Fruits and Vegetables French Bulldogs Can or Can’t Eat

Different pets have different needs and requirements. Knowing what to feed your French Bulldog is very important. One wrong treat, and you might end up in an emergency room. But hey, don’t worry! We’re here to make life easier for you and your Little Frenchie. This article will list out fruits and vegetables which you can safely give to your French Bulldog!

That is right! Combining our experience and professional vets, we will share information you are looking for.

List of Fruits and Vegetables

While we should not be regularly feeding human food to French Bulldogs, we’re all guilty of it at times. But we need to be careful. French Bulldogs cannot eat everything humans eat. However, there are fruits and vegetables are completely safe for your Frenchie.

Apples are safe for French Bulldogs.


Yes. Apples are safe for French Bulldogs.

If you’re planning to give your French Bulldogs apples, here’s what you can do. It is always a good idea to slice up the apples. If the chunks are too big, they might not be able to chew properly. Also, you need to make sure that you peel the skin of the apple. While humans can chew the skin, your French Bulldog might have a tough time.

Its better not to give your Frenchie sour apple. Giving a sour apple will lead to farting. Might be better idea to give some sweater apple.

Another thing you should probably keep in mind is to remove the seeds. Seeds of any kind are bad for French Bulldogs. Apple seeds are tiny and slippery. So if you plan on feeding your French Bulldog apples, it is always safer to remove the seeds. It doesn’t take much time.

Feeding your French Bulldog apples is a great idea. They possess many essential vitamins, such as vitamin A and C. They are also very low in protein and fat. This makes apples a delicious snack for all dogs, especially a French Bulldog.

Another good fruit for Frenchie is banana

Can French bulldog Eat Banana?

Yes. Bananas have everything your French Bulldog loves and needs. They are a good source of nutrition for your dog. Rich in vitamins, fiber, copper and potassium, bananas make a good treat! The best thing about feeding bananas to your French Bulldog is that it is completely safe.

One thing to remember about bananas is that they contain high sugar levels, although they’re low in calories. This means that bananas should not be given in their main meal. It is best to provide bananas as a treat and in moderation. Overfeeding might not be a good idea.

Feeding your French Bulldogs bananas is a great idea. Just make sure you peel the skin. Treating your dog bananas occasionally will improve their health as well. This is because bananas are a good source of essential vitamins and nutrients your French Bulldog needs.

Cucumber - fantastic vegetables that your French bulldog will love it

Can French bulldog Eat Cucumber?

Yes. Cucumbers are not harmful at all for your French bulldog. In fact, this vegetable is very rich in dietary essentials.

Cucumber is our Frenchie favorite vegetable. We add it to every dry food meal.

So, yes. Cucumbers make a good treat for your Frenchie. You can feed your dog with cucumbers without any concern. If you plan on giving them cucumbers, here are some things you might want to be aware of!

Cucumbers not only have essential nutrients for your dogs, but they are also perfect for an overweight French bulldog. The reason they’re suitable for overweight dogs is that they have zero carbohydrates and fats. Cucumbers are essentially water, so it is also an excellent way to keep them hydrated.

Do not be afraid to give your Frenchies cucumbers every once in a while. They are perfectly safe and have tons of nutritional value. Cucumbers have vitamins B1, C and K along with potassium, biotin, magnesium and even copper. This is why cucumbers make a good treat for French Bulldogs.

Blueberries are good fruits for Frenchies

Blueberries are good for Frenchies?

Yes. Super rich in antioxidants, blueberries make a good snack for your French Bulldogs. Your dog can safely eat blueberries without any problems. Blueberries are good for humans and canines alike. They also contain essential substances that can prevent cell damage as well.

Instead of feeding your French Bulldog store-bought artificial treats, try blueberries. They are much better than processed treats. Blueberries are also a good source of fiber and other phytochemicals. This makes blueberries an excellent snack of choice for your French Bulldogs.

So if you’re an owner of a French Bulldog, definitely try feeding them blueberries. You can also make it fun and let them catch it in the air. Instead of throwing processed treats for them to catch, you can substitute them with blueberries. Your French Bulldogs will keep coming back for more!

Keep French bulldog hydrated and happy with cantaloupe


Yes. Cantaloupes are very popular and widely available. It is not only tasty for humans, but safe for pets like French Bulldogs as well! You will not face any complaints, complications or issues feeding your French Bulldogs Cantaloupes.

We highly recommended feeding cantaloupe in moderation. The fruit has high levels of sugar, making it very sweet. Although humans can handle it, French Bulldogs cannot take too much cantaloupe. It is best that you give it as snacks and treats in between proper meals.

However, despite being sweet and rich in sugar, at the end of the day, cantaloupes are very much safe for your French Bulldog. Cantaloupes have almost everything your pet needs. It is very low in calories and a good source of required nutrients.

One of the best things about giving your French Bulldog cantaloupe is it will keep them hydrated. Cantaloupes are very rich in water. This makes it an excellent treat, especially during the hot summer days. Your French Bulldog will also receive good amounts of fiber. All in all, cantaloupes are not only safe but a healthy snack when given in moderation.

Another good vegetables for French bulldog is broccoli


Yes, Frenchies can eat broccoli. However, the catch is that they need it only in small quantities. Therefore, it is best that you feed your dog broccoli only once in a while as an occasional treat.

While having much needed nutritional value, broccoli contains isothiocyanates which might cause gastric issues. This is the reason why your French Bulldog does not need broccoli every day or in large amounts. It is better and safer to feed it in sparse amounts.

When you feed your French Bulldogs broccoli, make sure they’re soft and chewable. Broccoli stalks are not the most delicate material. They require proper chewing. However, this vegetable comes with vitamin C, essential fibers and are exceptionally low in fat. Just make sure you do not overfeed them with this vegetable. Little goes a long way with broccoli.

Carrots - good Vegetables for French bulldog

Can French bulldog Eat Carrots?

Yes. Feeding carrots to your French Bulldog is a superb idea. Here’s why! Carrots are available throughout the year, and you can find them almost everywhere. This makes carrots an accessible snack for your French Bulldog.

Not only are carrots safe for your French Bulldog, but they are also very much fun and healthy. Carrots contain good amounts of essential nutrients your dog requires. First, carrots are very low in calories. This will make sure your dog doesn’t gain extra weight by snacking on it.

To make things better, carrots are also high in fiber which is a great thing! Fiber will ensure the proper regulation of blood sugar. They also possess beta-carotene, which aids in the production of vitamin A. Carrots are incredibly crunchy. This makes carrots a good snack for your Frenchies teeth as well.

Vitamins rich food for Frenchie - pumpkin


Yes. Pumpkins are not only safe for your French Bulldog, but also makes an excellent snack. Treating your pup to some pumpkin sometimes might just be a good idea.

One of the reasons pumpkin makes an excellent treat for your French Bulldog is because of their incredible nutritional value. Pumpkins have so many important and essential nutrients. Starting from being rich in fiber, pumpkins also contain iron and vitamins A, C and E. This makes pumpkin a solid snack. It is even good for your dog’s digestion.

Whether it is a fresh pumpkin from your garden or a farmer’s market, or canned pumpkin from stores, it is safe to feed it to your French Bulldog. However, if it’s store-bought canned pumpkin, just make sure to stay away from those that have high levels of salt, sugar or other spices.

Many veterinarians recommend pumpkin for all sorts of canines. If you ever notice that your French Bulldog is constipated or has an ill tummy, give them pumpkins. It is a good treat that can also help with tummy problems.

Another allowed fruit for Frenchies - orange

Oranges – Can French Bulldogs Eat?

Yes. Although dogs may not necessarily like citric fruits, oranges are completely safe for your French Bulldogs. If you don’t give too much, then it’s going to be all fine.

Remember: Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruit as well as persimmons can cause an upset stomach. It’s different by oranges.

There are so many reasons why oranges make a good and healthy snack. Oranges are full of important nutrients which will help keep your pup healthy and happy!

Oranges come with lots of vitamin C. This will ensure your pup’s immune system stays strong and effective. Wounds will heal quicker and better. Vitamin C will also keep their bones and teeth strong. Besides vitamin C, oranges offer an array of other valuable nutrients.

Potassium and fiber are also present in small quantities. This is why oranges make an excellent snack. Just be sure to remove the orange peel. Your French Bulldog may not like the peel. Only feed them the flesh portions of the orange that is inside the peel.

If you’re looking for a tasty, fun and healthy way to treat your French Bulldog, oranges are a good option. Just toss away the peels before offering them to your furry friend!

Mangoes are recommended fruits for French bulldogs


Yes. They deliver much-needed nutrition to your dogs. All sorts of dogs love this sweet and juicy summer fruit. If you’re thinking of feeding your French Bulldog some tasty and juicy mango, here is what you should be aware of.

Remember: Always remove the hard pit first. Only feed your dog the soft parts of the fruit.

What makes mango such a great choice is its nutritional value. Mangoes have so much to offer in terms of nutrition. They are definitely a healthy choice of snack.

You will find all sorts of vitamins in mangoes. From vitamins B6, A, E and C, mangoes also have alpha-carotene, potassium and even beta-carotene. All these are essential for a healthy dog.

Another small tip to remember regarding mangoes is that it is very sweet. Although your pup may ask and beg for more, do not overfeed them. Being high in sugar, it is always best to feed mangoes in moderation. Try feeding mangoes only occasionally and not daily. As an occasional treat, mangoes are not only safe, but highly beneficial.

Can French bulldog Eat Grapes?

No. Grapes and raisins are toxic for French bulldogs. Science yet have not found which exact substance cause such health problems, but it is well known – avoid giving grapes to your Frenchie.

Highly recommended fruit for French bulldog is watermelon


Yes. They are not just a tasty and healthy fruit for humans, but watermelons are also highly rewarding for French Bulldogs. This only means that watermelons are completely safe for your French Bulldogs.

The best thing about watermelons is that it is made mainly of water. 92 per cent of the fruit is water. This makes watermelon a good source of water for your canine companion. Feeding them watermelon will ensure they remain hydrated, especially when the weather is very hot and humid.

Watermelons also contain good amounts of vitamins C, B6 and A, as well as potassium. This is why watermelons are also a healthy snack for your French Bulldog.

Just make sure you remove the seeds first. The seeds can be a choking hazard. Pet owners will not want to cause any harm to their pets. So just remember that your Frenchie will not enjoy the seeds of the watermelon.

Healthy heart vegetables for French bulldogs - celery


Yes. Celery is undoubtedly one of the best snacks you can feed your French Bulldog. This particular vegetable has lots of important benefits and uses.

Not only are celeries packed with essential vitamins such as B, C, and A, they also promote a healthy heart. Feeding your dog this vegetable might be a game-changer. What you might not know is celery also helps battle cancers in dogs. Yes, you heard that correct! Incorporate this leafy veggie into your dog’s diet for healthy results.

As if all these were not enough, celery also helps keep your dog’s breath fresh and clean. If you haven’t already fed your French Bulldog celery, start now! The benefits of this vegetable are extremely significant. If your dog doesn’t like the taste, you can always dice it up and add it to their meals.

Can French bulldog Eat Strawberries?

Yes. Strawberries are rich with vitamin C and fiber. They help whitening your dog’s teeth. But as strawberries contains sugar, don’t give too much daily.

Can French bulldog Eat Pear?

Yes. Just like cucumber, pears are a good snack for Frenchie. Rich with fiber, vitamin C and K. Science shows that eating pear can reduce risk of stroke by 50%.

Why is it Important to Know Which Foods are Safe for French Bulldogs?

Much like humans, pets like French Bulldogs cannot ingest certain food. If you ever happen to feed your French Bulldog something which isn’t safe, your dog might have a bad reaction to it. Many times, these reactions are minor and not cause for any alarm. However, if you continuously keep feeding unsafe food, it might not be the best idea.

Improper food may lead to allergenic reactions, health problems, vomiting or even worse case scenarios.

We all want to keep our pets healthy, happy and strong! This is why good dietary knowledge of your pets is very crucial. If you feed your French Bulldog fruits and vegetables which suits them, chances are they’ll not only love it, but it will also nourish them.

We’ve carefully selected some fruits and vegetables which your French Bulldog will surely adore. Feeding your Bulldog these fruits and vegetables is entirely safe. You do not have to worry about any adverse effects. Don’t forget to clean before giving. If you don’t want your French Bulldog eating processed treats, try these safe, healthy and organic snacks!

Wrap-up Vegetables and Fruits For French Bulldogs

There are so many dos and don’ts when you’re a pet owner. Sometimes it might get overwhelming. But as pet owners, we love them to the fullest. We do not want them to suffer in any way imaginable. One of the best ways to ensure your French Bulldog remains healthy and safe is to know what they can eat.

This article will surely make you more confident when it comes to feeding your four-legged friend. You will get all the needed information from this detailed article. We’ve listed most of the fruits and vegetables your French Bulldog can safely eat. Now drop your worries, and start feeding them all the healthy fruits and vegetables as snacks! Your French Bulldog will love them.

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