Blue French Bulldog Pros and Cons

Thinking of adopting a dog and adding a furry member to your family but cannot keep up with an energetic dog? Well, if this is the case, a Blue French Bulldog might be exactly what you need! These dogs are a crossbreed between an English bulldog and a local French ratter.

If you are in search of a dog who doesn’t tire you with its high energy levels, your search ends with these adorable Frenchies. These are not like the typical French Bulldogs. These four-legged buddies are known for their calm nature, and they love to relax more than anything else. Unlike other dogs, these pups are not very fond of physical activities and love to spend their time indoors.

Even when you take them out on a walk, they tend to stick with their owners and do not run and jump like other dogs, which is excellent quality for many dog owners. Attention is what they need, and they are one of the needy dogs you will come across.

Choosing the Perfect Dog

Before you make your decision and bring these adorable fur buddies in your home, make sure you have done your research. We have prepared a complete list of pros and cons that will help you make your decision. Adopting a Blue French Bulldog is a big decision, and we do not want dog lovers to end up with the wrong type of dog!

Blue French bulldog puppy

Pros – The Sunny-side of Having Blue French Bulldog as a Pet

The cuteness of these dogs surpasses that of any other dogs. These are calm animals that are known for their adorable looks and peace-loving nature. Here is a list of reasons that will convince you that these dogs are the perfect option for a pet!

1. Peace-loving Dogs

The best thing about these furballs is that they are peace-loving dogs. There are minimal signs of aggression in these adorable four-legged friends. You will hear all sorts of noises from them, such as snoring, talking, snorting, and even grunting and sometimes barking. These dogs do not bark much as it makes these dogs a top-choice for people looking for a calm pet dog.

They only bark in a situation where they encounter strangers or are scared. Else, these furry buddies are quiet, making them great companion animals. These dogs stay calm around other animals and tend to stay with their owners.

2. Minimal Maintenance and Grooming

Another feature that makes these dogs a great option as pets is that these demand minimal maintenance and grooming. You do not have to spend long hours in brushing their hair. These are the dogs that shed very rarely, which is a unique feature in dogs.

French bulldogs have short hair which makes it easier to clean.

Just one stroke of a brush and natural oils will make their skin shine. These are peaceful animals, and you do not have to run around the house just to brush their hair.

3. Low Energy Levels

The majority of the dogs require their owners to take them out so that they can release their energy levels. Not doing so negatively impacts their health. Well, it is not the case with these Frenchies. They love to stay indoors and love to cuddle with their owners rather than playing outside.

French bulldogs take short walks around the house and prefer to stay indoors with their companion humans. These do love chasing balls and playing with toys. You can schedule one day in the week where you take them out to play.

4. Love Attention

These blue adorable dogs are perfect for people who love squeezing their dogs and are unable to let go of them. Blue French Bulldogs just love cuddling, snuggling, and hugging their owners. Unlike other dogs, too much love will not irritate them. It will only bring them closer to their owners.

The more attention you give them and the more time you spend with them, the happier they will be!

5. Perfect Size for Apartments

The size of these dogs is ideal for small apartments. The fact that these dogs do not demand many physical activities is another reason why you can keep these fur balls in your cozy and little apartment.

6. Adorable Blue look

Blue eyes and fur makes blue French bulldogs so popular among dog lovers. They stand out clearly from other dogs.

Cons – The Drawbacks of Owning a Blue French Bulldog as a Pet

Well, nothing in the world is perfect. These wide-eyed small pups do look adorable, but there are some drawbacks of adopting these blue French bulldogs.

1. Complications in Health

A reason why a lot of dog lovers avoid adopting these Frenchies is the fact that these animals come with health complications. None of the dog lovers would want to see their four-legged friends suffer from health complications. The short snout of these dogs paves the way for breathing problems. They find it difficult to cool themselves during the hot summer, which is why dog owners avoid contracting collars.

Studies and veterinarians emphasize that blue French bulldogs has bigger opportunity to have health issue then other French bulldogs.

Also these dogs are prone to eye diseases such as juvenile cataracts, entropion, cherry eye, and other auto-immune disorders.

2. A Lot of Drooling

The flat and loose lips, with a short snout and slat face, make these dogs drool a lot. As these furry buddies find it difficult to cool them down, drooling is a way for them to cool down their body temperature. Too much drooling can create a messy situation that a lot of dog owners want to avoid.

3. Pricey Dogs

Even though these dogs require minimal maintenance and grooming, they are more towards the pricier side. It’s harder and pricier to find blue Frenchie. You need to set aside a budget within the range from $1400 to $8,500 if you really want to adopt Blue French bulldog.

Adding the purchase amount with the expense of vaccines, food, and grooming supplies, you need to prepare yourself for it!

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