Best Calming Treats for French Bulldog

Anxiety is not only restricted to humans, but it is also familiar with our beloved French bulldog. Anxiety in dogs can be triggered by three specific reasons. They are:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Rescue shelter anxiety
  • Anxiety caused by illness

An anxious Frenchie can display symptoms like avoiding eye contact while having interactions, running to their hiding place more often, tucked tail, or sometimes more severe like dilated pupils. These behaviors may be shown periodically, but these can create stress even for the dog owner. And if the dog in concern is a muscular build French bulldog, the answer to anxiety becomes more critical for the owner.

Keys Facts About French Bulldog

  • Originating from England, French bulldogs were created as a toy-size replica of bulldogs
  • French bulldogs are very sharp and easy to train
  • They are friendly towards the stranger, other dogs, and attracted especially towards kids
  • These dogs can tolerate both hot and cold kinds of weather

The uneasiness in dogs can be treated using various methods. Usually, spending some time with the dog can ease the stress level, or a visit to the vet helps the dog fight anxiety. But in most cases, using Calming Treats is the simple solution for having a healthy relationship between the dog and the pet parent.

What are Calming Treats?

Calming treats are anxiety relief aids for dogs that are made up of herbs and vitamins. For us important key – natural. Calming treats are developed with the goodness of herbs and vitamins, so they are non-medicinal. Also known as calming bites, this can provide relief to the dogs of anxiety and help them subdue the symptoms.

Calming treats fall under the nutraceutical category, which acts the same way for dogs as nutritional supplements work for humans. With the benefits of herbal ingredients such as ginger, calming treats can reduce symptoms like aggression, panting, excessive barking, and restlessness for anxious dogs.

Here is the list of five Calming treats, which will keep the canines away from anxiety:

  1. Zesty Paws Calming Bites
  2. Legitpet’s Calming Hemp Treats
  3. Pet Parents USA Dog Calming Treats
  4. Premium Care Calming Treats for dogs
  5. Furrolandia Hemp Calming Treats

1. Zesty Paws Calming Bites

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Zesty paws calming bites is a soft chew, turkey flavored natural and organic calming treat. This calming treat is suitable for the entire dog breed of all sizes. Ideal for puppies as well as adult dogs, Zesty paws calming bites have been a great relief for dogs in anxiety and stress. Due to their small size, the bits can be easily chewed and swallowed, which makes it perfect for toy breeds too.



Each soft chew of this calming treat has suntheanine on the scale of 30 milligrams. It stimulates the brain waves of the canine, which helps it to stay alert and also calm at the same time. Suntheanine or L-Theanine also helps the dog fight drowsiness and boost relaxation.

Organic Chamomile and Thiamine

Hyper activeness and aggression is a sign of anxiety in dogs, which can be displayed by excessive barking and jumping. With every chew of this calming treat, organic Chamomile and Thiamine helps the dog relax and relief it from these aggressive tendencies.

Anti-anxiety ingredients

1 of every 90 treat contains the benefits of organic Ginger Root, which helps in minimizing eruptions. Also helping the cause is the presence of L-Tryptophan and the assistance of natural Passion Flower. Other anxiety symptoms like restlessness, chewing, and scratching are well controlled by Valerian Root.


With the care of the pet parent and a regular dose of Zesty Paws, calming bite together will ensure that the dog is free from anxiety-related problems. The tasty turkey flavor is obtained from natural ingredients, which makes it artificial flavor-free. The softness of the calming treat is also welcome for solid treat haters.

– Rich with natural and organic ingredients
– Includes hemp extracts
– No side effects of drowsiness
– Reduces hyper activeness and aggression
– Fit for every dog breed and sizes
– Benefits of Suntheanine
– Effects may start slowly
– Turkey flavor may not be mouth-watering for some canines
– Few % of dogs may suffer from stomach upset

2. Legitpet’s Calming Hemp Treats

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It is always a sign of concern for a pet parent to see their French bulldog involved in excessive barking or groaning, which indicates stress. Legitpet’s calming hemp treat is the perfect answer to all the anxiety-related problems for a dog. These soft chews can be served to any dog variety and without any age difference.


Includes organic Hemp

Legitpet’s soft chews contain 125 milligrams of organic hemp seed oil, which provides the perfect combination of fatty acid required by the canines. Hemp seed oil supplements blood circulation as well as increasing the dog’s intelligence. It helps the dogs in fighting skin disorders like rashness and dry nose.


Chamomile is very beneficial in keeping the dog relaxed and fight hyper activeness. Aggression can also be controlled by it, which comforts the canines of excessive barking. Legitpet’s calming hemp treat contains 30 milligrams of chamomile powder.


If fireworks, thunderstorm or other loud noises are the reason for fear for dogs than Legitpet’s treats is the right choice to make. This calming chews can also help in fighting separation anxiety for dogs. Passionflower is also known for increasing brain GABA levels.

Other ingredients

This hemp treat also includes the goodness of Hemp protein powder, Valerian root, Organic ginger root, and 17 milligrams of L-Tryptophan per soft chew. Inactive ingredients such as Coconut glycerine, oat flour, and rosemary extract are also present in Legitpet’s calming hemp treats.


With abundant natural duck flavor, this calming treat can soothe both small and large breeds. The regular use of these soft chews will ensure that the Frenchies remain far away from anxiety and stress. Each pack of Legitpet treats contains 120 soft chews with no added fillers.

– Contains hemp seed oil for better blood circulation
– Aggression control for French bulldog
– Suitable for both small and large breeds
– Reduces Separation anxiety
– Tasty duck flavor
– Duck flavor may not soothe some dogs

3. Pet Parents USA Dog Calming Treats

French bulldog Pet Parents USA Dog Calming Treats for French bulldog

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Pet parents calming treats is an anti-anxiety and stress-relief cure for dogs with powerful nutrients. Active ingredients like organic hemp and suntheanine help the canines fight anxiety syndromes like car rides with ease. Pet Parent treats strictly tested before it leaves the factory for all possible harmful bacteria. Developed by experts in a pet supplement, these calming treats provide the perfect harmony between the pet and the pet parent.


Hemp extracts

Pet Parent calming treats contain organic hemp, which is very helpful in managing seizures and reduces anxiety in French bulldogs. Each pack of this calming treat includes hemp seed powder on a scale of 500 milligrams and 400 milligrams of hemp seed oil. The presence of hemp ensures that the French bulldog evades restlessness and outbursts.

The magical Suntheanine

Suntheanine is known for its effects on reducing stress and promoting relaxation in pets. If a pet parent is concerned about their pet’s anxiety, Pet Parents calming treats is a go-to product as it provides the dog with a calm head without the side effect of drowsiness. 100 milligram of Suntheanine is present in every Pet Parents calming treats pack.


Taurine is a type of amino acid, which takes care of the function and appropriate development of the heart muscles. It helps in controlling the nervous impulses of the dog and seizures. Pet Parents’ calming treats contain 400 milligrams of taurine in each pack.

Other Ingredients

Pet Parents’ calming treats have a host of active and inactive ingredients. Apart from Hemp extracts, Suntheanine, and Taurine, other active ingredients include Chamomile flower, passionflower, and Valerian root. Pea flour, chicken liver, and sweet potato are some of the inactive ingredients present in this calming treat.


Every chew out of the 90 in the Pet Parents calming treat contains more active ingredients than other calming treats. This supplement offers meats and veggies instead of rice fills, and the chicken flavor makes it irresistible for French bulldog of all ages.

– More active ingredients than other calming treats
– No rice and oats fill
– Developed by leading USA pet experts
– Filled with nutrients
– Fit for dogs of all ages
– Stomach upset may be found in few dogs
– Some Frenchies may dislike the chicken flavor

4. Premium Care Calming Treats

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At number four on the list, Premium Care Calming Treats does none other than calming the dogs during any stressful situations. Crafted at GMP-Certified facility in the USA, this calming pack of 120 soft chews is made up of natural ingredients. With organic calming aid and delicious duck flavor, pet parents can rest assured that their pets now have the power to fight anxiety.


Organic Ginger Root powder

Calming treats can sometimes upset a dog’s stomach, but with the addition of organic ginger root in Premium Care calming treats, this problem can be addressed. Ginger root helps in accelerating digestion and gastric dilatation in dogs. It also helps in preventing vomiting issues. Each pack of this calming treat contains 14 milligrams of organic Ginger Root powder.

Organic Kelp

Organic Kelp present in Premium Care calming treat helps in reducing dental plaque and itchiness in dogs. Kelp considered to be the most nutritious out of any fit to eat sea vegetables. With every chew, the anxious French bulldog reduces excessive scratching, and kelp is also known for improving skin conditions.


L-Tryptophan has several health benefits, which helps the dog in obtaining better sleep and reduces depression. This natural amino acid alleviates the symptoms of anxiety and improves the dog’s behavior without side effects. 17 milligram of L-Tryptophan is contained per chew in every pack of this calming treat.

Other calming ingredients

One chew of Premium Care calming treat contains 125 milligrams of organic hemp seed oil, 75 mg of hemp protein powder, organic Chamomile, organic Passionflower, Valerian Root, and natural ginger root powder. Sunflower lecithin, palm fruit oil, and mixed tocopherols are some of the inactive ingredients.


With the goodness of hemp extracts, this calming treat is perfect in reducing anxiety syndromes such as thunderstorms or a car ride. With a rich duck flavor, most dogs will have no issues with the taste. Jumping or excessive barking, Premium Care calming treats will take care of all the anxiety and stress in dogs.

– Tasty duck flavor makes it irresistible to dogs
– Effectiveness is 5-star rated for this calming treat
– Includes Kelp
– No added fillers
– Some pet parents may find the smell stronger
– Duck can contain a large amount of fat and oil

5. Furrolandia Hemp Calming Treats

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Hemp has been proven to relieve anxiety in humans, and scientists have also confirmed that it helps an anxious pet too. A bottle of Furrolandia Hemp calming gift contains more soft chews than any other calming treat in this list. It can help a small dog fight stress for a whopping 170 days. Whether it is a little or a big dog breed, this calming treat is suitable for all, especially for French bulldogs.


Furrolandia Hemp calming treats contain 100% natural ingredients. The pack contains a high amount of hemp extract along with other active anti-anxiety ingredients such as Valerian Root, Natural Chamomile, L-Tryptophan, magnesium, and 74 organic minerals.

Benefits of Hemp for dogs:

  • Hemp can reduce pain in dogs
  • Hemp oil can heal skin allergies which leads to excessive licking
  • According to a study, hemp improves immune function
  • Hemp burns body fats and helps in weight management
  • Oil is good for skin appearance
  • Hemp is a perfect anti-anxiety cure
  • Hemp deals with seizures without side effects
  • Treat vomiting and sickness
  • Helps in digestion
  • Hemp fight chronic inflammation in dogs

Furrolandia Hemp Calming treats contain no fillers, and the delicious bacon flavor can be mouth-watering for many dogs. With hemp benefits present, this calming soft chew will be a blessing in disguise for your anxious furbaby. And with 170 soft calming chews, pet parents are less-often worried about running out of stocks.

– 170 soft chews is a large number for any calming treat
– Can be served to dogs of different ages
– Tasty bacon flavor chews
– Benefits of hemp extracts
– The effects maybe not as much as compared to other brands
– Some dogs may face problems because of magnesium


Whether it is excessive barking or other motion sicknesses, calming treats are the best bet for a French bulldog parent. An anxious Frenchie can be troublesome in situations where a pet parent wants it actually to enjoy the moment. Going for a long ride or sitting by the window watching the rainfall, it’s always better when in company with a happy pet. But anxiety can ruin the mood of both – the Frenchie and the parent.

This is where calming treats come to the rescue. With a perfect blend of active organic natural ingredients and inactive components, calming treats have the ability to reduce anxiety in French bulldogs.

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