Trimming French Bulldogs Nails

Trimming the nails or claws of your French bulldog is absolutely essential and vital for their comfort. A lot of the French bulldog owners hate doing this process because it is very delicate, requires patience and their dog hates it very much. However with the help of a few effective tips and tricks you can trim the nails or claws of your Frenchie conveniently with great ease.

Things to consider when trimming your French bulldogs nails

In terms of trimming process for your French bulldog it is essential that you do it with proper care and gentle approach. You must be careful that you don’t hurt them by going too deep while trimming their nails. The safety and well being of your pet should be the priority in this whole process of trimming the nails.

Before you begin the trimming process you must have a few treats and the trimming equipment with you. The treats go a long way in keeping your pet distracted and thus helping them remain calm and composed throughout the whole process. You must also praise them and show affection while you are trimming their nails as it eases your task of trimming. One of the ways in which you can avoid hurting the dog is by doing the trimming process little by little at a time. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally clip too deep thus resulting in bleeding.

There are a number of different trimmer types available in the market for the dogs. Some of the common types of trimmer types include pliers, scissors, grinders and guillotines.

Scissor Styled Nail Clippers

The scissor styled nail clippers are the most widely used by pet owners because of their high availability and simplistic design. These clippers look just like the scissors with the only difference being the special type of notch that is fixed on tip of blades which are supposed to clip the dog’s nails.

Plier-styled Nail Clippers

The plier-styled nail clippers are also widely available across the stores due to their convenient design and easy features. These clippers are best for dogs that have thick nails and if you are new to the task of trimming.

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Guillotine Styled Nail Clippers

The Guillotine styled nail clippers are similar to the human nail cutters. These types of clippers are ideal for those dog owners who are professionals or well versed with the grooming of the dogs. These clippers are also well suited for dogs with thinner nails and dogs having arthritis.

Electric Nail Grinders

The electric nail grinders are another types of nail clippers that are effective. These clippers are relatively slower but also more safe as compared to some of the other types. However the nails that are trimmed by grinders can become a touch hot so you must always use these types of clippers in short intervals. These clippers are ideal for those dogs who have black nails and if you specifically want add a smooth finish to the dog’s nails.

Electric trimmer for french bulldog nails

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You must check out the various nail clippers available in the market and based on your requirements you should make an informed choice. Your French bulldog will be pleased.

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