Are French Bulldogs Good with Children?

French bulldog with children

French Bulldogs are also popularly known as Frenchies that are considered the best dog breed for kids. The French bulldogs are small size with big heart and gentle temperament makes them affectionate and lovable dogs and a perfect choice for families with older or younger children.

Frenchies have a playful personality like children, and they also enjoy playing outside and also love to cuddle up on the couch when they feel tired. This kind of personality makes French Bulldogs perfect companions for children of all age groups that help them create a long-lasting and memorable childhood.

Need Little Physical Exercise


French Bulldogs do not need a lot of physical exercise like larger breeds. Even with the minimal exercises, they can maintain their physique as they are comparatively small size. Frenchies need just 15mins walk every day and they like to play around the house by chasing toys. This kind of physical activity will keep the Bulldogs happy, entertained, and physically fit.

These qualities of the Bulldog make them an ideal dog for kids as the smaller kids can keep up with this dog’s stamina.  If you own a Frenchie, then you should know that you should be very careful not to over-exercise these French Bulldogs as they can easily get exhaustion and prone to heatstroke. Also, in general, Frenchies cannot swim so if you have a swimming pool in your backyard, then make sure to watch your canine not to go close to the pool.

Require for Interaction

The owners of Frenchies should understand that the French Bulldogs do not like to stay alone in the house for a longer period. If your working environments demand long hours from you and you have to travel a lot, then having a Bulldog is not a good idea, it can become a major problem.

The French Bulldogs get separation anxiety quickly and they start whimpering and barking a lot if they are left alone for long period. However, if you have kids playing around the house and if you work from home, then owning a French Bulldog is absolutely fun, the Frenchies are the perfect distraction and entertainment for the dog as well as for the kids.

Stubborn Nature

When you bring a puppy home of any breed, it is important to give them proper training, particularly it is very important when you bring French Bulldog puppies because they can get stubborn and persistent during the training process.

Though sometimes the French Bulldogs are stubborn, they have a lot of respect and love towards their owners. Also, the Frenchies are quite intelligent they will not follow immediately if you try to teach to respect your commands.

Protective Guardians

As French Bulldogs are loyal and loving breed, most of the times they become very protective guardians to their owners. It is the most common behavior that you find in Frenchies, they adopt this behavior when they are bonded with the kids.

French Bullgod believes that kids are ideal playmates and they feel that they should protect them. This makes Frenchies very defensive behavior when your kid is playing with other kids or when they around strangers.

This kind of possessiveness nature that you find in Frenchies is purely out of love, to the matter of fact, it is a kind of habit that you should need to be conscious about. This you can prevent by socializing your French Bulldog in their puppy days. Take them to Dog Park and allow them to interact with other people and dogs regularly. Socializing is important because these dogs are loyal breed, and if you teach them to be nice around strangers, then they will learn easily.

Empathetic Attention Seekers

Frenchie on coach seeking for play time

When you train your French Bulldog properly, then they are actually well behaved around the stranger and also try to be friendly with other dogs. These dogs love to be the center of attraction and they love to get complete attention from everyone around. If you trained your dog to be well-socialized and allow them to interact with a stranger, then it can be surely playful with children.

There is a proper reason why Frenchies have become a very famous breed. This is because this breed is sociable and its friendly and amusing mannerisms and temperament will attract everyone’s attention in just a few seconds. They are very gentle, small size, and relaxed personality makes them the adorable and perfect for families with children. These dogs love to get human contact so playing with these dogs, kids actually improve their behavior and they seem to be more happy playing with these dogs.

French Bulldogs are adorable with their bat ears and wrinkled-face and people love to own this breed as they are considered the best companion dogs. They long for your attention and affection and won’t drift from giving back your love. With children, the Frenchies will have a truly special and unique bond and relationship. When the kids and Frenchies grow alongside one another, they will share love, bonding for one another, which is absolutely incomparable.

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