Why Do French Bulldogs Want to Sleep in Our Bed?

It is challenging for pet owners to disallow their French Bulldogs to sleep with them, as they can be stubborn and very loving. The answer to why they want to sleep in our beds is simple.

Why Frenchies Like Sleeping With Their Owners?

They are mostly kept as companion dogs and have a strong emotional connection with their owners. They like warmth, closeness, and protection.

Dogs are pack animals. Pack animals hunt together and sleep together for security and warmth. French Bulldogs – dogs, in general, like to snuggle and huddle together when they sleep as it is in their nature. You can notice this behavior with newborn puppies sleep. They form a big puppy pile and sleep together. It is a sign of closeness and affection when your French Bulldog wants to sleep with you. This means that your Frenchie considers you as a member of its pack. It wants to prove its love, loyalty, and willingness to protect you. French Bulldogs tend to be cuddlier than compared to other dog breeds. The Frenchie wants to sleep in your bed, and the desire to sleep with its owner increases if the owner shows extra love and affection towards it. 

Frenchies crave for such affections as they are generally affectionate. They want to feel special, and they always latch on to the opportunity to cozy up with you in your bed. It is easy to give in because French bulldogs are criers, sad face and they look very cute. They can get upset and be stubborn if they do not get what they want. Frenchies also show signs of distress if they feel their owner is abandoning them or when they feel unsafe. This usually happens when Frenchies are left alone to sleep in the dark when they are not ready to sleep.

Surveys show that almost 65% of French bulldog owners allow their dogs to sleep with them. The remaining percentage of owners fear making the bed unhygienic or injuring their pets. The question is whether it is good or bad to allow your French Bulldog to sleep in your bed. A simple answer is that it is your personal choice. Many French Bulldog owners sleep with their Frenchies for support and comfort to either themselves or the pet. There can be advantages and disadvantages to this.

Pros of Sleeping With Your Frenchie

  • By allowing your French Bulldog to sleep with you, you can show support and comfort towards it, especially a rescue dog.
  • The Frenchie can act as a comforter for people with mental health issues and sleeping disorders.
  • If Frenchie gets what he wants, there will be no crying and scraping.
  • It can be a perfect companion during times of uncertainty and isolation caused by pandemics such as the COVID-19.

Cons of Sleeping With Your French Bulldog

  • You are at risk of your Frenchie becoming overly attached to you. We dont know if it is bad, you make the choise, we love Frenchies.
  • You could end up damaging or exacerbating your sleeping pattern due to breathing difficulties like snoring. Very, very rare occasions.
  • Frenchies shed hair, and it can sometimes be a problem in keeping beds hygienic and clean. But at the same time they have very small hair.
  • It would help if you also made your partner understand the situation properly, or else it might become an issue in your private life as well.
  • There is a risk of disease transmission from both the human to the dog and the dog to the human.

Could you or your Frenchie be Injured Sleeping Together?

It is safe, but not without any element of risk involved.

The first issue is the problem of snoring and breathing problems due to obstructed airways. The bedroom environment or the bed itself can be unsuitable for dogs with breathing problems. Your Frenchie might end up in a bad posture that is not ideal for nice and smooth breathing. Other factors that might add to air passage constriction are catching up in blankets and pillows.

The other risk that can hurt your Frenchie is by rolling onto them. You can never be sure even if you are careful and sleep in an ideal position not to hurt them. On the other side, remember, that French bulldogs are quite bully shape dogs, so its hard not to feel them in bed. You might insist that sleeping with your arm over them or spooning them could be safe, but there is no guarantee that they cannot be injured during that. Anything can happen after you fall asleep, especially when you are having a good and sound sleep. You can never be sure that your dog might wake up in the middle of the night and change positions or get up and come back to the bed somewhere else.

Could you Harm Their Behavioral Patterns?

There is an element of risk of your pet being habituated to sleeping with you. It is a big concern as this could result in some attachment issues. It will become a norm, as they will feel that they have a place to sleep in the bed with you, and may have a hard time adjusting to a dog bed as adults. They struggle with separation and become overly attached to their owners. Hence, it is a very tough job to train your Frenchie to be independent if you have shown affection and attachment towards it during its early stages.

French Bulldogs can also be extremely jealous. It can be a problem when your partner wants to come over to your place. French bulldogs are not hypoallergenic. If your partner has dog allergies, it can cause a huge problem, as your partner does not want an unnecessary visit to the doctor.

So, Can We Sleep Together With Our French Bulldogs?

Yes, but the decision to allow your Frenchie to sleep on your bed is totally up to you. There is nothing terrible about it. It is a personal preference, but if you want your pet to sleep with you, it is essential to know the consequences that come with it.

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