Why Does My Frenchies Eat Poop?

It is really disheartening to see your charming little Frenchies to chew down on the poop.  The situation becomes worse when they casually walk towards you for a big cuddle and kiss. The coprophagia or habit of eating poop is really disgusting and heartbroken for many of the Frenchies, French bulldogs owner, we all just want to stop that habit somehow. Firstly, let’s have a look at why French bulldogs are so allured towards eating poop and then, how we can stop this habit. In some conditions, poop eating is a common behavior. Mommy dogs have a habit of ingesting their puppies excrement’s in order to keep the nesting area disease free and clean. Puppies just like human beings kids also go through a stage where they start exploring new things like grass, socks, toys and even poop using their mouth. After passing of time, many puppies realize that poop does not match with their taste and they stop eating it. There are some French bulldogs that do not stop eating it with time, even they get more addicted towards it.

Dog behaviorists have listed some reasons for this behavior as:

  • They learn this habit after seeing their mom or other puppies.
  • They do not get enough food or their feeding schedule is irregular which results in eating of poop in order to make their tummy full.
  • Due to boredom, few dogs have developed this habit
  • Lack of supervision
  • Continuous contact with excretion

Apart from this, many Frenchies have a habit of eating selective poops like they can only have poop of others dogs or frozen popsicles. Now, the question is what you can do in resolving these issues. Although many people are using home remedies like adding forbid powder in the food of puppies or Tabasco doctoring poop. These solutions give faster result in short time but for the long term, this is not the best solution.

Following are the techniques that we can use for our Frenchies to stop eating poops:

  • Pick up all the feces immediately
  • Increase your dog diet which is rich in fibre. You can also increase the frequency of meals given to him in a day. If his tummy is full, he would not look towards the poop.
  • Take your puppy out for a walk. Help him in doing exercise, play different games like chasing, climbing with him in order to avoid his boredom.
  • Give your dog “leave it” command. It will keep him reminding that you do not want him to eat it.
  • Always take your puppy to a clean area for excretion. Once he is done with it, move him immediately out of the area before he gets a chance to eat it.
  • Potty training your dog.

It is excellent if you start the prevention program as soon as you notice this habit in your French bulldog. After doing your best even when your dog is not ready to stop his habit, better go and talk to the certified vet. In a few cases, Β your dog is trying to inform you of something that is going on with him.

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