French Bulldog’s Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Frenchie puppy

Being dog lovers or dog owners, you might have several questions boggling your mind. We are sure you want to prove yourself the best dog owners or should we say parents to them. You do your best to provide them the most comfortable environment at home so that they grow enjoying every bit of the moment and together you build lots of memories.

But this task is no less than a challenge in itself, from feeding them right at the right time and in the right manner to making them bath, from making them sleep to taking them for a walk, from selecting their accessories to cleaning their poop, everything has to be done with utmost care. For a young puppy, their owner is their only parent.

How Much Sleep Frenchie Needs

If you owe a frenchie, we are here to discuss your biggest concern, the sleeping pattern or habit of a French bulldog aka Frenchie. You might feel your pet is not so active and spends most of their time in recharging their batteries. Well, it’s totally normal for this beautiful breed to take frequent naps. But what is normal sleeping pattern for a frenchie needs to be discussed.

A French bulldog can spend about 12 to 14 hours in bed and yet feel sleepy.

Dogs, and particularly a Frenchie, sleep more during the day time than remaining awake. These napping kings have to be monitored for their sleep because if deprived of sleep they may act weird and fall ill.

A young French bulldog puppy is altogether different from an adult dog just like the needs of a human baby are different from that of an adult human. They can go on sleeping for hours and hours and sometimes even with their eyes wide open. Normal sleeping duration of a frenchie pup of 10 weeks of age is 18 hours in a day. However hard you tempt them to wake up and have fun with them, it is never advised to do so because if deprived of sound sleep, it could impact its health adversely.

Two Sleeping French bulldog puppies

Observe French Bulldog Sleeping

French bulldogs are considered to be the sleepier breed for their love for a snooze. However, keeping an eye on their sleeping pattern is as important as anything else. If your frenchie shows some unusual sleeping habits, they might be feeling unwell, and it is time to meet the certified vet. The following are some symptoms to watch for:

  • Remaining awake for more than 10 hours a day
  • Sleep cycle being out of sync, which is, remaining awake at night time.
  • Difficult to rouse them even after having a good amount of sleep.
  • We might not notice these changes quickly, but ignoring them for long can put your dear pet in a difficult situation.

Sleeping With Open Eyes

Another very common habit of French bulldogs is to sleep with their eyes open? Yes, you heard it right. You might be talking to them and wondering why your frenchie is not responding, the answer is your baby dog is busy observing his beauty sleep. Sometimes it appears as if they have rolled back their eyes into the back of their head. This habit has been transferred to them from their ancestors who used to dwell in natural habitats and this was one of their defense mechanisms against predators.

Although your French bulldog has no predators anymore, yet, this trait is hereditary in their DNA. But, sometimes, it can be due to an all together different reason, which is, seizures. Therefore, do watch if he is showing other weird signs too.

Frenchie Tongue Out While Sleeping

Your frenchie also tends to hang their tongue out while sleeping along with heavy drooling which is perfectly normal. Just ensure that he puts it back inside once awake to moisten it otherwise it could be a sign of jaw injury or hanging tongue syndrome.

Rapid breathing is also related to sleeping habits. This is because of restricted airwaves and underdeveloped snout as compared to other breeds. If your Frenchie breaths rapidly all the time and has high body temperature or his sitting posture is different from usual, it is something you need to pay attention to.

To summarize, it’s absolutely fine for your French bulldog to have nap for 12-14 hours a day or even up to 18 hours for young frenchies. Let them have a sound sleep for their growth and shower your love while they are awake.

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5 thoughts on “French Bulldog’s Sleeping Habits

  1. Tom says:

    Question from our reader:
    My name is Gregg , and last Friday my wife Beth and I welcomed our 10 week (now 11 week ) French bulldog puppy into our home . We read the article about sleeping and we have a question. The puppy likes to sleep or nap always around 7-8 at night then has a burst of energy where he runs around and bites at fingers and tries to get at the computer wires. We have been trying to get him to sleep by no later then 10:00pm but afraid if we try and wake him from his nap prior there could be an issue . Will he just continue to sleep through the night if he goes down at 8? Do we wake him to play and tire him out more and then try for 10:00? Or should we just let him continue to sleep? I’m used to German Sheppards my whole life so this breed to me is a whole different ball game . Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated . Love the articles !

    This situation was also common for us. Best solution would be to no let frenchie sleep till you go sleep – 10:00pm. Your little fellow have to start adjust to humans routine.
    At the beginning its probably gonna be hard to not let Frenchie sleep, but its important to adjust. If you have time and energy play with him, enjoy time while they are small and cute!

  2. Jen says:

    We have 2 frenchies-former show dogs, brother and sister that we adopted after they were retired from showing. They are wonderful dogs-active in the Frenchie way-aka when they want to be-it is fascinating how our girl dog sleeps with her eyes open! It can be loud around her and she just completely has no reaction to anything when she is sleeping. If only humans could have such solid sleep!!

  3. VITA DAVID says:

    hi I have a three year old frenchie who had lyme but does not have it now lately he has been sitting up in the middle of the night staring off and then eventually lays down sometimes he does it like two times
    I gave him 3mg of melatonin to help but I am a bit confused

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