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Happy Frenchie, happy owner. In this post section you can find most important posts related to French bulldog behavior. We have described and revealed most common problems, tips and solutions. Starting from “How to teach French bulldog sit” till “Dining out with French bulldog”. We hope you will find most appropriate information for you!

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Dining Out With Your French Bulldog

French bulldogs are extremely lovable animals. They are very sociable and loves going out with their dog owners. When it comes to dining out with your Frenchie, a few good tips are good to know to make your dining a memorable experience with your Frenchie. Thinks To Know Before Going Before you take your French […]

How To Socialize Your French Bulldog?

Introduction The French Bulldog is one of the popular dog breeds, known for it’s friendly and sociable nature. However, they can be overwhelming when it comes to protecting their caretakers. Hence, you must socialize and train your French bulldog from an early age. It is worth noting that the measures you take in socializing your […]

French Bulldog First Night At New Home


The first night home with your new French Bulldog puppy can be a tiring but memorable experience.  This could be the first time your little puppy has spent the night away from its siblings and mother.  Your puppy understands instantly that it is being separated as the dogs are pack animals. French bulldog puppies are […]

List of Weird French Bulldog Noises


French Bulldogs are playful, adorable, and well-bred companions and Frenchies have a unique language of their own. If you are a new owner of a French Bulldog, then you should know that some of their sounds can be very surprising and astounding. Here you can find some of the most common noises of French Bulldog […]

French Bulldog Temperament and Personality

French bulldog temperament and personality

French Bulldogs are friendly, cute and will make you happy and brighten your day. French Bulldogs attract everyone with its beautiful, lovable, wide eyes and cute spiky ears. The personality of the French bulldog brings the smile on your face whenever you are close to the dog or when you are in its presence. French […]

Are French Bulldogs Good with Children?

French bulldog with children

French Bulldogs are also popularly known as Frenchies that are considered the best dog breed for kids. The French bulldogs are small size with big heart and gentle temperament makes them affectionate and lovable dogs and a perfect choice for families with older or younger children. Frenchies have a playful personality like children, and they […]

Why Does My Frenchies Eat Poop?

It is really disheartening to see your charming little Frenchies to chew down on the poop.  The situation becomes worse when they casually walk towards you for a big cuddle and kiss. The coprophagia or habit of eating poop is really disgusting and heartbroken for many of the Frenchies, French bulldogs owner, we all just […]

Dealing With Your French Bulldogs Separation Anxiety

Almost every dog parent has left their French bulldog home alone and has come back to a mess at some point of time. Sometimes, it’s because our bulldog often gets bored. Sometimes, it’s because we left them out to see if they would be good. And sometimes, we just forget to put them in their […]