6 Things You Should Know Before Adopting a French Bulldog

The origin story of French bulldogs started back in England. The Brits wanted a dog that would look like an English bulldog but smaller and cuter. Hence, the French bulldog was born.

French bulldogs are great family dogs and they can adjust well in smaller homes and apartments. Their easy-going nature and extremely friendly disposition makes them great for new dog owners. French bulldogs are also not as abundantly available as popular dog breeds such as labradors and German shepherds. Therefore, if you want to adopt one or buy one, you might have to wait a while.

If you are thinking about bringing home a cute French bulldog, the following are 6 things you should know.

Frenchies Are Great Around Children

French bulldogs are amazing around children and they can keep the kids entertained with their antics for hours. Frenchies love their humans and are known to snuggle up with kids during nap time. However, as a responsible pet parent, you need to supervise the interaction between your kids and your pet. This is to ensure that neither your pet nor the kids end up hurting the other party.

They Are Predisposed to Certain Health Problems

Frenchies are predisposed to certain health issues. This is mainly due to unethical breeding practices and other genetic predispositions. For starters, French bulldogs are prone to hip dysplasia. Fortunately, there are a few treatment options to treat this problem. There are also plenty of pet meds for small dogs that can reduce the chances of degenerative bone problems. They are also predisposed to the brachycephalic respiratory syndrome. This affects most flat-nosed dogs and French bulldogs are no exceptions. This syndrome results in difficulty in breathing and increases the chances of snoring. This is one of the primary reasons why experts highly discourage overexercising French bulldogs.

They Make Great Apartment Dogs

As mentioned earlier, French bulldogs are great for apartments. They can easily adjust in a small surrounding and thanks to their small size, they need smaller beds and thus take up less room. They also have a very short coat, which makes grooming them an absolute breeze.

French Bulldogs Do Not Need a Lot of Exercise

Casual evening or early morning strolls are best for frenchies. While they can be active for short bursts of time, they are genetically not designed for hours of running around. Forcing a Frenchie to a rigorous exercise routine can have serious health consequences.

Overfeeding a Frenchie Can Lead to Health Issues

Frenchies thrive on quality food and it’s always best to monitor the calorific value to ensure you are not overfeeding them. Poor quality diet can lead to digestive distress, gas, and constipation. Overfeeding can cause obesity, which may lead to a host of other health issues. Some frenchies are also allergic to grain. Therefore, they may require a grain-free diet if they are diagnosed.

A lot of Them Snore and Are Loud Breathers

Thanks to the brachycephalic respiratory syndrome we talked about earlier, some frenchies are known to be loud breathers. They can also develop a snoring problem. Most of the time, these are not loud enough to disrupt sleep.

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