French Bulldog Breeding Guide and Tips

Breeding Frenchies

French bulldogs are a controversial yet popular breed with oversized ears and a flat face. These adorable animals are approximately twelve inches in height and can weigh up to 25 pounds. The French bulldogs have a lively personality; however, they suffer some complicated health issues. Despite that, French bulldog breeding become very popular globally.

If you are thinking of breeding French bulldogsyou will have to tackle the job of being a breeder with utmost attention and care. Here is an article that will provide tips you can consider while breeding a French Bulldog.

French bulldog Breeding Steps:

1. Find French Bulldogs with Breeding Histories up to the Mark

For French bulldog breeding you have to choose dogs with a fair health and breeding history. You might also want to ensure that they have the characteristics that you want to be passed on to the puppies. This will include the color and the size of the dog and also qualities such as personality and temperament. 

It is crucial that you see that the male and female are not too closely related. You can test the dogs’ genetics and also check them for infectious diseases such as Brucellosis before breeding French bulldogs.

2. Track your Female Dog’s Ovulation Cycle

French bulldogs typically start ovulating when they are five days into their cycle after spotting starts. You might notice some blood or irritability as an indication of the beginning of the dog’s fertile period. And this is when you can take the dog to the certified vet to test and confirm whether it is ovulating before you let it mate with the male.

3. Keep the Frenchies Together when the Female Ovulates

If you have confirmed that your female French Bulldog is ovulating, place her together with the male Frenchie. It is best if you help steady the female by holding her as the male mounts her. Your supervision during mating is important to prevent any accidents or aggressive outbursts.

In case either of the dogs shows aggression, it’s safest to keep them on leashes while mating. While the stud’s penis is inside the female during intercourse, it will enlarge. It will bring to a situation where the penis will get stuck inside. The male dog will then turn around, making it appear like they are stuck on the behind. This is entirely normal and generally lasts for around 15-20 minutes.

French Bulldog Breeding

4. Go for Artificial Insemination

Although natural mating is the cheapest and the most common way to produce offspring, it isn’t the same for French bulldogs. They have an oversized head and very small hips, making it quite hard for natural mounting.

Instead of French bulldog breeding physically, you can get a vet’s help to artificially inseminate your female dog. It will be a much easier and safer method for your dog, as well as for breeders. 

5. Take your French Bulldog to the Vet Before Birth

Whether you are a first-timer or a veteran breeder, it will be best to take your dog to the vet to examine it. Doing a radiograph or ultrasound will show you the number of puppies your dog will give birth to. Also, you will be able to know and treat early if there are any pregnancy issues.

6. Be Aware of Labor Signs

Your pregnant Frenchie’s behavior will make it quite obvious if it is ready for labor. Some common signs include shivering, loss of appetite, restlessness, whining, panting, and vomiting. The dog may also go to a secluded place to prepare for delivery. Once you notice these symptoms, you can expect the puppies to arrive in 12-24 hours.

7. Do not Interfere During Frenchie Birthing Unless Necessary

You should see the puppies coming one after another within 10-30 minutes. The mother usually bites off the cord, tears the placental sac, and licks the puppies to stimulate circulation and breathing.

If you see that your female is doing all these on its own, your help wouldn’t be necessary. 

However, if it looks like the female doesn’t know what to do, you will have to intercede. Firstly, tear the placental sacs gently so that the little ones can breathe. Then snip the umbilical cord and use a thread to tie it. See that there is no mucus or fluid around the puppies’ nose and mouth. After this, you can vigorously rub them to stimulate circulation and breathing.

8. Cesarean section

The high amount of expenses during the birth of a French bulldog is one reason they are expensive. A C-section will be the most secure way of delivering puppies for Frenchies because of their unusual shape. Remember this fact during your dog’s pregnancy period and keep a close watch when it is time for labor so that you can know if there are symptoms that call for a Cesarean section.

A C-section involves a surgical method for delivering the pups. It is usually done when a normal vaginal delivery becomes critical for the mother or the puppies. The French bulldog puppies’ oversize heads and the mother’s narrow pelvis makes it very hard for a natural birth. 

9. Keep a Whelping Box Ready

Set up an area or a box where the Frenchie mother can recover and be with the puppies. It should be spacious enough of all the puppies and the mother to lay comfortably with high walls to prevent them from going outside. Also, ensure that there is a source of heat around it to help the puppies stay warm.

10. See That the Puppies are Eating Well

Puppies, especially newborns, need to eat every two hours. Monitor them to ensure that they are able to find their mother for feeding. You can place them gently near the mother’s nipples if they can’t find it. In another scenario, if the puppies look like they are constantly hungry, you will have to supplement the mother’s milk with a high-quality formula.

11. Ensure That the French Bulldog Puppies are Defecating and Urinating

This is the final but one of the most important points. Newborn French bulldogs typically do not know how to poop or pee. They only learn this when the mother licks and encourages them. If you notice that the mother isn’t doing it, you will need to stimulate the puppies’ excrement by dabbing cotton in warm water and rubbing it across their genitals gently.

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