How To Safely Fly With Your French Bulldog

Safe fly with French Bulldog

The news was agogic two weeks earlier when a dog named Bear was deceased in KLM’s cargo warehouse while traveling from Amsterdam to Los Angeles. He was not ill or unhealthy, Bear was a good, glad dog when he encountered his sad death on his manner to his fresh house in Los Angeles.

Surprisingly, Bear’s murder was not the first of its kind, many animals have been killed on a plane in the last few years. It turned out that interacting with some of the deprived households was effectively preventable most of these fatalities. Therefore, we collected our ideas and chose to share in your flight with your dog our advice and knowledge. If you ever choose to travel with your French Bulldog, read this manual and obey our tips to avoid it.

Do you really have to travel with your French bulldog or can you leave him behind?

In contrast to past days, there are now so many options to maintain and he will be well-kept for your animal; locations like luxury pet restaurants. However, these aren’t easy for you, and then imagine leaving your Frenchie with a near buddy, family member or neighbor.

In addition to Luxury Pet Hotels, Close Friends, Family Members or Neighbors, you still have other choices. Consider recruiting an animal sitter or an animal walker. Some software is available that can help you find people near you, you can search online. Should none of these alternatives be feasible to you and you must travel with your Frenchie, read more?

Use a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) authorized Pet bag:

You may be able to use other adorable packages, but it is strongly suggested that you use a TSA authorized bag only if you are traveling to your Frenchie. They are permitted to travel from location to location in the airport, in planes, and have adequate cooling.  The authorized TSA purse you choose must match the size of your French Bulldog-preferably look at the size graph before you buy.

Inform about your travel plan to your airline company

Be sure that you get in contact with your airline to see whether certain breeds, such as your French Bulldogs, are restricted. Regrettably, more airlines may in the near future ban French Bulldogs because of a variety of latest tragedies concerning the death of brachycephalic races.

In general, airlines pay a premium of $100 to $200 for pets. Make sure that you have clarified with your airline while purchasing your ticket and informing that you will be travelling with your French bulldog. The earlier you book your flight, the more chances you have of getting a place on the flight with your pet.

Most major companies nowadays offers pet assistance rooms with artificial turf patches for the pets. From my personal experience there is one such area with mini hydrants and a flushing button at the Miami airport! Once washed, the sprinkler is switched on and the patch is cleaned. Isn’t that adorable?

The Process is not user-friendly for Starters

Flying your dog may seem anxious at first, but once you’ve become familiar with the process, it’s child’s play afterward. So long as the paperwork is completed properly and the puppy feels comfortable being with it, the process goes smoothly.

French bulldogs are known to experience heat stress when traveling

French Bulldogs body temperature can rise quickly and are at increased risk of heat stress, to minimise this it is important to consider the following:

1. Choose a container that complies with the IATA regulations.

2. Plan or book flights that will happen when it is cooler.

3. Avoid flying during hot periods of the day.

Preparing Early the Day of Travel

When you are flying with dogs in the summer, you are always safer to fly in the early morning and late evening so that your puppy has no exposure both to direct sunlight as well as to the heat of the day. A bottle of water or frozen milk in their crate for them to rest on or lick if they are too hot is always a good idea.

It’s time to catch your flight and it’s a perfect timing to get your bulldog ready. You are advised to make your pet travel on an empty or partially empty stomach, in which case if they feel dizzy, they will not vomit and their condition will be worse. You can also try feeding them properly the previous day, as they won’t get sick if they are left without food for a few hours.

Make Sure You Arrive Early at the Airport with French Bulldog

Arrive at the airport with sufficient opportunity to walk with your pet before the flight takes off. You should let your pet stretch his or her legs, relax and, of course, poop. Also make sure you give your pet some drinks before they travel, but not too much.

You can place one of your clothes in your pet’s box and that will make her/her feel more relaxed and secure. Also make sure not to forget to bring your leash and water bottle when you arrive for your pet.

Your Pet’s Safety Must be Your Priority

Please make sure your Frenchie has a collar and that your house’s address is written on it if in case your French Bulldog gets lost in the flight. Bulldogs may also have food allergies or other health related disorders. If you are a food enthusiast and try different kinds of food on a journey, don’t bring it to your Frenchie and ask your veterinarian if it’s fine for your pet. You can bring his meals with you and serve him or bring him to pet-friendly establishments with delicacies and dog meals.

Make sure your dog is used to the longer distances before traveling. Do make sure to let your pet out for some time and be accustomed both to the car and to the noise outside so that you are not surprised when he is in the car. Don’t yell at your dog if he’s wrong and damage your vehicle as this is his first trip. Help them calm down and stop for a drive.

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