Can French Bulldogs be Left Alone During the Day?

Most of the time we can be as eager as our French bulldogs when we have to leave them alone. And why should not we be stressed? In addition to those sad doggy eyes and the sense of guilt that we feel that we are leaving them alone for more than a few hours, there is always the question of what you will come back to. Ruined carpets, broken shoes or scratched doors are a frustrating reality for many pet parents. So, how does it help your pet to feel better on its own and to find peace for you? As much as we like, we cannot spend our days resting with our precious hairballs. From long working hours to longer trips, we often leave our pets alone, more than we would like.

But How Much is Too Much?

Ideally, French bulldogs should not be left alone for more than 4 hours. There is some room for maneuver as long as your dog has enough food and water. And, if necessary, a place to go to the bathroom. But even if their primary needs are met, you should not leave your pet unattended for more than 8 hours a day. But what about sleeping? Does this count in the final number of “hours alone” per day? Can dogs be left alone at night? If you work at night or do not want your pet in your room, leaving your dog alone at night should not be a problem. Frenchies are not nocturnal animals and sleep the whole night. There are fewer stimuli in their environment and fewer emotions, so they will use this time for a quality rest. The only exceptions are dogs suffering from nocturnal separation anxiety, a disorder that means your four-legged friend panics every time you close the door of their room in front of them. It is important to remember that Frenchies are pack animals. Even if you leave them toys, sweets and a safe place to drop, they will need their people to feel happy and relaxed.

Track Your French Bulldog

More an more Frenchie owners who work full time job choose to track remotely with camera. 360 degree camera with speakers, microphone and mobile application will help you to check any time what is your French bulldog doing home alone during a day.

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Frenchie home alone

What do you do with your French bulldog while you are at work?

If you are not very keen to have your dog in kindergarten, it is likely that they are home alone while you are working. In this case, make sure that you are armed with the appropriate consumables. Find a high quality and spacious box for your dog. For how long a dog can stay in a cage, the general rule is that it should not take more than 8 hours. If a dog in a box is not available while working or does not support the placement of boxes (many people do not), protect the French bulldogs from the room they are stored in to make sure they cannot hurt themselves while doing so. A pet camera can help you keep up with the situation even when you are at work. You can keep an eye on your French bulldogs and communicate with them by using your voice to make them relax. To get these super-short working hours for you and your pet, look at the remote playtime laser dot feature and treat dispensing pet rewarding camera model!

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