Do French Bulldogs drool? How to Deal?

French Bulldogs drool

Generally, French Bulldogs are clean dogs, but they are also known to drool and dribble a lot.  Like any other Bulldogs, French Bulldogs drool a lot, especially when they are overheated or excited a bit.

Why do French Bulldogs Drool?

The simple answer is that the bulldog’ jaw shape and their lip arrangement is the reason they drool a lot. Also, Bulldogs have wider and shorter snout compared to other dog breeds, and their lips are covered with many folds. Also, the lips of Frenchies are thick and they droop downward. Also, this breed suffers from jaw pragmatism, which means their lower jaw covers their upper jaw.

How Much Do French Bulldogs Drool?

Like said earlier, Frencies are clean dogs in general, but they drool a lot and slobber quite often. This is actually not a big deal as it is considered common with this breed, but it can become a problem if your bulldog starts drooling excessively. This need to be taken care as it may indicate a larger fundamental issue.

What Are The Health Apprehension Connected to French Bulldog Drool?

The structure of the French Bulldog may cause breathing problems, which generally can concur with excess drool that may cause more problems. This breed, in general, suffers from a condition known as Brachycephalic or Laryngotracheomalacia Races Syndrome. This condition may occur when their nasal passages are very narrow, and that can cause the dogs to snore a lot. Also, because of this condition, these bulldogs may not be able to close their mouths at night or unable to breathe through their nose. This can further make them drool a lot during the nighttime. The condition is similar to humans when they have a runny nose or cold.

How Do You Manage Excess French Bulldog Drool?

If you have noticed an increase in your bulldog’s drool quantity, then it is vital to take your Frenchie to a professional veterinary doctor immediately. Not down when your bulldog having excess drool, if you are using any new product to clean your house, or if it is chewing something different.  It is also possible that your French bulldog drools by inhaling something strong or poisonous like cleaning disinfectants, plants, or shampoo. 

Also, in summer months, French Bulldogs drool a lot as it is their natural way of keeping their body temperature cool.  You can give them some cool water during the summer months or take them for a swim; this can help them decrease their drooling.

What Causes French Bulldog Drool?

The French Bulldogs drool a lot because of increased stress levels. Dogs will also feel stressed and they can get stressed in various situations, but the most standard conditions are traveling in a car or airplane, or even if they stay alone for a longer period.  Some dogs suffer from anxiety in these conditions.  If it is the case with your dog too, then obviously it will drool a lot and it may become aggressive as well.  If you notice these changes in your dog, then it is crucial for you to find the reason and help your pet and avoid what is causing them to increase their anxiety.

Another reason for the French Bulldog excess drool is that when they see their favorite food. This breed loves to eat and it will beg and drool if they see the food that is tasty.  Also, they drool when they see water during the hot summer days. To reduce the drool, you can start giving some extra special dog treats and try to offer the entire day.

Conclusion: In spite of snoring and drooling, French Bulldogs make adorable pets that are playful and social and are definitely become a lovable member of your family in just a matter of time.

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