Cleaning French Bulldogs Ears

The French bulldogs ears are known to accumulate a lot of dirt, debris and detritus over a course of time. The French bulldog has got big bat ears and narrow ear canals which means the whole ear structure is prone to catch dirt and thus must be cleaned periodically to avoid different types of ear problems. Keeping the ears clean is very important for the overall health of the French bull dog.

The Process of Cleaning the French Bulldogs Ears

Before you get down to the task of cleaning the French bulldogs ears it is important that you must read the various tips and tricks on how to go about the whole process in an effective, safe and convenient way. There are certain things that you would need with you before you can begin the cleaning process:

  • Cotton pads or balls
  • Dry and a clean cloth
  • Ear cleaning liquid or solution
  • Couple of cotton swabs
  • Flashlight to help you see better
  • And some treats to help keep the bulldog occupied while you are going about the cleaning process.

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Cleaning products

There are various ear cleaning liquid and solution products available in the market that you can choose to purchase based on what you think is good for your pet. Vetericyn is one such dog ear cleaning product that you can purchase from a number of stores as well as you can order it online. Now let us have a detailed look at how to go about the ear cleaning process for your French bulldog.  

Cleaning ears for french bulldog

To begin with you must soak the cotton ball in the ear rinse solution and swab exposed area within the French bulldogs ears. At this point you don’t need to go inside the ears, just bat-ear part would do. You must then get a flashlight to look into the ear canal of the French bulldog to look for any sign of dirt, debris or infection. Now you must soak the cotton swab and then gently drag out any type of dirt or wax towards the ear canal entrance of the French bulldog.

Important note

Here it is extremely important to note that you must not go deep within the French bulldog’s ear canal because the cotton swab can impact or affect the dirt and wax which can lead to infection. You must softly swab towards the ear canal opening of the French bulldog with the clean as well as soaked cotton. Additionally you must squirt the ear rinse solution in the ear canal of the French bulldog and allow them to shake it away. This method won’t cause any hurt to them and it will help to remove all types of dirt as well as debris from deep down the ear canal.After this you must take a dry piece of cloth or towel in order to dry the outer area and ear canal opening of the bulldog. You must not forget to give your bulldog treats as well as affections so that it can turn out to be a positive experience for them as well.Thanks for reading articles!

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