13 Tips To Avoid Expensive French Bulldog Vet Visits

French Bulldogs are a breed of dogs, small and compact in stature. Owning a French bulldog is quite an expensive affair and can rake up quite a huge sum of money. French Bulldogs need proper care and treatment due to the genetic build-up and predisposition to various health issues.

Some ways to avoid an expensive trip to the vet for your French Bulldogs are listed below:

1. Getting the Dog From a Reputable Breeder

With French bulldogs becoming a cultural phenomenon, their numbers rise. It has led to fraudulent breeders selling impure breeders as purebred French bulldogs for a hefty sum of money. Apart from buying an impure breed for a huge sum of money, the costs of raising the impure breed can also go up in the long run. You can avoid these impure breeds by making sure you go to a reputable breeder.

2. Getting the DNA Tests and Vaccinations Done

After getting your French bulldog, get all the necessary and proper tests and vaccinations done. It helps to foresee any ailments or health issues that the dog may have beforehand. To avoid future complications of any health issues, get the necessary vaccinations and tests done right away. Due to the way they are build up, French bulldogs are very susceptible to various illnesses. Lately very popular become DNA testing, check out our article about French bulldog DNA testing here.

3. Pet Insurance

Getting pet best insurance for French bulldog may seem trivial at first. But we strongly advise you to have one. Monthly bill will be around $50, depending on your location, but veterinarian services can cot up to $1,500. French bulldogs are genetically endowed with various health disorders and may require frequent trips to the vet. So to mitigate this cost, getting pet insurance helps. In the long run, this pet insurance can save you quite a huge sum of money. Moreover, it is to prepare you for any eventualities your pet may face.

4. Regular Visits to the Veterinary

Most French bulldogs are vulnerable to various health disorders. They are very susceptible to bone disorders, breathing problems, allergies, etc. The vet can treat most of these ailments with proper care, treatment, and medication. Improper care and negligence on your part can lead to severe cases of such health problems, which can quickly become expensive.

5. Exercise with French bulldog

French bulldogs, unlike other breeds of dogs, do not require rigorous exercises. But to keep Frenchie fit and healthy, regular exercise over short periods is necessary. Going for a walk for 20-25 minutes can help to manage your French bulldogs’ weight. Play with them to keep them fit and energized. Moreover, regular exercises can help strengthen the body.

6. Proper Hygiene

Proper hygiene is important for the health of your pet. Brushing your pets’ teeth can avoid the build-up of tartar and other dental-related complications. Taking the French bulldog to regular baths can help to avoid infections and lice or tick infestations.

7. Neuter or Spay for Female French bulldogs

Spay (neutered for males) means surgically removing the ovaries and uterus in females and removing the testicles in males. Doing this will reduce the likelihood of certain types of cancers of the reproduction system. It also leads to better health in French bulldogs who are already predisposed to various genetic illnesses.

8. Clean Environment

French bulldogs are very allergic to allergens, such as pollen, dust, mold, etc. In the case of dogs, such allergens make their skin itchy with infections. Some allergens can cause internal allergies leading to extreme complications. It can lead to complications such as inflammation of glands and infections in the long run. Hence, they must live in a clean environment.

9. Consistent Diet

Give your French bulldog a proper diet according to her age and weight. A proper diet can go a long way in the health and fitness of your French bulldog. Do not give your French bulldog human food or food, which isn’t for the dog. An inconsistent diet may also bring up digestion problems.

10. Proper Temperature

French bulldogs are very sensitive to temperature. They have poor heat tolerance, and hot weather can cause heat strokes. They neither do well at cold temperatures. Both extremes of the temperature can cause your French bulldog to fall ill. Hence, good air-conditioned homes can help to mitigate the cold and hot weather.

11. Grooming your Frenchie

French bulldogs do not shed a lot of furs. Their short and soft fur or coat means they do not need a lot of grooming. If your French bulldog is shedding, make sure to use a soft brush. While bathing, using the appropriate soap or shampoo can keep the French bulldog’s hair smooth and shiny. Trim the nails to keep it clean and to avoid scratching skin infections if there are.

12. Cleaning the Folds of the Skin

Due to their short snout, French bulldogs have a wrinkly face. They have folded skin around their nose, the top of their heads, and behind the ears. Dirt and dust may stick within these folds and cause irritations. Hence, it is necessary to keep these areas clean. Use a wet towel or a tissue to get beneath the folds and clean the skin. The underarms and legs are also susceptible to dust build-up, which can cause irritations.

13. Avoid Water Areas

Because of their build, French bulldogs are unable to swim. They sink like rocks and hence need to be looked after properly around water bodies. If they are near swimming pools or other water bodies, make sure to put a life jacket on them.

Avoiding Expensive Vet – Conclusion

French bulldogs make for great companionship and are very lively and friendly. But their genetic build-up makes them very susceptible to a variety of health disorders. They need extra care and treatment to live a healthy and fit life. Proper care and diet, hygiene, vaccinations, and regular exercise can help avoid an expensive trip to the veterinary for severe and complicated health issues.

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