Can French Bulldogs be Left Alone During the Day?

Most of the time we can be as eager as our French bulldogs when we have to leave them alone. And why shouldn’t we be stressed? In addition to those sad puppy eyes and the sense of guilt that we feel that we are leaving them alone for more than a few hours. There is always the question: can we leave Frenchie alone for a longer period of time? What you will come back to. Can Frenchie be left alone for a longer period of time? Ruined carpets, broken shoes or scratched doors are a frustrating reality for many pet parents.

From long working hours to longer trips. There might come time we often leave our Frenchies alone, more than we would like. As much as we like, we have to go to work, school, grocery store etc. Sometimes it’s not possible or allowed to take a little friend with us.

Left Alone Frenchie: How Much is Too Much?

Ideally, French bulldogs should not be left alone for more than 4 hours. There is some room to maneuver in terms of time – as long as your Frenchie has enough food and water. And, if necessary, a place to go to the bathroom. Adult Frenchies normally requires 2 walks a day. Younger Frenchies 3-4 depending on circumstances.

But even if their primary needs (food, drink, toilet) are met, it’s not advised to leave your French bulldog unattended for more than 8 hours a day. Here are table of how long Frenchie can be left alone:

AgeHours left alone during day (Ideally)
<5 MonthsMax 2 hours. Ideally – should not be left alone for long periods during the day
5 – 18 MonthsMax 4 hours during the day
>18 Months4-6 hours during the day
>7 Years (elder)2-6 hours. Depending on health. For example, more frequently need to pee.

But what about sleeping – night hours?

Does this count in the final number of “hours alone” per day? Can dogs be left alone at night? If you work at night or do not want your pet in your room, leaving your dog alone at night should not be a problem. Frenchies are not nocturnal animals and sleep the whole night without problem. There are fewer stimuli in their environment and fewer emotions, so they will use this time for a quality rest. The only exceptions are dogs suffering from nocturnal separation anxiety. A disorder that means your four-legged friend panics every time you close the door of their room in front of them. It is important to remember that Frenchies are pack animals. Even if you leave them toys, sweets and a safe place to drop, they will need their people to feel happy and relaxed.

Two is better than one

Of course the excellent situation would be 2 or more French bulldogs at home. Why? They will spend quality time with each other – even if they are missing you. There is a bigger risk that both will chew shoes, make home a mess, but they will be entertained and less bored. We are not saying to rush and get another Frenchie, but there is a factor that should be evaluated.

French bulldog left alone in cozy bed

Study Frenchie While You are Away

Many dog owners love to have a camera at home to see what is going on with your Frenchie while you are away. Its perfect solution if you work a full time job. Any time you want, you can connect to a camera from your mobile device or personal computer. Turn camera as you like, talk to you Frenchie and send best wishes.

Sometimes it helps to track if your Frenchie does something bad, like chewing everything. Or singing for a long time which for example don’t like your neighbors. Dog singing after the owner left is not a good sign. Continue reading this article to find out how to deal.

If you decided to have a pet camera, we advise checking out this affordable 360degree camera from Amazon below:

How To Left Alone French Bulldog Correctly?

At the beginning of your first lefts it will be more like training procedure. In the course of time it will become habitual. As always you as owner it will take some patients, but everything is doable. If there are problems by leaving Frenchie alone it means there is separation anxiety. Which means we have to train and prepare.

Follow these steps to leave Frenchie home alone:

  1. Feel comfortable. You Frenchie feels you. If you are nervous, he will feel that. He has to feel that you are certain of what you are doing, and he can trust you. Owners mindset is very important for dogs.
  2. Show something attractive. Before leaving, you can show Frenchie that you have something tasty, like snacks (training treats). Dog will see that you have something good, all attention will be on you – and he will follow you.
  3. Start training. Ask you Frenchie to stay at one place and step back from him. Wait for some time and return to him. If he was standing still (waiting) – reward with treat. Dog will start to understand that left alone is a good thing. He will reference staying with snack. Remember not to call Frenchie when you are practicing this task.
  4. Repeat training in different places. Frenchie have to understand that staying alone in a different house place is a good thing. And the reward of staying will be a treat. It will be not only a food but also a game or a task for a dog. One of the best places could be Frenchies bed. Place where he can lay when he is left alone.
  5. Goodbye. Remember: when you are leaving it is better to say nothing to Frenchie. You don’t wanna any misunderstanding. If you say something that dog didn’t understand he will be left alone with question marks. Some trainers believe that saying goodbyes to a dog adds a sad note on leave.

Train this simple technique while you are at home and there is free time. Before we go to school or job there is not much time, so consider training when there is plenty of time and less stress.

Leaving Frenchie Alone – Conclusion

So, what we have found. Monitoring Frenchie with camera will make you feel more comfortable, and you will see what is he doing when left alone. You might cache some interesting moments. And it is an entertaining during boring work days.

Practice leaving at home when you have free time. Frenchie will start to understand that leaving you is a good thing and in the end he gets reward – owner & treat.

Repeat training in different places of house. French bulldog has to understand that he can stay in many places at home. He must know that going for water is not equal to a failed waiting task.

Thank you for supporting and reading articles.

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