Nail Care Techniques For French Bulldogs

Pet grooming is a critical responsibility for any four-legged parent. And French Bulldogs owners are no different. Although these adorable canine babies are affectionate and playful, there is no way they can take care of nails by themselves.

Up to a certain degree, your Frenchie can wear down the nails if you take him out for regular walks. This is especially great if he walks on an abrasive surface, such as concrete. However, this alone will not suffice for keeping your fur babies’ nails in perfect condition.

After all, the primary reason for trimming your pet’s nails is not about aesthetics. As much as trimming our nails is important for the overall wellbeing of our health, the same applies to the Frenchie in the family.

What Happens When You Don’t Trim French Bulldog’s Nails?

Below are the possible scenarios:

  • Pain – Long and untrimmed nail on the paw pushes it into the nail bed. This can cause pain and even result in sores. In addition, the nails can be caught on carpets and similar surfaces that can cause the nail to tear off. In many cases, a loose nail can result in serious injury, requiring the attention of a professional vet.
  • Discomfort – The long nails put pressure on the dog’s nail bed, which causes extreme discomfort. In addition, this can force your Frenchie to walk awkwardly in an attempt to distribute the weight. This will affect the overall posture of your French Bulldog.
  • Damage – Pets with untrimmed nails not only pose a danger to themselves, but their owners. Your pet can scratch you or the children. Besides, long nails can also cause considerable damage to furniture and other items in the house.

Tips for Trimming a French Bulldog’s Nails

Now that you know the negative aspects of not trimming your Frenchie’s nails, here are the top canine nail trimming tips.

Note: If you are not confident about trimming your canine baby’s nails, take him to the vet, a groomer, or a trainer. In addition to nail trimming, they can also give you tips on making grooming sessions a pleasant experience for your pet.

  • Make sure that your Frenchie is comfortable before trimming his or her nails. In this regard, using treats and positive reinforcements can make a big difference.
  • Keeping the pet’s nail clipper at a 45o angle gives the best trim. In addition, this also prevents you from cutting the nail to the quick, which can be painful.
  • If your Frenchie has a light-colored nail, stop trimming the nails just before it reaches the pinkish part. This is the part where the nerves are present, and cutting this part can hurt your dog. In dogs with black or dark nails, you should stop where the whitish part starts.
  • Never use a regular nail clipper for trimming your pet’s nails. It can cause pain to your canine baby and potentially hurt its nail bed. Use the best pet nail clippers instead.
  • Play classic music in background. Select Beethoven’s 5. symphony and let your Frenchie feel like in Spa session. Joke that sometimes helps not only your pup but also owner.

In this regard, we have reviewed three of the best nail clippers below, so be sure to check them out.

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder – Upgraded

This versatile nail grinder for pets is a fantastic choice. The grinder uses an upgraded diamond drum bit to trim your Frenchie’s nails. Among the best features of this grinder are the multiple grinding ports and speed settings.

You can use this grinder on your puppy Frenchie as well as a fully-grown one. You can do so by adjusting the three grinding ports – parts 1, 2, and 3. You can also adjust between the 2-speed settings depending on how hard your pet’s nails are. For older pets with thick and hard nails, a high-speed setting is ideal. On the other hand, for smaller Frenchies with thinner nails, a normal speed setting works best.

French Bulldog Electric Nail Clipper

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Another great feature about this grinder is that the level of noise and vibration is very low. Grooming tools with loud noises can spook Frenchies but not this one. It has an advanced motor that keeps it almost noiseless, so the grooming session with your canine baby will be very calm.

You will also love that this nail grinder is rechargeable. With a three-hour charge, you can use the grinder for up to 2 hours that adds to its convenience. Using a USB cord, you can charge this grinder from anywhere, which is fantastic. In addition, this pet nail grinder is also lightweight and cordless, so it is effortlessly portable.

If aesthetics matter to you, this pet nail grinder comes in two colors, white and dark blue. To top it all, the price tag on this nail grinder is very reasonable.

“Gonicc” Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers

If you prefer the traditional nail clipper for your Frenchie, look no further than this one. The blades feature high-quality stainless steel rendering them very sharp. You can use the blade for trimming your pet’s nails without any discomfort. The addition of a safety stop guard in the blade prevents over cutting of the nails, which is fantastic.

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On the topic of safety, ”unlock” protection feature prevents children from using this nail clipper. Nevertheless, you should keep this clipper or similar items out of children’s reach at all times.

You will also appreciate the non-slip design on the handles. It is made from a combination of TPE and PP, so it is also durable. Besides, the handle is also soft, so you won’t be uncomfortable while using it. The handle also cleverly holds a nail file, which you can use to finesse the canine pedicure.

The only minor issue with this pet nail clipper is that it is not suitable for smaller Frenchies. But overall, this clipper is top quality and a great choice.

“Dremel” 7300-PT Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool

“Dremel” needs no introduction when it comes to pet grooming tools. The brand has exceptional tools in its inventory, and the 7300-PT is no different. This grinding and grooming tool is made from high-density plastic and 60 grit sanding drums. In addition to its premium quality construction, this pet grooming tool is portable and lightweight.

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You will find the two-speed setting of the grinding tool very convenient. The addition of multiple sanding drums allows you to switch the RPM from 6500 to 13,000 to get the best Frenchie pedicure. A rotating file such as this one is straightforward to use even for a first-timer.

If you’re wondering how to change the sanding bit, it is quite effortless. First, unscrew the top, insert the right bit, and tighten the top. The accompanying instructions in the grinder package should make it easy for the first time.

The battery of this pet nail grinder is rechargeable and is also backed by a two-year warranty. Despite its outstanding quality, this grinder has a very reasonable price tag, which is a big bonus.

Final Thoughts

Trimming the nails of your French Bulldog can seem stressful the first couple of times. However, with quality tools, positive reinforcements and a little of patience, you and your pet can get quite comfortable.

Trimming your Frenchies nails is an absolute necessity for the overall wellbeing of its health. Nevertheless, it is equally important not to put your canine baby under any type of stress during the grooming session. So pick a time when you and your Frenchie are both relaxed and in a good mood. If you still don’t feel confident about trimming your French Bulldog’s nails, don’t hesitate to visit the groomers.

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