How Many Hours do French Bulldogs Sleep?

The French bulldogs are excellent pets for apartments or houses, they thrive in cities and in the countryside. The French are happy wherever they are loved, and of course not in extreme heat, as they can easily overheat. Therefore, air conditioning in cars and homes on hot days is essential. The Frenchies are not that difficult to satisfy if we feed them well, love them, provide them with a comfortable bed, take them for short walks or dog parks on cold days … they do not need much. They are small dogs very adaptable and happy to be loved. They can thrive with an owner or a family. They can be raised with children and other animals. Basically, it’s where you love it, it’s best for you. If you have a French bulldog, guess what you are doing right now? Probably the answer is to sleep! Scientists and veterinarians are not sure why French bulldogs sleep so much, but they usually spend half a day. One theory: unlike people who usually stay awake all day and then sleep late at night, they spend up to 25% of their sleep in REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement), the shortest sleep phase of dogs means only 10% of their sleeping is REM. The result is that they need more sleep to get enough of the kind of recovery they need.

How french bulldogs sleep?

How Much is Normal Sleep for French bulldog?

In a 24-hour cycle, the average dog sleeps for about 12 to 14 hours. However, this is only the beginning. Puppies that need a lot of energy to explore and learn may need 18-20 hours of sleep in a day. Even older dogs need more rest, as well as some breeds. Frenchies often spend 50% of the day sleeping, 30% are awake and only 20% are active. But unlike people who sleep better when they come across a normal program, dogs are flexible sleepers: they can easily appear when something happens (like when a postman stands at the door) and they sleep when they are bored. More about Frenchie sleeping habits here.

Can French Bulldogs live with families who have a job from 9 to 5?

The answer is … Absolutely! I have never understood breeders who insist that all dogs should live with home parents. This is real life and many people work. Of course, every dog ​​would be in an ideal situation, in a house with someone 24 hours a day, but it is not the reality … Most people work outside the home. The French bulldogs sleep more hours of the day and are then awake, so that they are healthy while they are at home after work, on weekends and at a certain time. When I work outside the house, dog is left home alone. That would be unfair if the workers did not have dogs and missed the experience and joy of raising a dog from childhood! Our best-trained dog was a puppy and he was raised when we was away from home with a 9 to 5 job. He was obedient, socialized, well educated, had good manners, and was sweet. He loved all the people and had the most stable temperament you could ask … It did not matter to him that I was not home, he had more than enough attention at home. We suggest to read more about leaving Frenchie home alone in this article.

Make Frenchie Sleeping Comfortable

Its important to have a quality sleep not only for humans but also for dogs. So as Frenchie owner you should consider buying comfortable bed for your pet.

We advise you to have proper size bed and without shapes that will make Frenchie snor. French bulldogs are popular snoorers. We have just what you are looking for – comfortable Frenchie bed.

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