety requirements include crates, harnesses, guards, and failure to make a dent in your pockets with expensive fines. 

The Dos and Don’ts of Carrying Your Frenchie While Driving

When you take your Frenchie along with you for a ride, always ensure the safety of both you and your Frenchie first. Unlike humans, a Frenchie can’t stay under the seatbelts. You need to know how to carry your Frenchie in your car safely. Several know-hows and types of equipment like crates, harnesses, and safety gears help in doing so.

What You Should Do:

1. Keep an eye on your Frenchie

Dogs have certain mannerisms similar to a kid. Dogs, in general, have various reactions from boredom to carsickness. You have to keep a close eye on your Frenchie if it is new to cars because it can cause restlessness and anxiety. With HIPPIH upgraded car seat for dogs, you can monitor your dog. It helps keep the Frenchie beside your seat, and you can easily watch it without worrying about it falling off even on bumpy roads.

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You need to take short stops if you notice your Frenchie getting anxious or restless. You need to stop your car immediately if you see your Frenchie is going to get sick. Please do not shout at the dog as it will make it feel worse. Pull the car over and gently take it out of the vehicle for fresh air.

2. Carry Water and Treats

Do not feed your Frenchie if you are taking it on a long drive. You need to bring food, water, and toys to keep your Frenchie occupied. It is recommended not to overfeed your Frenchie while driving as it aggravates carsickness. Cars tend to get hot fast due to the trapped body heat and the weather outside. They can cause your Frenchie to dehydrate or even have a heatstroke. Shortstops and water break in between help to keep your French bulldog happy and hydrated. Give some treats as a reward for being calm and patient.

3. Restrain your Frenchie

There are laws in certain countries that make it compulsory to use safety equipment or harnesses when carrying your pets in cars. Even if there are no such laws, it is highly recommended using any crate or harness for your dog’s safety. Harnesses are easy to find and buy, easily adjustable, and affordable as well—one such harness is the Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness. You can strap it on to your dog, which will prevent them from running around the moving car. By restraining your dog with this harness, you will protect them from accidents and sudden braking.

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4. Always Try to Make the Trip Fun

When you carry your Frenchie in your car only while visiting the vet, the dog will associate car rides with negative emotions. It will equate traveling cars to anxiety and stress. This can cause you a lot of trouble to get your Frenchie into your vehicle the next time. Always take time out to take your French bulldog in your car to do fun things like swimming or walks. You can take it to beaches or parks.

5. Have a Window Shade in Your Car

Dogs do not sweat much, but they release constant body heat through panting. Unlike humans, they have fur that traps heat. The trapped heat prevents its body from cooling down quickly, and exposure to direct sunlight can pose a heatstroke risk. Window shades for children are an excellent solution to this problem. We advise you to have one of these shades:

Car heat sheds for French bulldog protection from sun

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6. Keep your car clean From Dirty Frenchie Legs

Having a dog in your car can make your car messy. The interiors of a car can get dirty with mud dragged in from walks, and it can spread everywhere. Frenchies also tend to shed a lot of hair, and the car gets covered in its hair after a few rides. It is not cheap to get your car cleaned professionally. If you do not restrain your dog in the car, it is best to put on a dog car-seat. Many products are available in the market, but OKMEE 4-in-1 Luxury Car Seat Cover for Dogs is one of the best. It can act as a car-bench seat cover protector, a dog hammock, cargo liner, or a front pet seat cover. This can save you a lot of time and money.

Seat cover for French bulldog

What You Should Not Do:

1. Do Not Open Your Windows Fully

A French bulldog is small, and it can be very easy for it to jump off a rolled-down window. A bumpy road can jerk the vehicle, which can easily throw the dog out of the car. Hence, it is advised not to open your windows while carrying a Frenchie fully. They tend to overheat fast, so if you want to open, you can either open your window or roll down the passenger windows slightly to have enough air passage. If you do not want to open the passenger windows, buy DYKESON Dog Car Net Barrier Pet Barrier with Auto Safety Mesh. This will prevent your Frenchie to come front. You can keep your Frenchie at the back seat with this car barrier and open the windows at the front without any worry. You can also carry your Frenchie’s toys in the mesh barrier.

2. Do Not Leave Your Frenchie Alone in the Car

Leaving your Frenchie in the car alone can cause fatal issues like heat stroke or panic attacks. The humidity inside a vehicle builds up fast during summer and can be fatal to your dog. Keeping the windows half open can result in damage, theft, or even the dog running away by itself.

3. Do Not Leave the Airbags Switched On

Airbags in a car are designed to protect a human from injuries during accidents, and it blows up when it is kept switched on. The force of the release of the airbags can cause severe damage to your dog. Therefore, always remember to switch off your airbags whenever you travel with your Frenchie in your car’s front seat.

4. Do Not Let Your Frenchie Lean out of the Window

Poking its head out of the window can cause serious injury or death to your Frenchie. There is a high possibility of your Frenchie being hit by an overtaking vehicle or signboards. Train your Frenchie in such a manner that it does not go near the windows.

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