Top 7 Summer Products Every French Bulldog Owner Should Have

For many people, taking care of their pooch is not a chore. It is a passion that they will gladly do every day all year. If you are one such pooch owner and a proud parent of a French bulldog, it is of critical importance to prepare for the summer. With the expected hot weather conditions, it is prudent to invest in products that will help your French bulldog cope with the new conditions.

During summer, the main issue that French bulldog face is the high temperature. French bulldogs are notorious for overheating. The summer heat exacerbates the situation. Moreover, aside from overheating, owing to their shortened nostrils, they are unable to breathing in fresh air fast enough to keep cool, much the same as other dog breeds do.

Herein we will explore the top 7 summer products every French bulldog owner should have. The products will make a living much more comfortable for your pooch while protecting your pooch’s health during the searing summer heat.

#1. Cooling Mat

Given how necessary cooling is for your French bulldog, this unique self-cooling pad is an exquisite solution. The cooling pad features a pressure activated gel that instantly cools your French bulldog when he or she lies on the pad. Additionally, the gel is also an excellent cushioning material that soothes your dog for that extra level of comfort.

While there are many different types of cooling pads on the market, this particular mat stands out owing to its versatility. For starters, the mat does not require any electricity, water, or refrigeration to function. The self-cooling gel automatically recharges itself after 15 to 20 minutes of non-use. Importantly, when fully charged, the mat can provide up to 3 hours of cooling bliss to your beloved bulldog.

Biggest measuring 81 X 96 cm and with the capacity to cool down a dog weighing 35 to 65 pounds, you cannot go wrong with this cooling mat. For average Frenchie choose medium size. Just place it somewhere where your dog loves to cool off, and you are set. If you are traveling, you can just roll it up, pack it, and head out to your journey. In many ways, it is the perfect cooling mat.

#2. Portable Water Bottle

During the summer months, it is essential to keep your bulldog hydrated. Given their vulnerability with overheating, it is essential that you supply them with ample water. While this is easy to keep your pup hydrated at home, it becomes a tad more complicated while traveling, unless you have this 480ml portable water bottle.

This portable water bottle has been designed specifically to travel or move around with. For instance, the bottle has a drink cup bowl that allows you to dispense water for your dog to drink. The cup negates the possibility of your dog vitrifying the rest of the water. As for the dispenser, it has been designed for one hand operations with the dispenser button.

The leak-proof bottle is also very safe for your dog. It has been manufactured using FDA-approved materials that are BPA-free and lead-free. As such, the bottle is durable, expandable, and easy to clean.

#3. Cooling Dog Bandana

The Instant Ice Cooling Frenchie Bandana gives dog owners another way to keep their pups cool. This cooling bandana is made using a breathable and lightweight material for a comfortable fit. It measures in three sizes, and it weighs a meager 2.08 ounces. As such, the bandana does not have a burdening weight around your dog’s neck. You can rest assured your French bulldog will not be bothered by the bandana despite them having a short neck.

To use the bandana to cool your dog, one has to moisten it with cold water simply. The unique material soaks in and holds the water for hours (on average 3 hours), alleviating the risk of heat stress and dehydration.

Aside from the material being breathable and lightweight, it is also machine washable. You can wash it with your washing machine without damaging the materials. Finally, the bandana comes with a leash hole. As such, you can use the bandana as your dog’s collar when taking walks during the summer months.

#4. Safety Life Jacket

The Dog Safety Life Jacket is the perfect life jacket for your French bulldog if they love swimming. This safety life jacket features extra padding to give your dog ample buoyancy while in water. Importantly, however, the jacket is designed to give your pup unrestricted movement. They do not have to contend with being uncomfortable while playing in a swimming pool or lake while wearing this safety jacket.

The jacket also has a unique fastening system around the neck and the belly. The fasteners allow the vest to stay in place without being restrictive. The double handle on the vest gives you a sturdy handle that you can grab your dog in case they need a rescue. The vest also has a D-ring from attaching a leash.

Finally, the Dog Safety Life Jacket comes in high-visibility colors. This means you can spot your pooch with exception ease while wearing this safety vest.

#5. French Bulldog Cooling Vest

The Summer Cooling Jacket is a particularly useful cooling product for those days when it is exceptionally hot. The vest provides near-full body cooling experience for your French bulldog, keep in heat-stress and dehydration at bay.

The vest has been made using high-quality PVA material that is lightweight enough for an exceptionally comfortable experience for your pooch. It has an ice cooling mesh that is absorbent and breathable. As such, moisture does not accumulate on your dog’s fur for long periods of time.

To use this cooling vest, you simply have to soak it in cold water and dress your dog. As the cool water on vest evaporates, it takes away some of the heat from your dog, cooling it substantially. The vest us reusable and washable. Its straps make putting the vest on very easy and convenient.

#6. Ice Lolly Dog Toy

Given the importance of keeping your French bulldog hydrated, you should pull all stops to ensure they consume as much water possible. However, getting your dog to drink ample water can be daunting sometimes. When your dog does not want to drink water, tricks should come into play.

The Ice Lolly Dog Toy gives you a very effective means to trick your dog into taking in more water. The silicone toy allows you to fill it with water and freeze it. After freezing, you and your dog can play with it. As your dog leaks it while playing, it stays cool and refreshed. You can help your bulldog beat the summer heat and stay hydrated with this fun toy.

#7. Frenchie Carrier Backpack

If you are an avid outdoors person, you will appreciate how difficult it is to go with your French bulldog everywhere you love. French bulldogs are not cut out for hiking, camping, or other long duration outdoor activities.

Outdoor Travel Frenchie Backpack, however, offers a smart solution for you to take your dog everywhere you want to go. Whether you are heading to a weekend-long camping expedition or you are merely taking a bike ride around your neighborhood, this dog carrier backpack allows you to take your best friend everywhere.

It is made using breathable and durable canvas and cotton materials. The backpack features two mesh side panels that allow maximum air circulation for your dog to remain comfortable. The design also features a tail and legs elastic opening for maximum comfort of your dog.

The backpack has soft padded shoulder straps with a flexible design. As such, you can carry your French bulldog on your back or on your chest.


With these products, you can rest assured that your dog will not only survive the summer but thrive. By prioritizing cooling, you enable your French bulldog to move, play, and enjoy whatever summer brings forth, while still protecting their health.

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