Why French Bulldog Farts? How to Deal?

Why is My Frenchie Farting so Much?

In this article we will dig more in popular and common French bulldog health “issue”. At least some think that it’s a health issue, but is it truth? There are questions that are frequently asked us as French bulldog owners: Does your Frenchie fart a lot?

Yes, unfortunately French Bulldogs farts more than other dog breeds, and many French Bulldog owners worried about these stinky farthings, and they want to know why its so. There are 4 main reasons why French bulldogs farts:

  1. Food that causes gas
  2. Upset Stomach or Allergies
  3. Fast Eating
  4. Air Swallowing

But to find out more about these four reasons, let’s dig in for more information.

Why Frenchies Fart?

1. Food That Causes French Bulldog Farting

Proper diet is very important key factor of healthy dog. If food is proper and balanced there shouldn’t be any stomach issues. Bet let’s check main food types that causes farts:

  • High – Fiber food. Foods like vegetables, pumpkin, apples, rices may be reason for farts.
  • High-Fat food. Chips, fries, pica and many more fat consistent food will lead to extra farts.
  • Dairy products. Foods like milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, butter etc. Everything that is made of milk. French bulldogs just like all pets are lactose intolerant. It’s difficult to digest lactose consisting food for the stomachs.
  • Spices. Food that is spicy is a crucial factor for farting. French bulldogs are not meant to eat spicy like humans.
  • Difficult to Digest food. Products like beans, fried food, sweets etc. Dogs stomach will have hard time to process these kinds of food, so it will lead to extra farts.
  • Diet change. When you switch Frenchies food, do it slowly. Let your dogs stomach and intestines slowly to adopt. Sometimes changing diet could lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

2. Upset Stomach or Allergies

If your French bulldog farts a lot and for a long time it could be a serious stomach problem. The first and best step would be veterinarian visiting.

In most cases of chronic flatulence are caused by poorly digested food. Constantly feeding French bulldog with digest food is reason for flatulence. Poorly digestible diets cause excessive fermentation. Which transforms to gasses.

3. Fast Eating

Fast eating can lead to farts. Just like humans it’s likely to chew food as much as possible. Chewed food will help stomach process food.

Luckily there are simple and cheap solution for that. Slow feeding bowls will prevent Frenchie from fast eating.

4. Swallowing Too Much Air

Swallowing air is a common reason for farting. The Largest pet site PetMD explains that swallowing is the main reason for farting. And it’s very typical for French bulldogs. Reason is that French bulldogs are brachiocephalic dogs with flat and wide skulls. Its means, when Frenchie eats or drinks water extra air has swallowed. Especially when dog gobble food.

You don’t need to worry about dogs physiology. Its only normal dog to swallow a bit air if a face is flat type. That is natural for French bulldogs.

Tips To Reduce French Bulldog Farting

As we have learned, it’s important to deal with Frenchies flatulence by finding underlying cause. To find it out it takes fairly long time. If you have recently changed food and experiencing farts, it is very possible cause of problem. There is always option to talk with veterinarian doctor. Tell him all you know and what food are given recently.

Our mission is to help you as much as we can, so here are crucial tips that would advise every veterinarian:

  • Don’t feed French bulldog with high-meat treats
  • Encourage an active lifestyle
  • Change your dog’s food to highly digestible food
  • Use slow-feeding bowls to reduce air in your Frenchie stomach
  • Reduce fat and fiber content food
  • Feed more frequent meals
  • Add extra supplements to daily diet.

After you have made changes to Frenchie diet, keep it constant for some time to see some results. Keep in mind that diet changes takes some time.

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