How to Treat Your Overweight French Bulldog

French bulldog overweight treatment

We all like to cheat on our diet from time to time, with a tasty slice of pizza, or that good-looking ice cream, right? It’s the easy choice, of course, and it’s in our nature to treat ourselves eventually. Same as us, our French bulldog feel the same about this. They also like to have a cheat day every few days, I mean, can you blame him? But, here’s the problem.

Considering how hard it can be to make your Frenchie exercise, even just a few extra calories can show on your pets’ body really easy. Whenever you feel that this may not be a lot and that you are not putting your little friend in danger of becoming unhealthy, just remember that he is, as I already said, little. His body size is much smaller than humans, so, to compare, 4-5 (2 kg) extra pounds on your French bulldog are approximate to almost 40 pounds (~18 kg) as a human. That is a lot! Let’s put the physical appearance into the background for a little.

You need to understand that your overweight Frenchie can develop some serious health issues and diseases, such as diabetes, or joint problems, which can cause serious difficulties in his movement. Also, research has shown that overweight dogs live an average of two years less than normal sized dogs, so if you want to keep your friend longer, I would advise you to watch his weight.

Finding out if your French bulldog is overweight?

The best way to do this is to observe your dog’s overall physique. You can check your Frenchies’ ribcage by sliding your hands over his sides. If you can feel the ribs, but not have a visual on them, your dogs’ weight is pretty much perfect. When you look at your Frenchie from above, their waist should be slimmer behind their ribcage. When you look at them from the side angle, their stomach should be slimmer than the chest. If you’ve checked your dogs’ weight this way, and you feel that your pet may be leaning towards obesity, there are a few things you can do to help.

  • If your dog is already overweight, make a plan that focuses on weight loss based on a healthy, planned diet. Remove all unnecessary junk food from your dog’s meal plan. Making a plan is really helpful for the owner because it lets you keep a track of the progress.
  • Visit the veterinarian. An experts help is very important when it comes to your dogs’ overall health and physique, so working together with your vet can be really helpful for both the Frenchie and you.

Physical exercise is CRUCIAL for this specific goal!

  • Same as humans, animals, and therefore dogs, put on the pounds by consuming more calories than they spend. Find something that is interesting for your Frenchie – go run in the park, throw the ball, or take him out in the park with other Frenchie friends to play. When it comes to these dogs, you should exercise at cooler times of the day like the morning and evening, and exercise in short amounts, but more frequently, instead of longer, more intense sessions.
  • Last, but definitely not the least, getting your pet’s weight back on track should be followed by a change of your dogs’ diet. As we already mentioned, the best, and probably the quickest way to get your French bulldog to lose the unnecessary load is to have him exercise and lose the extra calories he takes in for the day, which will, of course, be supplemented by a healthy diet. You should consult a nutritional expert, or a veterinarian, in order to come up with the best meal plan for your pet. It should be of high quality, and low in calories, and it should be very balanced. Tips about food to defiantly avoid read here.

This task may seem very difficult because it requires a lot of attention and works on your side, but just remember that you’re taking care of your friend and that your dog will be very grateful to you. Thank you for reading articles!

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