French Bulldog Personality

French bulldog temperament and personality

French Bulldogs are friendly, cute and will make you happy and brighten your day. French Bulldogs attract everyone with its beautiful, lovable, wide eyes and cute spiky ears. The personality of the French bulldog brings the smile on your face whenever you are close to the dog or when you are in its presence.

French Bulldog Personality Are:

FriendlyFrenchies love to hang out with family members all the time.
StubbornYes, they are friendly, but at the same time they can be stubborn.
CalmCompare to other dog breeds, grown Frenchies are calm. They love to sleep a lot and chill in coach.
SocialFrenchies love lie down next to you and connect. In best case scenarios Frenchies will get on your lap and sleep.
Attention SeekingFrench bulldogs likes human attention. If he does not get desired attention he will start to all available weapons to become seen.

Frenchie Puppy Personality

The French bulldog, when they are puppies, they are very energetic and most of the time they get into trouble. However, this fervent eagerness will fade away when they are growing up. But, at the puppy stage, they can be a headache. This is because they like to play violent and rough. They like to chew their toys and find a way to get into trouble.

Are French bulldog puppies lazy?

No. Just like other dog breed puppies, they are playful and energetic. Becoming adults, they will start to be lazier, which is natural for this breed.

Are French bulldog puppies naughty?

Yes. While they are small, they like to play rough. But not all Frenchies can be considered as naughty. It really depends on surrounding conditions.

When Frenchie Growing

French bulldog with flowers

The French Bulldog may lose their energy when they are growing old, but normally they continue to be energetic socialites. They like to sit on people lap whenever they get the opportunity, also, they are very friendly with other breeds too, and they love complete attention.

If you have trained your Frenchies well, then it is going to demand the total attention from everyone in the house, and it is going to be a dignified adult and active lover. Even when they grow to adulthood, they still continue their naughty behavior, which makes them more desirable pets.  They love to get attention, and they do everything for that, and they love to play whenever they find the opportunity.

The French Bulldog behavior is considered the best behavior compared to any small dog. They are absolutely fun, adorable and can grow into charismatic and well-mannered adults. However, if there is no proper upbringing, then they can become aggressive, barky, and reclusive. This aspect happens with any other breed, that is why it is important to take care during their puppy years.

Are French bulldog Dangerous?

No, they are not. Although there are always some rare exceptions. In general, Frenchies are opposite to dangerous, they are calm and friendly.

Environment Affect To The Frenchie Personality

French bulldog puppy temperament

Like human beings, Frenchies also develop their personalities from their surroundings and also by their genetics. As you can simplify and illustrate patterns in particular personalities of a dog, and you can see that the behavior of each dog will be different.

The fact is, the personality of a canine depends on their parents’ personalities and temperament, their breeding, upbringing, and the amount of training they get when they are young. The developmental years for a dog are considered very important as that is the root that helps them develop and pattern their temperaments and personalities in adulthood.

Intelligent But Gets in Trouble

One thing you should know that these beautiful French Bulldogs are a very intelligent breed.  These dogs are known to surprise their owners by conveying an astonishing instinct, and also how easily they can settle in their environments.  However, their personality qualities differ in this area, as they can vary from the highly active adventurer to calm thoughtful observer, this difference may attain because they continuously stimulated by everything, but you don’t worry about their adventures because they normally hop on and off the couch, which is considered as energetic an adventure.

But, in general, as a puppy, they will surely find their way to get into some kind of trouble and that is why you need to learn puppy classes and particular training techniques as they can help you train your puppy not to get into trouble.

Female and Male French Bulldog Personality Differences

You will find a lot of differences between a female and male French bulldogs, also, the general criterion to follow is that: Male bulldogs are more playful, energetic, and assertive. However, female bulldogs are a bit more affectionate, timid, and friendly compared to male dogs. Also, female dogs are also considered more passive, whereas male dogs take a long time to house train.

Also, female bulldogs tend to bite things and they get aggression quickly if they are tempted, and also they are more aggressive in their puppy days, but as they grow they will become dignified adults. Male Bulldogs also have a similar problem, but they can be controlled by proper training.

The temperament of a French bulldog is mostly occurred during their puppy days, how they were bred and that of their parents. Begin with the positive note, first, the license is comparatively submissive, which means they are easy to train the dogs. However, the dogs have very short attention spans, but, all in all, they are able to learn quickly and they have the ability to keep themselves calm the entire pup years.

French bulldogs at Home

Frenchie at home

French Bulldogs are not violent, but they like to bite things, and they completely show their affection rather holding it. This behavior proves that they are good with children, and they always look for support, but not in an obsessive or harmful way.

Like said before, these dogs want affection to an extent, though they are generally known as the ideal and adjustable home dog, they can easily become depressed or anxious if they are left at home alone for too long. French dogs are very confident dogs, but that does not make them resistant to becoming very dependent on the existence of their owners. If you want a French bulldog, then make sure that you stay at home and spend more time with your dog. But, if you travel a lot, then it is not the right dog for you to take care.

Also, it is important to know that, French Bulldogs get very destructive if it is not having proper guidance. They are aggressive players for their size, and they enjoy chewing things, engage in a tug-of-war with objects, and dig pits if the surroundings allow it.  However, if you have seen a French dog that seems to be most dignified and couch potato, then also, you should not leave the dog alone for too long as these dogs easily get into intense separation anxiety.

Don’t let Frenchie Stubborn

The temperament of a French bulldog becomes an issue if they are behaving stubbornly frequently. As they grow old, they become even more stubborn, and if you haven’t taken care in the initial period, then it can become a big problem.  They act stubborn at some point ad they try to refuse to follow or learn the rules set before them, and this can further lead to aggressiveness. If it is not taken care of or managed early, then it will be visible in other aspects of their temperament.

In general, French Bulldogs are friendly and well-tempered animals whose bad temperamental defect is that they can get a stubborn splash. They are sociable by nature, and they are not quick to hostility, and they get the separation anxiety only when they love their owners a lot.

Tips for Raising an Obedient French Bulldog

Puppy training classes are very significant to make sure your dog is obedient. They will teach your dog how to behave well and they help your dog to build the best personality. These training classes can be very expensive, but the Bulldogs do not need any specialization as they are easy to train.

French bulldog socialazing

Because of their natural stubbornness, the combination between training classes and your own home training can work better and help them become very dignified occurrence and impose what you want to teach them. The bulldogs are quite that make them respond to both their trainers and you as their owner, they are smart enough to carry on.

At home, it is very important to draw a line and make sure that your bulldog understands the difference between what is appropriate and what is not. Steady reward system and positive reinforcement are the best and effective techniques as they can help them behave properly without hurting their feelings.

For bulldogs, early socialization is very important to improve their personalities. Take them out, and let them discover the world, other dogs, and other people. The early socialization makes them get accustomed to the world easily when they become adult, and it can make a lot of difference at their adulthood. Also, you can see a lot of difference to the dogs that stay indoors and the dogs that are exposed to the world.

Before Buying French bulldog

Before purchasing a French bulldog puppy, it is important to know the breeder. If you want a purebred, then you have to do proper research and make sure that you find an honest breeder who produces top-quality canines, and the parents of the puppy got suitable health clearances.

Get the details of your puppy’s parents as the personalities of the parents will have an influence on the personalities of their puppies. Most of the times, some behavior of the dog is mostly natural and hereditary, and if you are purchasing a puppy from badly tempered parents, then the possibility of having similar tendencies on your dog as well.

French Bulldogs are adjustable, tiny, and totally lovely household pets. They are decent and can be a bit stubborn, but in general, they love a lot and want to be loved a lot. They find ways to get attention when they require it, and they like to give it to everyone. French Bulldogs can be a little noisy, and they snore. But, they can easily get into separation anxiety as they love their owners unconditionally. They are very playful in their puppy day, but after they grow old they become quiet.

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  1. Carol says:

    I have French bulldog of six month, who has aggression with my husband and son mainly in the kitchen area. He had attacked and drew blood. Any help??

  2. Lisa says:

    We have taken in a one and half year old male frenchie from a family member that could no longer care for him. We had him neutered within the first month we had him. About two to three weeks after his neutering, (about 6 weeks in our home), he started charging our other dog, chihuahua mix, at meal time. She is 13 almost 14, moves slow and has terminal cancer. Our chihuahua mix is not aggressive at all and has never bitten another human or dog. Our Frenchie does not bite our chi, but he does startle her enough to where she yips. She weighs about 15 lbs or less, she is losing a little everyday, and he weighs about 28 lbs, and solid muscle. He gets his face in hers and shakes his head back an forth and pushes her away. While doing this his body is trembling. The only way I can control this situation is to separate them at meal time. He is also started showing some slight signs of jealousy. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated… thank you.

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