List of Weird French Bulldog Noises


French Bulldogs are playful, adorable, and well-bred companions and Frenchies have a unique language of their own. If you are a new owner of a French Bulldog, then you should know that some of their sounds can be very surprising and astounding.

Here you can find some of the most common noises of French Bulldog and you will understand if you should be worried about those noises or not when your bulldog make them.


French Bulldogs normally pass audible gas a lot that bring out a lot of sniggers, however,  it is very normal.  As the Frenchies contains short muzzles, they usually swallow air while drinking or eating, and that air must come out at any time. If your French Bulldog passes gas due to vomiting, tummy upset, or diarrhea, then visit the vet immediately. Read full article here.

Reverse Sneezing

Frenchies make reverse sneezing noise that is considered as most staggering sound. A reverse sneeze involves several involuntary and quick inhalations through the nose, gagging, and snorting. Reverse sneezing sounds scary but it is totally harmless. This could occur due to environmental allergens, overexcitement, and irritation of sinus passages and nasal.


Well, slurping is very common, and many dog breed slobber and slurp while drinking water or any other liquid food. Frenchies make slurping noises even when they are not drinking water, and this is common in Frenchies especially the one with loose or heavy lips. Most French Bulldogs make a smooth slurping sound when eating, drinking, or waiting for a reward.


French Bulldogs are snore a lot,  some dogs snore a little, but most Frenchies snore when they fall asleep every time. Snoring in French Bulldogs is normal unless or otherwise, your dog is not well. If you notice your French Bulldog started snoring more frequently than it did before, then it could be some other health problem. 


Panting is a very common thing that you found in all dogs. The dogs pant to cool off; regrettably, French bulldogs are not very capable at regulating their temperature on their own. If you notice your French Bulldog is panting a lot, then that indicates that they are overheated. You should immediately try to cool your dog, and it still looks concerned then takes your dog to vet immediately.


Snorting is another weird French Bulldog noise that you hear a lot from your French Bulldog during the playtime. This is because these dogs sniff dusty corners.  If you notice that your French Bulldog snorting occasionally, then you don’t need to be worried about, because the Frenchies clear their airway of irritants or dust by snorting. But, if you notice excessive snorting, then you need to be worried about as it could be the sign of weak nostril flaps or narrow nostrils that close too early.


French Bulldogs snuff along with snorting, particularly the brachycephalic breeds like the French Bulldog do snuffing a lot.  You hear your dog snuffing when it is playing, when it drops treats, or searching for toys, or even after a walk, which is very normal noise of Frenchies.

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