Is Your Frenchie a Picky Eater? The Best Lamb Dog Food Options

Most dogs would ravenously gulp the same food day after day. However, there are some exceptions. Sometimes a dog could turn its nose to the bowl. If your dog seems to be particular about what and when they eat, yet they are healthy, she could be a picky eater. 

Frenchies are particularly notorious for this habit. They are strong-willed and cute – traits often push many owners to give excess treats or table scraps, especially during training. Frenchies that are picky eaters have not lost the opportunistic hunter/scavenger instinct. They are just finicky because there could be a tastier option.

It is a big deal because it can affect the well-being of your furry buddy. Read on and learn about other causes of this habit and why it is a danger to your Frenchie. You will also learn what you can do to help your Frenchie turn the tables and how lamb dog food options could help. 

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The causes of picky eating in dogs

Frenchies are typically hearty feeders. They eat their meals happily and often devour everything in the bowl. However, many owners have expressed concerns that their dogs have turned into poor feeders or picky eaters. You (and many other dog owners) may suspect that picky eating habits are often a result of parental influence, but there are many such as:

  • Psychological issues. Separation anxiety and the history of the dog could play a part. A particular type of dog food could stir bad memories; the dog avoids it. 
  • A picky puppyhood. A Frenchie that did not experience a variety of foods during its puppy days is likely to be finicky in its adult life.
  • It could be an age-related issue. Some dog foods (too dry or hard-to-digest) are a turnoff for older dogs.
  • Health issues.
  • Failure to follow a schedule.

What’s the danger?

Picky eating habits could be harmful to your dog. If your Frenchie eats when and whatever they like (not when and what you give), they are susceptible to malnutrition and obesity. 

The dog may still have the opportunistic hunter/scavenger instinct. However, the drive to consume high-calorie foods takes over. To the dog, food is not about nutrition but survival. So, your Frenchie will turn her nose to low-carb foods like veggies and fruits because a high-energy option (better for survival in the wild) is on the way.

If your Frenchie is a picky eater, here are steps to help your puppy make a turnaround.

Helping your finicky Frenchie

Make sure it’s not a medical issue. 

Plan a visit to the vet and have your Frenchie examined to rule out medical issues like gastrointestinal ailments. 

Change the diet – Consider lamb dog food

If your Frenchie was not exposed to many tastes and textures while a puppy, she is likely to be a picky eater. But there could be many other unexplainable reasons your dog doesn’t like what you’ve been feeding them. If that’s the case, changing the dog food might help. But do it gradually and under the guidance of a vet. 

Timberwolf Organics recommends considering switching to high-quality lamb dog food options. Lamb dog foods are not only tasty, but also highly nutritious. Lamb is an excellent source of protein, low in fat, and great for dogs with food allergies. Lamb dog food options also contain omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Moreover, by picking fresh lamb dog food, you also rule out preservatives and additives. 

Change your habits

If you’ve switched the diet, and your Frenchie likes the lamb dog food options, use it as a springboard to cement new feeding behaviors. But begin by being the change you want to see by following these steps:

  • Avoid giving your Frenchie treats unless they have worked for it and truly deserve it.  
  • Have a schedule and stick to it – show some tough love. There will be moments when there will be the temptation to give some kitchen scraps or a meal off the schedule. But don’t give in. Serve the recommended amount of lamb dog food at the right time, leave it out for 15-25 minutes, then take it away.
  • Ensure there is no “hidden food” that your Frenchie could mischievously indulge. 
  • Be patient and plan regular vet checkups.
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A bad habit is often erased by replacing it with a good one. Without a fitting replacement, there is a high chance of falling back. Whether your Frenchie was raised a picky eater or developed the habit while under your care, these tips will help you erase the bad habit. Lamb is an excellent dog food option to overcome old unhealthy behavior.

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