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Dogs are the most faithful and loving furry companions that have been by our side for over 30,000 years now. They were the first-ever animals that were domesticated. And now, in modern days, we have the chance to get specific information about French bulldogs health from DNA tests.

The relationship between a human and a dog consists of nothing more than unconditional love. Being the owner of a dog is a feeling of joy and pride. But there is a catch you should consider before adding a dog to your family.

It would be best if you did a lot of research about the dog before and after buying it, especially if it is a French Bulldog. DNA testing is the best way to know everything about your dog, and in this article, we will be talking about Embark and their services and how they can be beneficial for your Frenchie.

What is Embark Company?

Embark is a DNA testing company that specializes in Canines. It uses some of the most advanced techniques and technologies to provide you with the most accurate results.

Furthermore, they have built up all of their techniques and databases through closely working in partnership with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. This means that you can rest assured about the accuracy and authenticity of the results.

Before diving further into the company’s working and services, let us first understand why DNA testing is so essential for your precious and little Frenchie.

Why Embark is The Best DNA testers?

Embark provides tests for over 190 medical conditions. This is the broadest range of canine tests that have been supplied by a company ever. It is a god’s gift for a dog breed that is prone to the widest genetic disorders.
Embark has the best genotyping platform for canines. The company has extensively worked with the scientists at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to provide the most extensive results for your pup.
The way your Frenchie sleeps also tells a lot about their mood and their health. Embark provides full sleep statistics to help you learn more about your dog.
Embark’s DNA tests let your vet diagnose your Frenchie pup better. Using the DNA tests, Embark can provide the base values that are the normal state for your dog.

Why is DNA Testing Necessary?

DNA testing is crucial because it lets you fully understand your dog. No matter how badly we want it, our dogs cannot talk to us in the end. It cannot say who its predecessors were and if it has some hereditary complications.

Dogs, in general, and specifically French Bulldogs, are highly likely to develop genetic health issues. Therefore, it is always better for you as an owner or a breeder to know if your dog/dogs have any genetic problems.

Furthermore, DNA testing also gives you the chance to know your dog’s roots in a better way. To understand what breed it is precisely from, know which breed’s genes it contains, and more.

French bulldog DNA testing

Why French Bulldog Needs DNA Testing?

The French bulldog is reputed to be among the healthiest in the Bulldog category. But alongside that, they are also the most susceptible to genetic disorders and diseases.

This makes it equally important for the breeder and the owner to fully understand what lies in the furry child’s DNA. Moreover, DNA testing helps the breeder select the mates so that the disorders do not get passed down to the offspring.

Irresponsible breeding and careless owning may lead to a pile-up of medical bills for the owner and a bleak future for the little Frenchie. Embark provides radically new and cost-effective ways to avoid this.

What Genetic Issues are Frenchies Prone to Have?

Your French bulldog might be carrying some of the wide verities of the disorders the breed is prone to have. Some of the more common ones are given below:


Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, BOAS, in short, is the most common disorder in the breeds with a squished face. While these dogs might look cute, life is not easy for them.

The squished face, tiny nose, and elongated soft pallet make it hard for them to breathe. Furthermore, BOAS is hereditary. Therefore, DNA testing is essential for the dog’s safety and its kid’s safety as well.

Reverse sneezing

Reverse sneezing is when a dog sucks in air through the noose quickly and in rapid successions. A reverse sneezing attack is not a disease, rather a condition.

It is common in dogs whose parents have BOAS or such characteristics. It is not life-threatening but causes distress to the dog. The attacks are usually caused by excitement, irritation, allergies, stress, and other stimuli.

Understanding your French bulldog’s genetic makeup will help you take better precautions and care while staying calm in those situations.

Patellar Luxation

This condition is a tendency of the knee cap to dislocate from its usual position from the knee. Most dogs are prone to this condition, but the French bulldog has the highest chances of being affected.

Though this is a treatable condition, it is quite painful. Furthermore, it is not noticeable until the later stages of growth. Therefore breeders and owners need to perform a DNA test to get the hang of it beforehand.

Degenerative Myelopathy & IVDD

Both of these are a degenerative spinal cord disease that causes paralysis. These are hereditary and gene-related complications that cannot be diagnosed generally during the early days of the dog’s life.

It is essential to know about this before the dog is bred so that the offspring doesn’t have to lead a miserable life.

These are just some of the genetic mishaps that can affect your adorable Frenchie. The best and most effective way to cope with this is to know about it beforehand, and Embark provides the best French bulldog DNA test for better health.

What Services Does Embark Offer?

Embark offers a wide variety of services that range from breed ancestry, health, relative recognition, and more. The company has worked closely with vets to make the most effective and vast genome database for dogs to reference findings.

The health services that are offered by Embark specifically let you keep track of your French bulldog’s health in the best possible way. It provides the least invasive and painful solutions to provide you with a full list of your dog’s health characteristics.

Understanding your French Bulldog

This is a huge step in understanding your dog’s emotional status and saving them from the hands of depression. Keep your dog happy and healthy just by observing him sleep!

Furthermore, the best part about embarking is that it does not matter which part of the world you live in; you can purchase their test kit and send in your dog’s swab sample for the tests.

The method is non-intrusive and does not hurt at all. It is both safe and comfortable; furthermore, it will take just 1 minute to collect your French bulldog’s saliva. Just show your dog a treat, get their mouth slobbery with saliva, and manage it.

DNA Testing – Conclusion

Embark is easily one of the best and most trustworthy DNA tests for your French bulldog. With over 190 health conditions that Embark can sniff out from your Frenchie’s DNA, no other company can provide this level of intricacy.

The non-intrusive and fast swab method makes it easy for anybody to collect the DNA sample and mail it back. Furthermore, Embark not only specializes in DNA health testing, but it also provides other tests like breed identification and physical characteristics.

This makes Embark unique; it lets you thoroughly understand your dog, from the inside and out. It gives you answers to questions like how tall my dog will be, his coat color, his ancestors, and more.

Embark is also proud to have a whole base of satisfied customers who have registered themselves and their dog’s DNA for the sake of further research. This also provides you the chance to find a few relatives of your little French bulldog as well!

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