Prevent French bulldog Stomach Issues

Digestive problem is almost a very big problem for almost every human being or animal present on the earth.  Likewise, for French bulldogs, they also have the same problem, yes, they do. We all know that we love our Frenchies; they are cute, adorable, sometimes funny and sometimes hilarious. But keeping them away from stomach problem can be a difficult task to accomplish. Frenchies are known for their changing digestive system and farts, yes, this is true. But there is a solution to this problem also, yes, you can relax. You must have heard the phrase,” Where there is a will, there is a way”, and I am sure that everyone wants their dog to be healthy and away from any health issues.

To discuss, there are some causes that can be the reason of burps and farts that occurs in the Frenchies:

  1. Facial Structure: These dogs are a brachycephalic breed that has a short muzzle and pushed in the upper jaw. Due to these features, Frenchies are known well. And there is a fact that Frenchies breathe more through their mouth than through their noses. The dogs of this breed swallow more in the air during meal times. And it’s a common sense that the more the in, the more gas out.
  2. Some bacteria present in the intestinal tract is one of the reasons for the gas production in your pup. Your pup’s enzymes are not able to digest some certain types of fibres and low-quality protein present in the pet foods – and this is when the bacteria work. As they break down the protein and fibre residual and make hydrogen sulphide, which becomes the reason for the gas to smell very bad.
  3. (Potential)Medical Conditions: There can be a possibility for the dog to have a medical problem with the Frenchies that’s genetic and due to which your pup can suffer from the problem of upset tummy every time. Pancreatic insufficiency, food intolerance, parasites or inflammatory bowel disease can sometimes be an addition to the gastrointestinal troubles.

Solutions that might help your French bulldog to feel relax and away from the gastro problems:

  1. Choose the right food: French bulldogs can play better with the food that has a very high digestive source of protein and also has fibres that don’t have the bacteria that produces gas in the colon. Try avoiding some things like soy, peas or beans which will be a good initiative. Thing like ‘low-residue’ formula will also work very well. It means that mostly the nutrients of this diet will be absorbed and digested by the pup before they could reach to the microbes which are gassy.
  2. Change the meal time: Feeding your Frenchie many times in a day can decrease the quantity of air they swallow in the day. You can feed the dry food and as well as canned food too, it will also help. You can also try feeding on hand.
  3. Check with your pup’s veterinarian: There might be chances of some serious medical or stomach issues, which might need extra care if your pup suffers a lot from stomach problems and the problems are long-lasting. For this, you might consult a doctor to take extra care.
  4. Ditch the dairy: It’s common for us to feed milk or cheese to pets. But do you know that milk and cheese have lactose present in them, which is not digested properly by any dog who is adult? So, you should probably stop feeding dairy products to your French bulldog!

In the end, having some health problems is common among human and dogs. With some extra effort and care, these problems of the Frenchies or human can be reduced to some level. And you can stay relaxed, happy and free of embarrassment, while going out, having fun together, enjoying with your dog. Moreover, you can explore the world with your dog being stress-free. Isn’t it amazing? So, start taking extra care of your French bulldog from now only and for more information, you may consult a doctor.  And here are some human food that better not give your frenchie. Explore the world and enjoy together. Thanks for reading articles

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  1. zahra says:

    Is there a specific way to burp a frenchie? I’ve been doing it like it’s a baby it seems to work but it takes forever.

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