French Bulldog Ears – Complete Guide

What comes to your mind when you think of French Bulldogs? We are sure that it would be their distinct look or their ears. They are undeniably cute, small, and friendly dogs. Also, their bat-like and pointed ears add to their unique look. There is much to talk about French Bulldog ears, and in this article, we will give you an insight into it. However, before we delve further, let’s get to know a bit about this breed.

French Bulldog makes an excellent pet. It is small but well-built with a muscular body. Aside from being conferred as a companion dog, they were once an excellent ratter. But now, their job is more focused on dog shows and being a fantastic family friend.

Some Interesting Trivia About French Bulldogs

  • The French Bulldog has its history rooted with the English Bulldog. Earlier, the lace makers in England would take their toy bulldog to their work. They would use them as lap warmers while they work.

Later, the lace industry moved to France. They took their dogs with them. And there, the English Bulldogs crossed with another breed like pugs and terriers, eventually leading to the creation of the French Bulldog. In French, it is known as bouledoguesfranÇais.

  • French Bulldogs can’t swim because of their bulbous head and squat frame.
  • French Bulldogs have a pushed-in face, which can lead to various breathing problems. They are a brachycephalic breed. It means they have shorter snouts. Hence, they cannot travel in an airplane. Fortunately, there are airlines designed for these kinds of the breed like pet jets.
  • You should also note that French Bulldogs don’t take criticism well. So, when you train them, enable a more positive approach, or else, they will not take you seriously.
  • The one unique aspect about French Bulldog is, they don’t bark a lot. However, they are talkative. Not literally talking, but they convey through their yawns, gargles, and yips.
  • French Bulldog has two styles of ears. They originally had rose-shaped ears like their ancestor, English Bulldog. The English breeder favors the rose-shaped ear, but the American breeder prefers the bat-styled ears.

What you Should Know About French Bulldog Ears

If you think that French Bulldogs are born with ears naturally up, we are afraid you’re wrong. Their ears have a phase of life for over a few weeks or months. You don’t have to worry if your puppy isn’t showing pointed ears right from birth.

So, now you might be wondering when your French Bulldog ears will stand up. It will most of the time stay straight up or perk up between five or fifteen weeks from their birth. Or sometimes it may not happen between the given period.

It may also occur after the puppy’s teething phase is complete. The ears currently down will fully stand up after the completion of the teething period. Butthere are also some cases where it will not stand up until eight months.

And if you are worried about your Frenchie’s ears not going up, then you shouldn’t. Presumably, you might think that it is abnormal, but it isn’t! It is normal, and you must show love to them even if their ears are down.

So, when can I expect my French Bulldog ears to stay straight up?

When you look at the young puppies of French Bulldog, you will notice that their ears aren’t up but down. However, it might probably be up straight when you take them home. Usually, you can take the puppies when they are a month old. Their teething phase will be over by then.

You might probably be wondering about the relationship between your French Bulldog’s ear and teething.

At the initial stage of a puppy’s life, its body uses excess calcium only on teething. During this phase, the ears might go down or up, and they might go droopy or fall back. So, why is it affecting the ears? Since the calcium hasn’t reached over the entire body, it impacts the puppy’s ears. But once the calcium enters the whole body, the ears will rise.

What is the right age for a French Bulldog ear to stay up straight?

You will get no definite answer about the age at which the Frenchie’s ear will stay up straight. Each puppy develops differently. Generally, the ears will start to stand independently between five and fifteen weeks of their age. However, it might differ.

Also, some common questions asked by the French Bulldog owners are:

  • Why is my dog’s ear floppy at the top?
  • Why is only one side of my dog’s ear standing up?
  • My French Bulldog’s ear was up yesterday, but it is down again. Is there a problem?

To all the queries above, it is all right. It is a natural process, and it will continue to do until the teething phase is over. Also, some French Bulldog’s ear rises up when they are seven months old.

Ways to Make French Bulldog Ears Stand Up

If your dog’s ear is not staying up straight by seven or eight weeks of age, then there is a way you can follow. One of the popular ways is taping. Most breeders follow this technique.

Before you follow the process, it is advisable to talk to your breeder and the vet for their advice. Also, if you think that your French Bulldog’s ear will be very large or heavy, talk with your vet. You might start taping as early as five weeks.

French bulldog ears with tape

How to tape French Bulldog’s ear?

There are two ways to tape your Frenchie’s ears: soft cloth tape and sports tape. Each tape is one inch wide. Soft tape is much stickier. But for any tape, we recommend using two or three layers for proper support.

Here are the steps to tape your Frenchie’s ear:

  1. You need to clip or trim the hair inside the ear.
  2. Clean your dog’s ear with alcohol to remove natural oils or dirt.
  3. It would help if you waited for the ears to dry.
  4. Now apply the tape splints. It can put in two ways: vertical and horizontal method. For the vertical approach, start from the base of the ear till the tip of the pinna. And for the horizontal, tape the natural breaking point of the ear.
  5. It would help if you trimmed the tape according to the shape of the ear. Also, it will prevent your dog or other dogs from chewing.
  6. You can follow the same process and apply another layer of tape and trim it. It will support the weight of your Frenchie’s ear.

You must keep the tape for twenty-four hours a day. Follow the process until your Frenchie’s ear is strong enough. Also, it would help if you replaced the tape after a couple of days. Your dog’s skin secretes natural oils that will loosen the strength of the tape.

How to Clean French Bulldog Ears?

You should also know that French Bulldog ears are sensitive as compared to other dogs. They are prone to ear infections. Some sign of ear infections in French Bulldogs are:

  • Itchy ears (your Frenchie will shake its head and scratch its ears)
  • It will have a bad smell
  • Inflammation or swelling
  • They will show sign of pain when you touch their ears
  • It will release off-color discharge like black or yellowish
  • Redness

If you want to prevent your Frenchie from getting an ear infection, it is necessary to clean their ears. You can do occasional or weekly basis. Following this process will prevent bad ear smell, itchy ears, redness, or ear mites.

You should also own this essential equipment to clean your Frenchies ear:

Here is how you can clean your Frenchie’s ear:

  1. You should first calm your dog and choose a less crowded place to clean your dog’s ear. Your Frenchie might get distracted and will not stay still.
  2. Before you start, check your dog’s ear. See the condition, and if it’s only dirt, then you can begin cleaning. In case you notice some infection, then you should contact your vet. You have to stop the cleaning.
  3. The next step is to apply the ear cleaning solution to your dog’s ear. With your hand, tilt your dog’s head gently. Fill the ear cleaner into the ear canal. Your dog might try to move or shake its head. So, try to hold your dog for a few seconds and then allow it to shake its head.
  4. Now you should dry your dog’s ear with cotton balls or a soft cloth.
  5. After the cleaning session, reward your dog with a treat. It will enable your dog to form good behavior. And more importantly, it will set a good tone for future ear cleaning sessions.


We hope that through this article you have got your doubts and queries answered about French Bulldog ears. They are lovely pets and loves companionship. Owning a dog means it is our responsibility to shower love and take care of them.

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