Do French Bulldogs Shed? How to Deal?


French Bulldogs are the best option for the city individuals to own a dog. Frenchies are the perfect canines for the people living in the apartment because these dogs are small and they don’t require much exercise. They love to cuddle up on a couch along with and they don’t take a lot of space as well.

Even though you try to restrict your dog to go around the house, but, they make their way to everywhere with its cute puppy face. Soon you will see your puppy cuddling up on the couch, bed and everywhere around the house leaving its scent in the entire house

Do French Bulldogs shed?

The Frenchies coats are shiny, fine, short, and smooth. These are all the qualities of the French Bulldog will make you think that they don’t shed a lot, but it is absolutely misleading. Like any other dog or breed, French Bulldogs also shed their hair frequently. The reason that the dogs or any other pets shed is to get rid of their damaged, extra, old hair. In some cases, the pets shed to cool down during the summer and warm up in the winter months.

How much do French Bulldogs shed?

French bulldog calm sleeping on coach

In general, many pet owners feel that shedding a big nuisance and the unwanted hair will be found everywhere in the home.  If you want to know how much your French Bulldog will shed, then you should know that shedding for each dog is different, also, it depends on their diet, weather, and grooming.

The shedding in dogs will occur due to weather as it plays a major role. In winter months, animals grow thick coat that helps them insulate, and in the summer months, they shed the extra hair.

For Bulldog, the coat is formed by fine, smooth and short hair. At puppy days your bulldog tends to shed more compared to an adult dog. That means when the bulldog grows old, it shed less hair.  It is hard to notice the shaded hair of your Frenchies as their hair is small and hard to see on the ground and furniture. Also, it depends on the type of French Bulldog and your furniture color that makes the hair more visible.

Some tips to manage the excess hair

There are a few important things that can help you control your dog from shedding excess hair.

  • The best and significant way of controlling your dog from shedding excess hair is by giving proper grooming, you must make sure to groom your dog on a daily basis.  Brushing your Bulldog’s hair regularly will give them a cleaner and softer coat and also it helps them shed less hair. Shop grooming products here.
  • Giving your dog a fatty acid supplement in its diet will also help to keep its coat healthy and also reduces shedding excess hair.
  • Another best way of keeping your house free from dog’s hair is to buy a jacket or coat for your French Bulldog. This jacket or coat can lock the large quantity of hair when it shed so that you can just wash the clothes. However, it is not possible for those individuals who live in a hot climate.

Also, it is good option to invest in a reliable vacuum cleaner that can help you get rid of all the unwanted loose hair in your home, and keep your carpets, furniture, and floor free from your pet’s hair. Finally, it is very important to know that to reduce the shedding is to providing regular grooming and also notice what you are feeding your pet. Just by following these simple tips, you will be able to keep your home, furniture, and clothes free from your dog’s loose or shed hair.

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