Mixing Wet And Dry Pet Food For French Bulldog

We love French bulldogs, although feeding them can sometimes be challenging. There is no doubt that most parents would have wondered about whether it is alright to mix wet and dry pet food for their French bulldogs. Generally, there is no harm in mixing wet and dry pet food. Nevertheless, there are certain factors that you should consider before deciding the best decision for your Frenchie. Some factors include your budget, the preference of your Frenchie, and health, among many others. This article aims to provide some comprehensive benefits and tips for mixing wet and dry pet food for your Frenchie.

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What Are The Benefits of Wet Food?

There are many benefits of feeding wet food to your Frenchie. Here are some benefits of wet food and are by no means exhaustive.

– Provides Balanced Nutrition:

High-quality wet foods come in varied forms ranging from canned to frozen. They are a rich source of all essential nutrients, including vitamins, proteins, among others. As such, it provides balanced nutrition for your Frenchie, which are necessary for supporting and maintaining their health.

– Easy to Chew:

This benefit will come in handy for young puppies. The reason is that puppies will find it difficult to eat dry food as they are still in the process of development. Besides, wet food would be the best choice if your older dogs are suffering from gum issues.

– Adds Hydration:

Wet food contains high moisture that is essential for the development of your Frenchie. As such, providing wet food to your French bulldog will keep them hydrated, which will reduce the risk of urinary infections and other related problems. It is one of the primary benefits of wet food.

Frenchies after food

What Are The Benefits of Dry Food?

The below-listed points are some essential benefits of dry food and are by no means exhaustive.

– Dental Hygiene:

One of the essential benefits of dry food attributes to dental hygiene. Your French bulldog must receive teeth cleaning to avoid the building of plaque deposits. You cannot merely use a brush to clean your dog teeth. However, providing dry food to your Frenchie will remove the existing plaque by the process of chewing. It will further keep your dog teeth healthy.

– Affordable and Easy Storage:

Unlike wet food, dry food comes at an affordable price. But it does not mean that dry foods are less nutritional. It has all the essential nutrients needed for the development. Besides, they are easy to store and can withstand for a more extended period.

– Nutritional Benefits:

This benefit applies to both wet and dry pet food. It has all essential nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins, among others. However, you should ensure that your Frenchie consumes plenty of freshwaters as dry food has less amount of moisture.

Benefits of Mixed Feeding?

Mixed feeding can be the best approach for your Frenchie, given that both dry and wet pet food has different essential benefits. Here are some benefits of mixing dry and wet pet food:

– Prevent Dehydration:

One of the benefits of mixing dry and wet pet food is that it prevents the risk of dehydration for your French bulldog. We have discussed that dry food has less amount of moisture than wet food. As such, mixed feeding your dog will significantly keep your dog hydrated throughout the day.

– Increases Nutritional Value:

Both dry and wet pet food has a sufficient amount of nutrients needed for your French bulldog. As such, mixing dry and wet pet food will tremendously increase the nutritional value.

– Maintain Cost Efficiency:

Wet pet foods are more expensive than dry pet food; as such, switching entirely for wet pet food will incur a significant amount of expenditure. On the other hand, feeding only dry food to your Frenchie for an extended period can cause various complications. As such, mixed feeding will maintain a balance for you.

– Healthy Life:

Another benefit of mixing dry and wet pet food attributes to a healthy life. Mixed feeding provides the correct amount of nutrients for your Frenchie. Further, it helps to maintain proper weight management.

Tips For Mixing Dry and Wet Pet Food For French Bulldog:

We now know that there are several benefits of providing mixed feeding to your Frenchie. However, there are specific steps that you should keep in mind before mixing dry and wet pet food. As such, we would like to share some tips that you should take into consideration before mixed feeding.

– Talk with your Veterinarian:

Nowadays, there are different types of pet food, depending on the health condition and stages of life. As such, you should talk to your veterinarian before making a quick decision. It will help you to avoid any errors that can be fatal for your Frenchie.

– Follow the Manufacturer Instructions:

Every pet food package will come with specific instruction on how to use it. Hence, you cannot merely mix a cup of dry pet food with a half cup of wet pet food. It is worth noting that the calories in pet food will depend on the quantity.

– Make Gradual Changes:

Sometimes, your Frenchie can be sensitive when it comes to food. As such, you should make changes with the mixed feeding gradually.

– Use Fresh Water:

There is no doubt that wet pet food has a sufficient amount of moisture, but it does not mean that you should altogether avoid freshwater.

What You Should and Should Not Do:


  • Seek advice from your veterinarian for the related confusion.
  • Make use of measuring device to measure the food.
  • Add some water to dry pet food.


  • You should never assume that all pet foods are the same.
  • Don’t mix different types of pet food without proper examination.
  • Stop guessing that a particular pet food would be the best food for your Frenchie. Instead, consult your veterinarian.

Conclusion – Mixing Dry and Wet Food for Frenchie?

Overall yes! To sum up, mixing dry and wet pet food for your Frenchie requires careful management as it can cause various complications for your French bulldog. The above-listed points are some essential factors that you should keep in mind when mixing food types.

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5 thoughts on “Mixing Wet And Dry Pet Food For French Bulldog

  1. Sammy says:

    Previously my sister doesn’t agree with mix feeding when I’m going to feed our Frenchie. After I show this article to her she agrees to try it for our puppy Milo
    . I’m happy to say that our Frenchie Milo loves it.

  2. Stacey says:

    I have brought the royal canin mini small puppy wet food pouches and also the royal canin french bulldog puppy biscuits ? Is it ok to mix these for my puppy he’s 9 weeks old

    • Tom says:

      Hello Sacey,
      Yes it is ok mixing together. Just make sure that your Frenchie don’t swallow big peaces of biscuits. And both foods are not too much.

        • Tom says:

          Thanks Rachel for the question.

          It’s something you can’t 100% measure, but can calculate very close.
          Let’s say manufacturers set a daily dose for:
          – dry food = 7ounce
          – wet food = 8ounce

          You can’t give both foods in the same amounts.
          If you mix dry and wet food 50/50 then daily dose would be:
          – dry food = 3.5ounce
          – wet food = 4ounce
          Then this amount divide with daily feeding count.

          It is easier to mix wet and dry in ratio 1:1. Just give half of each food less to you Frenchie. It will save your time measuring weights.

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