How To Make French Bulldog Eat Slower?

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There is no denying the fact that all dogs of different breeds are fond of food; as such, they tend to increase the pace while eating. But eating too fast can cause several problems for the dogs, especially for the puppies. The issues can range from choking to vomiting, among many others. Hence, we would like to provide some tips that you can utilize to slow down the pace of eating for your dogs. However, it is worth noting that this write-up entirely focuses on the French bulldog.

A Brief Overview

The French bulldog is a popular dog breed that eats exceptionally well and fast. As such, French bulldog can experience the same problems that can arise from eating more quickly. The most effective method to slow down the pace of eating for your French bulldog is making it challenging for them to eat their food.

One way of achieving it is by changing the bowls with less freedom to pick the food. Nowadays, there are different types of food bowls for French bulldogs, each with specific functions and benefits. Changing the food bowls for your French bulldog might seem illogical at a glimpse. But it can have a significant impact unless your bulldog has some behavioral disorders in which case you will need to seek help from a veterinary. Using the right types of bowls for your French bulldog will slower the speed of consumption, thereby reducing any complications for your bulldog.

Another way of achieving it is by employing various tricks when they have their food. We will be presenting a good number of tips that you can use when feeding your French bulldog. But it can range from serving several small meals to creating a slow feeder bowl, among many others. Making use of different creative methods will significantly slow down your French bulldog when eating.

French Bulldog and Cake

Tricks to Make French Bulldog Eat Slower:

The experience of making your dog eat slower is highly subjective from one person to another. However, here are some tricks that you should consider on your quest to slow down your dog eating pace:

Opt for a Slow Feeder Bowl:

There are several types of bowls for bulldog available at both online and offline stores, but you should opt for a slow feeder bowl made using stainless steel, especially if your dog is a fast eater. This kind of container will significantly slow down the eating pace as it comes with pattern designs inside the bowl. These designs make it difficult for your French bulldog to gulp the food, thereby slowing the eating pace. Get slow feeding bowl here.

Muffin Tin:

One of the practical tricks to make your French bulldog eat slower is by using a muffin tin. It allows you to serve a small amount of food on every individual cup. As such, your French bulldog will pause as the dog moves from one serving to another. Further, it will avoid gulping, which is one of the traits of eating too fast.

Cookie sheet:

Using a cookie sheet for your dog is another useful trick to make them eat slower. As the cookie sheet has a flat surface, spreading the food on the sheet will enforce your dog to perform a lot of licking rather than gulping. As such, you should consider this trick for your French bulldog.

Get an Elevated Dog Bowl:

Another trick attributes to getting an elevated dog bowl. This kind of tool reduces tension on the neck and back of your bulldog, thereby providing a perfect posture that slows down the pace of eating.

Turn it into Fun-filled Activity:

This trick can come in handy when the weather is suitable for outdoor activity. You can hide the food on the open space by dividing it into smaller pieces. And you can let your dog do the searching using its sense of smell. This trick will not only slow down the eating pace, but it will also enhance the sense of smell for your French bulldog.

Creating own Slow Feeder Bowl:

Purchasing a slow feeder bowl can cost a considerable amount of money depending on its features and designs. As such, you can use your imagination skills in creating a slow feeder bowl. The task involved in making this kind of bowl is straightforward and less time-consuming. You can place a heavy object in the middle of the bowl, but you should make sure that it is not small as it can cause choking hazard for your dog. This object will act as a barrier when your dog starts to eat the food, which will further reduce the pace of eating.

Several Small Meals:

Another trick to make your French bulldog eat slower is by dividing the food into small amounts and providing it at an interval pace throughout the day. Utilizing this trick will tremendously slow down the eating process. However, it is worth noting that this trick will be challenging for those with busy schedules.

Get an Automatic French Bulldog Feeder:

This type of dog feeder functions with an app that significantly makes the feeding process straightforward. Further, it has scheduling features with changeable meal time and portion. As such, this device will let your French bulldog eat slowly at the same time ensuring a proper diet.

Hand Feeding Your Dog:

This trick is the last resort if all other methods to make your French bulldog eat slower failed. This trick will demand to handle the dog food, which can be challenging and time consuming for some people.


To sum up, the above-listed points are some essential tricks that you should consider to slow down the eating pace for your French bulldog and are by no means exhaustive. We must utilize several skills to tackle this issue as it can cause various complications ranging from vomiting to choking. However, you should keep in mind that the tricks and method for slowing the pace of eating will differ from person to person. Nevertheless, utilizing the listed tricks will significantly help you to deal with this problem. To read more about Frenchies feeding, read guide here.

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