French Bulldogs and Cats

Frenchie and cat

A house with a dog and a cat is not an unusual situation. In fact, many families consider the extensions of dogs and cats in the family. As such, these two different types should become friends, taking into account their role in the human family. But instead of living together in peace, these animals often end up fighting. But that should not be the case if you present your French bulldog properly to your cat.French bulldog with cat on ground

Introduction of your French bulldog to your Cat

Here are some steps to help your French bulldog and cat get along.

  • If you already have a cat that cannot accept or cannot get along with another, do not bring any of the French bulldogs home. You’re the only one who knows if your current pet accepts it.
  • If there is more than one pet at home, present your French bulldog in turn, starting with the dog or the cat. Put them first through the box so they can see and smell each other. After the first day, they can meet without the box between them but have one person there to hold each pet.
  • Introduce them as neutrally as possible, for example on the terrace or in the family room.
  • Do not make introductions at lunchtime and always separate them when feeding.
  • Each pet must have its own food and water bowls, bed, toy and box or space. Show the cats that they are still getting enough food and still have their personal belongings that the new French bulldog does not possess.
  • Keep your new French bulldog and cat separated until they accept each other. This should not take long but until then … always oversee all contacts until their relationship is reliable and well understood.
  • Going along will not happen immediately. Give them enough time to accept each other. The presentations should be made slowly; you will know when they are ready to play.
  • Let your current cat know that the new member of the “package” must stay here and be accepted. Let your new French bulldog know that he is the new boy on the block and that he has to learn to be part of the group.
  • First, look after an existing cat and then your new French bulldog. Do not let anyone out.
  • Owners must continue to support the existing hierarchy of the package prior to the arrival of the new French bulldog, but show no preference among the
  • If old and new pets can be together, play as a group and show them that they can have fun together.

Even though the introductions have been successfully completed, the necessary measures must be taken to maintain peace and friendship between them. It is better to separate cats and dogs during meals. French Bulldogs tend to protect everything they consider to be their property, including their food. He could attack the cat or swallow his food immediately and possibly get digestive problems. To reduce the risk of a fight, you should watch it as often as possible. If you are not near them, do not let them be in a room together.

The proper introduction and training of the French bulldogs are ways to prevent hostility and rivalry between your cat and your French bulldog.

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