Does French Bulldogs Bark? How to Stop?


Most people before buying a puppy, they want to know one thing clearly, which breed is less noisy. This is particularly important when choosing a small size dog breed because people who live in apartments and other small houses prefer to own smaller size dogs. Let’s find how barky are French bulldogs.

Do French Bulldogs Bark?

Of course, all dog breeds bark, and yes, even the French Bulldogs bark naturally. They bark less compare to other dog breeds. French Bulldogs, most of the time, they bark occasionally.

How Much do French Bulldogs bark?

As a breed, French Bulldog does not bark heavily than various other small breeds. However, not all Frenchies that do not bark are not quiet dogs.

Frenchies are popular for their talent to make different kinds of funny noises, like growly ‘talking,’ snuffles, agitated barking, and more.

The bark of the Frenchies is not generally considered as ‘yapping.’ They do bar in their higher pitched tone than a big bulldog, but they have a much gruffer and deeper voice than several other small dog breeds.

In a survey, it is reported that only 85 percent of individuals said that their Frenchie does not bark a lot. However, when it comes to considering ‘a lot,’ it may get different than what the other person says.

Why do French Bulldogs bark? Statistics

French bulldog calm

Most of the people in the survey mentioned that their French Bulldogs barked when they see strangers at the door. 

Some people said their dogs’ bark when they see strangers and other dogs or animals through the outside fences or windows. This is the most common nature that you see in any canine breed, and it is the natural instinct of a dog. In general, dogs bark when they notice a stranger and alert its owner. They bark, sometimes excitingly, friendly way, or a sacred way.

For most dogs, barking is kind of self-rewarding.  The dogs like to bark without any proper reason. Frenchies are not particularly barky dogs, but like any other breed, they bark to get rid of their boredom or stress.

How to stop French Bulldog barking?

The most accepted response is generally to concede the situation, tell your dog to bark sometime as it is good for barking a couple of times, and after some time you can command them to stop or quiet.  If they stop barking, then give them a small treat or reward. If they don’t follow your command, then they get a time-out to sit in a room alone for thirty seconds.

Most of the time, French Bulldogs bark a lot, especially when they are bored, or they start barking seeing through the window at passing animals and people. This kind of behavior needs some management.  If it is the conditions of your dog, then you need to hire a dog walker or spend more time by doing activities and exercising with your pup, buy some chew toys that offers mental stimulation.  If your Frenchie’s barking continues, then close your curtains sometimes.

Other options to stop your French bulldog barking:

  • Call your dog by name and tell staying quiet
  • Your dog will stare at you and try to understand what are you saying and what you want
  • Take out a reward from your back and treat your dog when they become silence, even if it stops only for temporary.
  • Treat your dog when it stops barking immediately when you say the word ‘quiet’
  • If your dog continues to bark, then wave the treat under its nose, and wait until it stops barking and sits silently for just a couple of seconds, and then reward and praise them.
  • Now, practice saying it from a couple of feet away, and gradually, across the room.
  •  Reward your dog only if stays quiet for a longer period.
  • Slowly stop the food treats, but make sure to praise when it does something good or stops barking, say ‘thank you’ or ‘good dog,’ etc.


If you want your dog not to bark too much, then follow these simple rules that are provided above. French Bulldogs fits in this category as they are not continuous barkers, they bark occasionally and most of the time these dogs like to stay quiet.

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