Are French Bulldogs Smarter Than Pugs?

Most people often mistake the French bulldogs and Pugs from one another. It is because they have some similar features including having a brachycephalic skull with wrinkly faces. These two dogs are small in size, with flat faces and full of personality.

Both dog breeds are calm and bond strongly with their owners. Hence, they make an excellent companion. These breeds are gentle and playful, so they are great playmates for kids.

Though the French bulldog and the Pug are similar, there are some prominent differences between the two breeds, which are quite noticeable.

However, it is a difficult decision to choose between the Pug and the French bulldog. Both breeds are smart and intelligent. You can pick either one as they are both winners.

Pug vs. French Bulldog: Breed Differences & Similarities

An Overview of the French Bulldogs

Not many people give enough credit to the French bulldog on their intelligence. Only an owner would genuinely know how smart a Frenchie can be.

French bulldogs may be stubborn in nature, but they are quite an intelligent creature. 

The name bulldog sounds rather scary, but the truth is, the French Bulldogs are super caring and tender. They are very reliable, but you need time and patience to train them as they are quite stubborn.

Though French Bulldogs do not bark much at times of danger, they are able to convey the message to their owner. French Bulldogs bond well with children and other animals as they are very faithful and smart.

An Overview of the Pugs

The Pug, originated from China, is an ancient breed. They rank 28th as the most popular breeds, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Of course, you cannot compare a Pug to a Labrador. Nevertheless, pugs are docile and loyal, and they focus on making everyone happy.

Pugs, just like French bulldogs, are stubborn – that much we have covered. They are not smart in an obvious way and are hard to train. But once you gain their trust, they will become your tail and follow you wherever you go. The Pugs will listen to what you say to them. In fact, they will become your faithful companion.

Similar to the French bulldog, a pug is not considered the smartest by many people. They are the “clowns” for many because of their playfulness.

However, regardless of what people may say, it is true that Pugs are smart, obedient, quick learners, and observant. If you just have the patience, you can teach them to learn and follow some commands. It is even easier if you offer them treats while teaching.

Their Size – Compared

Both the French bulldogs and Pugs are small in size.

As an adult, a French bulldog has a weight of about 28 pounds and a height of 11 to 13 inches. While, the Pug weighs about 14 to 17 pounds, and reach 10 to 13 inches in height.

Also, it is quite easy to tell a female Frenchie or Pug apart from a male. The females generally have small stature compared to males.

Their Appearance

The Pug has a curly tail similar to a pig’s tail with small flappy ears. The French bulldog has a short tail that is straight and is well known for its bat-shaped ears that stand upright.

The head of the Pug is round in shape with black eyes. The French bulldog has a square-shaped head with flat jaws.

Some Pugs have tiny marks or moles on their face and, also have short, black muzzle. Frenchies, as well, have a short muzzle with bug eyes.

The Pug comes in the color of black or beige masked in black while the French bulldog comes in an assortment of colors.

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Frenchies and Pugs Temperament

In the beginning, most people breed Pugs to make it companion dogs. So, they are highly popular when it comes to temperament.

French bulldogs and Pugs are easy-going, and you can easily handle them both. They are loveable, and you will not be able to resist spending time with either of them.

When we talk about families, a Pug would be a great choice as they love playing with the kids. Pugs are also known to be quite clever and mischievous. They even display expressions of curiosity, disbelief, and joy.

The Frenchie is affectionate, full of energy, and they, too, love their time with their families, owners, and even other animals. They are one of the most playful yet faithful dogs in the world.

Also, a French bulldog would make a great lap dog as they are the perfect choice to spend a relaxing day with.

Both the Frenchies and Pugs pack lots of energy. They require minimal exercise as they have difficulty in breathing. Small dogs are likely to gain weight, so a regular walk is necessary for them. Also, they cannot tolerate the extreme weather condition.

Which Costs More Than Other

As both dogs are popular breeds in high demand, they are expensive, especially if they are pedigreed puppies.

On average, the price of the Pug ranges from $1,500 to $6,000. On the other hand, the French bulldog is a little more costly than a Pug, ranging from $1,800 to $8,000.

Most French bulldogs breed their litters only by performing a C-section. Therefore, the added medical expense a breeder spends results in a slight increase in the price.

Furthermore, you can always adopt these dog breeds if buying them is something you cannot afford. They come at a much cheaper rate if you get them from shelter homes. What’s more is, you will be providing the rescue dogs with shelter, food, and love.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it does not matter whether you own a smart dog breed or not. All dogs are adorable and affectionate, and they all deserve a loving home and family.

You do not have to spend a fortune just to purchase a smart dog. Not every intelligent dog makes it to the expensive breeds list.

Nowadays, you will see that many people are on a quest to find the smartest and most intelligent dog breeds. Then again, it is always better to get a dog breed that best suits you.

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