French Bulldogs and Sports: Importance Of Exercise

Exercise is a great way of keeping your French Bulldog fit and healthy. There are different forms of exercise to indulge your Frenchie to keep fit. But not all kinds of physical activities work for our adorable Frenchie. This breed requires a lot of care when it comes to physical exercises for them. 

What You Should Know When Sporting With Frenchie

It is no excuse that exercise is as important as food and water for the French bulldogs, as well as they, are for human beings. But it is not possible for the Frenchies to run long miles or indulge in dog sports activities to keep fit. They do require a certain level of physical activity to keep themselves fit and fine but strenuous activity is a complete ‘no-no’ for these cute Frenchies.

Dog owners need to have a general understanding of the level of exercise the French bulldogs may need. They do not need a lot of exercise like other dogs, but they do need some exercise in their daily routine. The exercise regime for French bulldogs also depends on their age. Frenchie puppies love their playtime, but when it comes to exercise, they do not need much exercise as compared to older Frenchies. 

What Exercise Needs They Require

French bulldogs have different exercise needs according to their age. We need to regulate their exercise timing according to their age so that they are not overworked. An eight-week-old Frenchie puppy needs about ten minutes of exercise, two times in a day. A three-month-old Frenchie puppy needs fifteen minutes of exercise twice a day, a four-month-old puppy needs twenty minutes of exercise two times a day. An older six-month-old puppy needs at least half an hour of exercise, twice daily and forty-five minutes of exercise for a nine-month-old Frenchie puppy. This is a general guide for exercising a French bulldog. The time duration of the exercise also depends upon the energy level of the French bulldog. If your Frenchie gets tired early during exercise, it is better to pull off the activity and let them rest. Look for signs of fatigue and exhaustion when you exercise with your Frenchie. It is not advisable to exhaust your adorable Frenchies.

Two French bulldogs playing ball in beach

Best Exercise Form

One of the best forms of exercise for French bulldogs is regular short walks daily. Walking would give them the stimulation they need without getting too exhausted. Walking also prevents their bones from getting injured as running or jumping could. Exercise is essential for the French bulldogs to maintain their physical weight. They tend to gain weight without regular exercise. Playing in the yard is also a good form of exercise for the Frenchie. Other forms of exercise are casual walks around the corner or playing in the park. Even walking around the house with your Frenchie or playing a low-stress game are some exercises that you can enjoy with your Frenchie. 

Avoid jogging exercises with your Frenchie. Even long stretches of running could drain your young Frenchie. Long hours of playtime, strenuous play activity or climbing stairs or hilly areas are some forms of exercises that you must completely avoid with French bulldogs. We must understand that they simply cannot deal with high energy activities.

Pay Attention To French Bulldog Breathing

French bulldogs are brachycephalic in nature, meaning they have short heads with a flat face and short nose. This face anatomy of French bulldogs causes them to have difficulty breathing and can overheat too soon under the sun. For this reason, it is best to break up their exercise sessions into different and short sessions so as not to over-stress them. It is very important not to overexert your Frenchie during an exercise session. If your Frenchie wants to call off the session, let him cool off and allow him to rest. French bulldogs cannot bear high temperatures well, so you need to watch them very closely especially on hot summer days to see that they are not over exhausted. They are prone to heat exhaustion, so avoid exercising them on hot days. That is why bulldog owners who understand the situation choose to take their dog for walks either in the morning or evening when the temperature is much cooler. 

How Many Exercise Would Be Best For French Bulldog

French bulldogs actually do not need a lot of exercises. They have very low energy to indulge in strenuous activities. But they do enjoy playful activities around the yard. A short time of play or a short walk is quite enough for the Frenchie to keep fit.

French bulldogs are smart and intelligent; they are quite easy to train. But sometimes, they may refuse to co-operate. They can be quite stubborn on some occasions as these breeds are free thinkers. When they refuse to play, you must try different training techniques with the Frenchie. If one method doesn’t work, there are many other activities that you can try. If some training methods are not successful, you can convert the exercise time into some playtime. Playful activities are also a fun way of exercising your young Frenchie. So, if they refuse to exercise, you could turn the exercise into fun and playful activities that they could enjoy. That way, they will still be getting the exercise their body needs, at the same time get to enjoy a playtime activity too.  When you are training the French bulldogs, you need to be firm and patient, without being too harsh on them.

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