Why Do French Bulldogs Eat Their Poop

How to stop Frenchie eating his poop

It is a known fact that canines, in general, love discovering new things, plants, places, and of course, smells. And this is the same for the French bulldog as well. However, that does not apply to eating poop. It is actually normal for Frenchies in their initial 6 to 9 months to eat their poop. It is the wolf instinct the Frenchies inherited from.

In this write-up, we will guide you on how to stop your Frenchie from eating his poop. But before we get into that, let us first understand why they eat stool, to begin with, and if it is normal.

Why Does French Bulldog Eat Their Poop?

If asked around, most pet owners would answer that the canines eat stool since they are not aware of what goes into their mouths. The French bulldog, similar to other dogs, like putting their noses every place. This condition is scientifically named ‘Coprophagia’.

As said by the experts, this behavior is really a wolf instinct the Frenchies inherited from. They do so in order to ensure there are no parasites in their cage.

Aside from that, dogs also eat stools at times when they cannot deal with their hunger. Hence, their last option is not to be a picky eater.

There are several other reasons why your Frenchie may start this behavior if it is not hunger or instincts. Sometimes, it has to do with medical issues your pet may be suffering from. That said, let us take a look at what those issues might be.

1. Diabetes and Thyroid Condition

Not only humans, but Frenchies can also be diagnosed with diabetes. Regrettably so, this condition leads to multiple problems, such as weight loss or gain.

Depending on the dogs, some may have an increase in their appetite, while others may not eat. These side effects will eventually lead to thyroid problems as well.

2. Parasites

If your Frenchie is infested with parasites, they will keep asking for food constantly. Simply put, a parasite consumes the food inside your stomach, leaving nothing for your pet.

This is one of the main reasons your Frenchie may suddenly start consuming poop. So, it is best you keep a close watch on your dog’s stool. In case you notice anything out of the ordinary, you need to visit the veterinarian immediately.

3. Nutrition Deficiency

It is crucial that you feed nutritious snacks and various meals. French bulldogs are known to eat greedily, so it is no wonder they eat poop as well. Therefore, to prevent this behavior, be sure to maintain a proper feeding schedule for your Frenchie.

4. Use of Long Steroids

A common health condition that most Frenchies go through is allergies. It is possible to treat certain allergies with multiple atopic sprays, creams, and at times, frequent baths.

However, in some severe situations, you will need to treat them with steroids. Be it for humans or canines, steroids are quite helpful. But using it for an extended period of time will weaken the skin.

One other problem is, of course, extreme hunger. This drug increases appetite, so this may lead to your dog eating poop when there is no food and gaining weight.

5. Anxiety

A French bulldog is a companion dog breed, so it is no surprise that they do not like separating from their companions. If not, they may get anxious, leading to developing separation anxiety.

Therefore, you need to find ways to keep your adorable buddy distracted when you are away. For that, we suggest you get him interactive and chewable toys.

Apart from separation anxiety, Frenchies also get anxious when they are afraid. Say, for instance, yelling at them during potty training will make them think they are making mistakes. Therefore, the only solution left for them is to eat their own stool.

How to Stop Your French Bulldog Eating His Poop

If you are a first-time pet owner, some of you may be appalled and disgusted to witness your French bulldog eating poop. Now, you just want to know how to put an end to this habit.

Well, first, what you need to know is that dogs eating stool is nothing unusual. However, be that as it may, it is important that you first figure out why they are doing it.

It is strongly recommended that you take the advice of your vet. They will help you find out which of the reasons mentioned above are causing the behavior in your Frenchie.

After knowing the cause, you can figure out what steps to take to make your Frenchie stop eating stool without much hassle.

Suggestions to stop Frenchie to eat poop:

  • Pick up all the feces immediately.
  • Make sure to train and exercise your dog regularly. This is one of the best solutions to getting rid of this bad habit.
  • Maintain your lawn properly. There should be no poop around.
  • Supervise your Frenchie when letting them out in the backyard.
  • All dogs suffer from separation anxiety, so be sure to give them calming aids before you leave for anywhere.
  • Increase your dog diet which is rich in fibre. You can also increase the frequency of meals given to him in a day. If his tummy is full, he would not look towards the poop.
  • Try adding additives on the stool such as lime juice, garlic, parsley, pepper, onion powder, etc. Dogs find these ingredients unpleasant, so they may stop themselves from eating the poop.
  • Provide supplements such as vitamin B in your dog’s meal. This method has helped many pet owners solve the stool issue.
  • Give your dog “leave it” command. It will keep him reminding that you do not want him to eat it.

Final Thoughts

All in all, French bulldogs eating their own poop is completely normal. So, do not be alarmed if your pet starts this habit. Simply follow our guide, and you will see the change in their behavior.

Nevertheless, it is best advised that you also take them to the veterinarian for proper treatment.

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