Dining Out With Your French Bulldog

French bulldogs are extremely lovable animals. They are very sociable and loves going out with their dog owners. When it comes to dining out with your Frenchie, a few good tips are good to know to make your dining a memorable experience with your Frenchie.

Thinks To Know Before Going

Before you take your French bulldog out for dining, the first thing to remember is to do a little restaurant research. Look for dog-friendly restaurants that will not only allow your Frenchie but also welcome you along with your Frenchie. Do not assume that any restaurant will happily welcome your doggie. Find out about what is acceptable in their restaurants and their recommendations for eating out with pets. With technology, it is easier to look for dog-friendly places and restaurants where you can enjoy yourself with your Frenchie. It is possible some places may even offer dog meals, so you can enjoy your own meal. 

It is very important to understand your Frenchie’s behaviors before taking them to a restaurant. They must be trained at home not to steal food, whine or bark at other guests at the restaurant. Such behaviors could embarrass you in front of others and lead to frustrations. To avoid such scenarios at a restaurant, let us look at a few tips to ensure that you have a pleasant dining experience with your Frenchie. 

Feed French Bulldog Before Restaurant

Before you head out to the restaurant, make sure you feed your French bulldog from home. If your Frenchie is belly full when you arrive at the restaurant, he may be already worn out by then. If they are too energetic, getting your French bulldog to sit still at the restaurant may cause problems for you and other guests too. Your French bulldog must be well-trained for socializing. So that they do not show bad behaviors like barking and pacing around when you are out with them. Another fabulous idea is to take your Frenchie for a short walk before you take him to the restaurant. French bulldogs are not made for strenuous physical activity. They get exhausted easily. So, a short walk would be enough to drain him.

Therefore, when you reach the restaurant, your Frenchie will be tired and ready to rest peacefully while you can order your food and enjoy to your heart’s content. You can be rest assured your Frenchie won’t be messing with your sumptuous meal. 

Remember About Water

When you take your French bulldog out to a restaurant, always carry a travel water bottle for your dog so that he stays hydrated. Also, carry some chew treats that your Frenchie can indulge in when you are busy with your meal. If your French bulldog has nothing to do, he may get distracted and try to be playful with the other guests. They love playing around, especially with children. So, keeping them busy with some food items is a good idea to keep their behaviors under control at the restaurant. 

When you reach the restaurant, allow your Frenchie to sit beneath the table comfortably. Do not let them sit on the way where servers and guests would walk.

French Bulldog By Table

Pay Attention To Behavior

Always check the behavior of your Frenchie when they are around kids or new people. If they get too excited being playful around children, you must know how to bring them under control. French bulldogs are extremely possessive animals when it comes to their owners. They may bark and act possessively when new people show up. If there are difficulties bringing these behaviors under control, taking them out for dining could raise some problems. 

Disciplining your French bulldog is very important before you start taking them out. When you want to take your Frenchie to a restaurant, make sure that they are trained in some simple commands like, ‘sit’, ‘stand’, or ‘come’. If your French bulldog is not trained in these simple commands, taking them out could create some chaos. 

Control Your Frenchie

Another important tip is to remember to leash your French bulldog when taking them out. You never know how your Frenchie will behave in a new setting with different people around you. Having a leash around their neck could allow you to control your Frenchie when he gets out of hand or gets too excited in a new environment. You could also bring them back easily in case they go wandering around.

If your Frenchie is nervous or gets anxious when you are out at the restaurant, be prepared to leave before they create any scene. Sometimes, the best option is to take them out for a stroll to release their energy. And get back to the restaurant later to complete your meal. If your Frenchie tends to act up when there are more people around, you can plan on your next restaurant visit at an off-hour. Like when there are fewer people around, your Frenchie might act a little differently. They may be cooler with lesser guests around. 


There is no reason why you cannot take your French bulldogs for eating out at restaurants. After all, they are a man’s best companion. A little bit of research, some etiquette training and a bit of discipline is all it takes to take your Frenchie out for a proper dining experience. Once they get used to it, to the new restaurant setting and the ambiance. It might be easier to take them out again, so you can have company for your mealtimes.

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