Mini French Bulldog Facts

Most are aware of the French bulldog. However, not many have heard about the same breed but of a teacup size or mini French bulldog.

Mini French bulldogs are cute, adorable, and miniature Frenchies. They carry all the attractive and charming features of the standard French bulldog. Theses mini Frenchies are easy-going and loving, and they make a wonderful family dog.

Because of their small stature, mini French bulldogs are often delicate in nature. These breeds are well-known for their fun-loving and lively personality.

Let’s look into some more facts about the mini French bulldog you may not have known about.

Facts About Miniature French Bulldog

Size: As an adult, teacup Frenchies usually grow to a height smaller than 12 inches, and a weight of not more than 28 pounds.
Health: Unfortunately, mini French bulldogs are very healthy. Along with the health issues inherited from the parents, the puppies are also born with other problems associated with their small stature.
Teacup Frenchies are easy-going, social, and friendly dog breeds. Around the age of 17-18 months, these breeds mature.
Miniature French Bulldog breed is not approved by AKC.
They are loyal, docile, and tend to follow their owners around. They also a great companion for families and even kids.
Mini French bulldogs are not great guard dogs.
They are very costly

Are Mini French Bulldogs Legal?

Teacup Frenchies are charming yet unofficial dog breeds. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has yet to acknowledge this breed officially.

The technique of decreasing the size of well-known breeds is considerably rising in popularity. Many people prefer this miniature breed because of their cute appearance, minimum care requirements, and motility.

How Mini French Bulldogs are Made?

In addition, the mini French bulldogs breeding happen in three courses of actions:

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The breeding of mini Frenchie may take place by the reproduction of runts of the litter. Runt means the smaller pup in the litter.
Cross-breeding is another way to breed miniaturized Frenchies. Here, a regular French bulldog cross-breeds with a different breed of smaller size. While the puppies will not be purebred, it might be one of the safest ways, resulting in good health.
The third step is Dwarfism. It occurs in the standard French bulldog’s genetic formation, which leads to shorter limbs and restricted growth of the mini Frenchies. Some breeders try this technique by breeding two hereditary defects, hoping for dwarfism in the litter. Having said that, the puppies suffer from chronic pain due to this defect.

The Cost of a Mini French Bulldog

The price of a teacup Frenchie ranges between $2,000 and $8,000.

Mini French bulldogs are docile, and they have a habit of following around their owner. They cannot seem to do well or stay on their own for a more extended period. So, separation results in restlessness and even anxiety.

Therefore, make sure to give your dog all the love and affection it needs.

Miniature French Bulldog From Rescue Center

If you are searching for a miniature French bulldog, you can always opt for a rescue dog from a rescue center. Their price starts at about $250 and sometimes goes up to $750.

But understand that demand for teacup Frenchies is VERY high.

There are many people who cannot afford to take care of their dogs. So, the owners end up giving them to shelter homes.

What you need to know is not all the mini French bulldogs given are at the centers because of their behavioral problems. In fact, if you are lucky, you may even come across puppies for rescue.

After all that’s said, you can decide if you are ready to adopt or rescue a Frenchie. If you are, look for animal shelters that precisely focus on finding the perfect homes for the mini French bulldogs.

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Origin of Miniature French Bulldog

Some say that the miniature French bulldog originated in the 1800s from England. However, there are other concepts, as well.

A well-known theory is that the lace workers from England took the teacup Frenchies to France. They went there seeking green grazing lands. Soon, the Parisians took notice of the dogs and fell in love with them because of their small stature.

From there on, the French began bringing in the mini Frenchies from England.

The dog’s popularity soon decreased in England and instead became the talk of the town in France. Many high-class artists and aristocrats bought the teacup French bulldog because of their reputation.

One other popular concept is that the lace makers owned French bulldogs. Then, they began breeding them with other small dog breeds.

The lace makers used this technique in the hopes of creating a miniature version of the well-known English bulldogs. They were successful in breeding the mini Frenchies.

The Parisians loved these dog breeds, and soon the teacup French bulldog rose to fame among the wealthy people in Paris.

In the middle of the twentieth century, people began seeing French bulldogs in the US. The American Kennel Club soon recognized the dog breed officially in 1988.

Teacup French Bulldog - Mini French Bulldog


Are Teacup French Bulldogs Stubborn?

Yes. The Mini French bulldog is very stubborn, so is the standard sized Frenchie. While their stubbornness comes off as cute and amusing, it consumes more time than usual while training French bulldogs. It takes patience and effort.
It is advisable that you keep the training session short but fun. Your dog will not feel bored this way.
One important thing to keep in mind is that when training, you should cheer for them. Let your dog know how good of a job they are doing. Sing praises to them and give them treats for rewards. They easily get motivated by food.

Do Mini French Bulldogs Need Much Exercise and Grooming?

No. The mini French bulldog needs minimal grooming, such as bathing, to keep their skin clean and healthy. It is quite an easy task because of their small stature. They require occasional fur brushing as well.
Dental hygiene and nail trimming are also essential. It is better if the puppies get used to these actions at a younger age. Because of their short hair, mini Frenchies do not shed much fur.

Does Mini French Bulldogs Has Respiratory Problems?

The mini French bulldog has brachycephalic airway syndrome, which leads to difficulty in their breathing caused by their short snout.
The bone structure that leads to the respiratory tract is short. However, the soft tissues present on the muzzle are the same, causing the dog to snore and sneeze loudly. You need to constantly take care of this problem, or it might lead to distress or even the demise of your dog.

Are mini French Bulldogs Good Family Dogs?

A mini Frenchie is excellent for families and kids. They also get along pretty well with other animals at home. Starting from an early age, you can let this breed socialize with other family animals. They will grow to become well-behaved and friendly.
Mini Frenchies are not very good when it comes to guarding because of their small stature and outgoing personality. When they see a stranger or a visitor, they may bark at first, but quickly gets attached to them.

Are Mini French bulldogs good in Hot Weather?

No. The miniature Frenchies may not be the right breed if you are seeking for a canine buddy you can run with. If they stay out in the heat for too long, it results in heat exhaustion. The reason may be because of their short snout and respiratory issues.
Mini Frenchies are quick to exhaust themselves if they play or exercise longer than necessary. A walk for 20-30 minutes is advisable for your dog. If you come across your dog breathing fast or harshly, it is time to take a break.


Well, there you go – above mentioned are some facts every canine lover needs to know about the miniature Frenchie.

Regardless of their high price, the mini French bulldogs are worth the buy. They are lovable, charming, easy-going, and a great companion. Now you know the facts, are you ready to get this adorable teacup Frenchie for yourself?

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