How French Bulldogs Are Different From Pugs?

Bringing a dog home is a big decision as they are not just pets, but will be a part of the family. Just like humans, they are all different from each other. Their differences entirely lie on their breed and background and also on their surrounding environment.

Two of the very famous lap dog breeds are French bulldog and pugs. They look a lot similar to each other and to some extent have the same nature too. But, they are dissimilar in many ways. So, before bringing any of them home, let’s throw some light on their similarities and dissimilarities.


There is a history of every animal and, usually, dogs too have extensive history regarding their origins.

– French bulldogs

French bulldogs came from the breed bulldogs, a breed that dates back to the Greek tribe era. In the early days, these dogs were attack dogs, but then the entire practice got banned during the 1800s. French bulldogs are basically a cross between English bulldogs and French ratters.

– Pugs

Pugs have a straight and clear background, unlike French bulldogs. Pugs have their origin in China, and they were since then treated as lap dogs and thus gifted to royalty by normal people. During the 16th century, pugs were exported to England and Europe, making them quite a favorite there too among the royal families.


Adaptability is all about their changing behavior when people and surroundings change. Adaptable dogs are always a better option as compared to lesser adaptable dogs.

– French bulldogs

French bulldogs are known for their quick adaptability even in new surroundings and environments as they do not take much time to get acquainted with new people around them. Also, French dogs are really good with people once they know everyone. They are pretty quick to have a nice and friendly relation with kids and toddlers if they get some time with them. One should always make them play and spend time with children so that they get acquainted with them and not become snappy.

– Pugs

They are different from French Bulldogs as regards adaptability and take a lot of time to gel in their new and unacquainted surroundings. But unlike French bulldogs, they do not have to spend a lot of time and hang out with kids and toddlers before liking them. They instantly take a liking to them and start playing with them as soon as they meet. They have this friendly and energetic nature which makes them kid-friendly.

Dog Training

Training a dog is very important and it is suggested that one should start training them from a young age so that one will not have to struggle with their moods and stubbornness later. One needs to potty train the dogs and teach them how to behave when food is served.

– French bulldogs

Training a French dog can be easy as compared to pugs, they listen and learns things quickly. Only a few weeks regular and disciplined training can make them good boys/girls. Also, one thing that is important to note about French bulldogs is that they lose interest quickly in certain activities if it gets repetitive, so one needs to keep the training cycles short and interesting or they might simply become moody and leave the task.

– Pugs

Pugs, on the other hand, are more difficult to train as they have a challenging behavior towards discipline which makes the process a bit tiring. Therefore, it is recommended to pug owners that they should have a bit of patience and give the process a bit of time. Pugs tend to get bored quickly and are also stubborn in nature, therefore, it is better if they are trained during their initial months when they are young. Also, one can opt for help from professional trainers if needed.


Every dog sheds, however, the amount of shedding differs from breed to breed.

– French bulldogs

French Bulldogs do not shed much, so one wouldn’t find much hair on their house upholstery.

– Pugs

They tend to shed a lot as compared to French bulldogs and they can leave a trail of hair on furniture and upholstery.

Similarities between French bulldogs and pugs

There are many similarities between French bulldogs and pugs which can be observed by their owners:

  • French bulldogs and pugs are very playful and show a pure fondness for people as they tend to become friendly with their owners and respective families.
  • They can be a bit observant when it comes to new surroundings but also get comfortable easily.
  • They don’t require much outdoor exercise and activities.
  • They are low maintenance dogs which mean one needs not spend a lot of money to keep them happy.
  • Both French bulldogs and pugs they do not drool a lot and are easy to clean after.
  • Both the breeds like to sleep around and relax and thus the chances of them wandering off are less.
  • With these dogs, there are a higher chance of weight gain, thus one needs to make sure that they are fed only an optimum amount and not in excess.

Why these dogs should be adopted?

There are many reasons why French bulldogs and pugs are one of the most famous dog breeds among pet lovers. Because of their friendly and affectionate nature, they are a great addition to families especially if they have children. Also, they are quite small in size, which makes them suitable to be adopted by people who live in small apartments. And also, there will be fewer complaints from the neighbors as they don’t bark much. As compared to other breeds, they are polite and well-behaved. Also, they tend to keep themselves busy without chewing and tearing their owner’s things. Both French bulldogs and pugs are perfect for busy people as they can be left alone in the house, and also, one will not have to spend a lot of time grooming and cleaning them and taking them out for walks.

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