Are French Bulldogs Hyper?

Hyper frenchie in summer

The French bulldog is first and foremost a dog and like any other dog, it can be aggressive on certain occasions. After all, they still have the same genes as their wild ancestors and humans have tamed them to protect them and their properties. Therefore, it is more appropriate to say that French bulldogs are generally aggressive, but they are generally not. After all, the Frenchies are also bulldogs, which mean they are big dogs in a small body, so they have that big dog attitude. They are also cute, playful, clowns and well behaved.

French Bulldogs generally get along well, but sometimes they can express some aggression towards dogs of the same sex. This usually happens when they are provoked, jealous or threatened, but they never reinforce themselves to bark and growl. They rarely attack other pets or animals physically and can be avoided if they are kept together at a young age. They are excellent for children and it should not be a problem if they have to live in the same house with other animals, like cats or birds, but it works best to introduce them when they are little.Frenchie playing with money. Are French bulldogs hyper?

What can you expect from French bulldog?

People often ask me what they can expect from the puppy as it grows, but no one can answer that question, no matter how long they stay in the reproductive world. When you choose a puppy, you can never predict whether a dog is more or less aggressive when it is grown. Let me give you an example. Can you predict what the temperament of a child will be like if it only has a few months? It is the same with French bulldogs! If you want to be safe and do not take any risks, you have to take an adult dog! Do not be fooled by the dog’s sex! If you think that children should, of course, be more aggressive and territorial, you’re wrong. I’ve seen many cases in which girls are disobedient, more obstinate or even more aggressive. Girls can also be a little more moody and aggressive. Of course, if you want to avoid the bad mood and aggressive outbreaks in males, it is always wise to neutralize them. Later, they are much easier to manage.

All Frenchies just want to have your full attention, so they can growl when the other dog approaches you and wants to hug you. It is not a sign that they want to fight, but a complaint that is directed at you or that you tell others to stay away. While this may sound like fun, you should not reward this type of behavior. On the contrary, you must let him know that it is unacceptable. And it is always wise to teach your Frenchie that you are the boss, while he is young so that later they have no thoughts when it becomes more difficult to correct bad behavior.

It would more or less be this way and remember: every dog ​​is unique and has its own dog personality, so you should approach each one individually.

The typical French Bulldogs are perfect pets, loyal, obedient, playful and very affectionate, so you probably will not have any trouble keeping them under control.

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