What is French Bulldog Lifespan?

Dogs can be lifetime companions. The longer they stay, the better. However, different dog breeds have a different lifespan. So whether you like it or not, there are breeds that can’t just be with you for a lifetime due to their shorter life expectancy. Nevertheless, the dogs’ average lifespan plays a crucial in choosing your pet dog. Especially if you are a French bulldog lover. In this informative article lets find our French bulldog lifespan.

French bulldog can be an excellent canine companion. French bulldogs may fit your lifestyle if you are looking for traits such as the following:

  • Small yet strong
  • Affectionate family dog
  • Well-tempered and can adapt to different environments
  • Entertaining and quirky personality
  • Friendly, playful and sweet

These good qualities are the reasons why many pet lovers develop fondness for French Bulldog. However, there are important considerations to keep in mind. Frenchie cannot do well in heat. The dog can also be territorial and might develop separation anxiety when always left alone. French bulldogs commonly display lots of wheezing, snuffling and snorting noises, and they might even snore. This breed is somehow hard to house train and can be stubborn if you don’t show deep relationships with them.

Aside from getting yourself familiar with the special characteristics of French Bulldog, it’s also important to learn about their lifespan.

French Bulldog Lifespan

An average life expectancy for French Bulldogs is around 9 to 12 years. These dogs are certainly adorable; however, are said to be vulnerable to various illnesses and other health concerns. These issues do not just affect their lifespan but also have detrimental effects on the overall quality of their life.

Nevertheless, statistics and opinions vary. Some sources say that the lifespan of an average French bulldog’s lifespan is 10-12 years, but there are records revealing that there are dogs that reached more than 14 years old.

Factors Affecting the Life Expectancy of French Bulldog

Similar to other dog breeds, French Bulldogs are more vulnerable to particular health issues than other breeds. These health concerns can significantly affect the lifespan of this breed of bulldog. Even anxiety and stress can shorten French Bulldogs’ life expectancy. Then sex of the dog also plays a part in determining its lifespan.

There are certain studies that revealed make French bulldogs are more prone to be diagnosed with disorders though research also reveals that French bulldog lifespan between female and male was unaffected.

Another health factors affecting the life expectancy of this bulldog were diarrhea, ear infections, skin dermatitis, and conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Around 12% of French bulldogs are also diagnosed with respiratory tract disorders resulting from brachycephalic facial structure or flat-faced. Adapting breeds with flat face is not really recommended due to possibility of breathing problems. Due to flat faces of French Bulldogs, they tend to have breathing troubles that could lead to them suffering from snoring and sleep apnea.

Keep French Bulldog Warm

They are also unable to keep safe body temperature during the hot season or during exercise. The main reason for this is that these dogs largely depend on the evaporation to cool down from the palate and mouth. However, the flat-faced breed does not really have ample surface area in order to achieve that.

Many French Bulldogs suddenly die because of overheating during exercise or during extremely hot weather. Some of the issues of health can actually be tested. Nevertheless, many are just resulting of breeding. Keeping French bulldogs as pets is not really advisable simply because the likelihood of serious health problems is way too high.

Life Span Of French bulldog

How to Help French Bulldog Live a Happy and Long Life

If you own a Frenchie or planning to adopt one, there are essential things you need to remember. The first important thing is that breeding parents must always be tested for preventable health issues. Trusted breeders must conduct all possible tests for such breed to be able to reduce the possible health issues. All health problems do not necessarily need to be tested for, but even so, selecting a breeder who takes time conducting health tests helps you end up with a healthier French bulldog. There are two tests commonly conducted, and these are hip tests and eye tests.

Eye Tests

The eye tests must be done on breeding stock, and these usually include hereditary cataract tests and eye health problems.

Hip Tests

Hip scoring is another test available to determine the possibility of hip dysplasia. Trusted breeders must be able to give scores to the potential parents of the puppy. Conducting tests is highly imperative in order to rule out preventable health concerns or issues.

Make sure to get your French bulldog from a reliable breeder or from a licensed facility. The breeders must be highly experienced, licensed and ensure conducting tests on the health of breeding stock. As soon as you have your puppy, there are a thing that you need to do to keep it safe and healthy.

Things to Follow Up If You Want to Help Frenchie Live Long:

  • Make sure that it follows a healthy diet. Be mindful of the foods you give because some French bulldogs have food allergies. The dog’s diet must be appropriate for its age.
  • Visit a licensed veterinarian on a regular basis to make sure that your dog remains healthy, and health problems will be addressed immediately.
  • Help your French bulldog get lots of exercise. This breed of dog is not really very energetic, but they do enjoy regular walks.
  • Be on check with their regular health maintenance like brushing teeth, trimming nails, and many other grooming needs. This plays a big role in improving the Frenchies’ overall health.
  • Supervise your French bulldog as if you are looking after your own kids. Keep your dog away from troubles and dangerous objects.
  • French bulldog can be sensitive to hot temperatures, so avoid exposing them for long. You need to be alert as well for some signs of stress.


If you really need to keep your French bulldog for the longest time, you need to treat them with kindness and love and do your best to minimize or completely eliminate stress from their life.

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