French Bulldog Price in 2022

From year to year, French bulldog prices rises due to its popularity. An average French bulldog price ranges between $1,500 and $4,000. Price can vary depending on breeding line (parents) and color.

The French bulldog is one breed that is quickly rising in popularity. In the United States, this breed comes in fourth as the most popular kind today. But in the very near future, they will outrun 3rd position. It outshines the other adorable and well-known breeds such as the Poodle, Yorkie, and Beagle. As demand rises, French bulldog price goes up.

Overall French Bulldog Price

Although expensive, many owners will say that buying a French bulldog is worth the price. Depending on the breeding lines, color, and other features, the Frenchies price varies. As mentioned in the beginning of the article, Frenchie price range is $1,500 and $4,000.

Frenchies with excellent breeding lines mostly range between $5,500 and $15,000.

Having said all that, you need to be aware of the breeders selling these French bulldogs for a cost below $1,500. There is usually something amiss with the low-priced dog they are trying to sell you. Either they are of low-quality with poor breeding history, without documents, or they have serious health issues.

Always look into these factors before going for a dog with the lowest price. You do not want to be paying more than needed. In general, the price of a healthy French bulldog should not be lower than $2,000.

Price of Adopting

In rear cases, someone is willing to adopt its beloved Frenchie. Adoption is another way to own these adorable dogs for a much lesser price. With you saving money, you also provide the dog a home it needs. The French bulldog for adoption usually costs between $300 and $600.

It is not easy to find a French bulldog for rescue or adoption, considering its high demand. However, it is neither impossible.

Some owners give them up if they cannot look after the dogs. At times, pet stores put them up for rescue or adoption if they cannot sell it in a few months. You can then adopt these Frenchies for a much cheaper rate and provide them with food and shelter they need.

Price For Common Color Frenchie

Price range: $1500 – $4000

Frenchies come in various color, therefore it is no surprise to keep a keen watch on their coat. What happens is, in order to make more buck, the common breed of Frenchie is marketed as a rare one. This way, they sell a common breed for the price of a rare breed of the French bulldog.

Check common French bulldog colors here.

Hence, inspecting its furry coat is a natural phenomenon. Otherwise, any buyer who has less knowledge about dogs can be easily duped for money.

french bulldog price

Rare Color French Bulldog Price

Price range: $2000 – $8000

There are people who prefer rare breeds to the common ones. Generally, the common breed of the French bulldog is of cream or beige color.

Whereas, the rare breed of French bulldogs come in black, gray and sometimes a mix. They look adorable with their shiny coats and the droopy face. The rarest of the breed among the French bulldogs come in Lilac or light purple color. You may look at it and find it the basic gray color.

They are not only expensive, but are quite uncommon. Therefore, it is of no surprise that these rare breeds are sold at a hefty amount. However, if you have an honest and reputed seller, they will not dupe you. Unfortunately, there are plenty of cunning breeders, who sell them off at high prices.

Why French Bulldogs So Expensive?

Now you surely must be wondering: why is the French bulldog so expensive?

The French bulldogs are costly for various reasons. If you want one, there is no way around other than paying the high price. Even though they are expensive, you will come to realize that these dogs are worth the buy. No good thing comes at a cheap cost.

Therefore, if you decide to buy the French bulldog, it is best to first understand the reason behind its high cost.

1. Difficulties in Breeding

For years, many have tried to cross-breed the French bulldog with several other breeds but to no result. It concludes that these dogs did not exist in the first place. If it weren’t for the humans and the scientific advancements, then the French bulldog may not have existed at all.

The majority of the Frenchies are unable to breed naturally. It is quite difficult and dangerous for them. The male finds it hard to climb the female because of their narrow hips, so artificial insemination becomes the only option.

However, this is not the only problem. Because the female’s birth canal is too small and the head of a Frenchie is large, complications arise while giving birth. Therefore, undergoing a C-section is the best way to deliver the puppies and avoid any risk.

black and white French bulldog on chair

2. Stud and Artificial Insemination

Finding a stud is quite challenging. A breeder needs to ensure the good health of the stud as well as its history and parentage.

The fees of high-quality studs are quite expensive. It ranges between $500 and $2000, with an additional charge of $200 for immediate shipping.

Once a breeder finds a stud, artificial insemination takes place next. Unless the breeder has experience in this procedure, it is best to let a professional handle it.

The vet checks the sperm first before performing the artificial insemination. The price for this procedure varies, but it is usually about $100.

However, by doing all this, it does not guarantee a positive pregnancy in the first go. Most breeders spend thousands of dollars before they get a positive result.

3. During Pregnancy

A pregnant French bulldog needs supplements to maintain their health and a high nutritional diet to enrich her lactation. As a result, the puppies will get enough vitamins once they are born and will grow healthy.

Furthermore, it is advisable to feed the pregnant mother with plenty of meat, which adds to the breeder’s expenses list.

Breeders also make sure to take the pregnant French bulldogs for regular check-ups. In addition, take the required pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. With all these requirements, the costs instantly increase.

4. Birth of French Bulldog

As you may know by now, the Cesarean section is the safest way to deliver the litters. Natural birth cause problems and are highly risky for the female Frenchie. The process is also costly, varying between $500 and $2000.

While performing a C-section is common, there are risks involved for both the mother and the babies. Because of the anesthetic, the fatality rate is high for the mother, while the litters may require resuscitation. If this is the case, some puppies may not survive.

One other risk factor when it comes to the surgery is you cannot perform it repeatedly. Keeping the mother’s safety in mind, she cannot undergo the operation more than two times.

A breeder needs to go through all these processes and also the risks it involves. In the end, the money they spend may not bring any profit.

5. Post-Pregnancy

The costs increase after a safe and successful delivery. The breeder must continually visit the vet the first week to ensure the mother’s recovery and the pups’ health.

Moreover, after the C-section, the mother bleeds for 3 to 7 days, resulting in a painful wound recovery period. During this time, the breeder needs to take care of the litters by bottle feeding them and stimulating them for relieves.

Sometimes, a problem arises if the mothers neglect the puppies leading to under-nourishment. Unlike mothers with a natural delivery, some Frenchies do not get the instinct to protect its litters because of artificial birth. Here is where the breeder comes in to take the role of a mother.

6. Preparation for New Home

The preparation step is crucial as the breeder advertises the litters to possible buyers after a few weeks or so.

When the puppies are eight weeks old, the breeder takes them to the vet again for immunization. Before handing the pups over to the buyers, they must get all the shots required. They also clear the puppies of fleas and other parasites.

Hip dysplasia and respiratory issues are common in the French bulldog breed. Therefore, the breeder also needs to look into these problems and do the necessary before giving them away.

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Why french bulldogs are so expensive

7. Color

French bulldogs with rare colors are more expensive than the standard ones, as they are quite high in demand. These unique colors include chocolates, blues, pure black, blue-fawns, pure white, cream and white, merle, etc.

The rare colors are a cause of latent genes that occurs naturally but not in French bulldogs. It means that they have to inherit it from both the mother and the father.

According to various researches, these Frenchie colors cause no inborn health issues, no matter what some people might have to say against it.

You need to understand why these Frenchies are costly to begin with. Also, consider the troubles the breeders go through and the expenses they spend as well.

Frenchie Daily Costs

Buying or adopting the French bulldog will come with additional expenses such as caring, feeding, and vet expenses, etc. Let’s look at some costs you need to consider if you want to purchase this dog breed.

Feeding Costs

Because you will need to feed your dog at least twice a day, food is the first thing you need to take into consideration. It will be a recurrent expenditure which you need to buy every month without skipping.

However, when it comes to French bulldog, you do not have to go bankrupt just to feed it. Usually, the dogs consume about one half or two half cups of dog food per day. It often depends on their level of activity and size.

Dog food of high quality is always the best for your Frenchie. Check best food for you Frenchie here.

A pound of it costs $2 or $3, so for a bag of 30, you will get the dog food for $55. If your dog consumes two cups of food in a day, a 30-pound bag will last for 60 days. Hence, it will only cost you $55 every two months for a 30-pound dog food bag.

You can also get treats for your adorable dogs for about $5 to $10, which can last for quite a few months.

Vet Expenditures

One other crucial factor to consider is the charges of veterinary bills.

You have to consider insurance for you Frenchie. Here is list of the best insurance companies for you French bulldog.

The French bulldog is likely to suffer from multiple health problems.

To begin with, Frenchies have a broad and short skull, which gives them a flat face and short nose. This condition causes the brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome, which leads to difficulty in breathing.

Some other dog breeds that suffer from this syndrome include the Boston Terrier, English bulldog, Pug, Pekinese, and Shih Tzu.

If you have a French bulldog or other dogs mentioned above, you need to make sure that you have an air-conditioned home. Your dog also needs to stay indoors and away from the heat.

Another thing you need to take care of is their skin. There is no denying that the skin of a Frenchie is wrinkly and charming. However, you will need to clean the folds regularly in order to prevent any infection, such as skin rashes or allergies.

The French bulldog also suffers from eye problems occasionally, such as entropion or cherry eye. Other common severe issue includes hip dysplasia. Its treatment costs about $1,500 to $6,000 while treating entropion costs $300-$1,500.

Other Expenses

Training is also essential for every dog. While you can always train your dog at home, you can also seek the help of an expert.

Normally, an hour session of group lessons for four to eight weeks of training ranges from $50 to $125. However, it is not much of a hard task to train a French bulldog as they are docile creatures.

You also need to consider the expenses of grooming. Just like training, grooming your dog is also something that you can do it yourself at home. Nonetheless, if you have a busy schedule and cannot take out the time, you can go to a professional.

The hair of the Frenchie mostly sheds, so there is no need for haircuts. What it needs are regular baths and occasional fur brushing.

The French bulldog also requires nail trimming on a frequent basis. You can trim it yourself or appoint a professional, which will cost you around $10 for one session.

Finally, there are some additional purchases you need to think about as well. It includes a collar and leash for your dog, bowls for food and water, a bed, a brush, and toys.


The French bulldogs are petite and cute. It is understandable that you would want to go to a pet store first thing after you get the dog. The urge to buy all fancy stuffs for your new, adorable dog will nag at you. However, it would be best if you resist it.

Buy the basic needs first, and then you can learn what your Frenchie likes and go from there. Eventually, you can add the extra supplies to your list if you are ready to pay for it.

They require artificial insemination and breeders need to be careful about the newborn pups. With their droopy face with an old man’s expression, the Frenchie is no doubt a favorite among dog lovers.

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