Pitbull And French Bulldog Mix – French Pitbull

French Pitbull Introduction

Designer dogs are trending in today’s generation. This is because of the flexibility it gives the breeder to choose the characteristics desired. The term designer dog has been in use since the 1970s. Creating hybrid pooches is a good way to eliminate any genetic disorder of a particular breed. This is known as hybrid vigor. However, there are some who claim that hybrid dogs distort the bloodline of a pure breed. What about French Pitbull?

Most common hybrid dogs are crossbred with the poodle. A designer dog that is growing in trend is a combination between the French Bulldog and the American Pitbull terrier. Most breeders love this combination due to the loyalty and cool temperament of both the breeds. A French Pitbull Dog is also a great choice for someone looking for a medium-sized dog. This designer dog is playful and is great with kids.

When you combine two different breeds, there are slim chances of getting a perfect 50/50 mix of each dog. Some traits of one parent may be dominant over the other parent’s traits. Let us look at some characteristics of the French Pitbull dog.

French Pitbull Dog Appearance

French bulldog And Pitbull Mix - French Pitbull

Puppies can either look more like one parent or can be a mixture of both. Both the French Bulldog and the American Pitbull have some physical traits in common. They have a short coat, a large head, and a muscular physique.

Most often, a French Bulldog Pitbull mix has a large block head, muscular legs, and stocky chest. They usually have the facial characteristics of the French Bulldog, but is a smaller version of the Pitbull. The French Bulldog weighs under 28 pounds, while the American Pitbull weighs double of that. Therefore, their mix will typically weigh between 30 and 40 lbs.

The coat color will come in a range of colors from either breed. You may find tan, white, brindle, or even multi-colored coats.

French Bulldog and Pitbull Mix Temperament

The personality of a French Pitbull dog can be better realized by understanding the temperament of both parents. French bulldogs were originally bred to be lap-dogs. They are typically loving, playful, good with kids, and love being the center of attention. Frenchies can be slightly more stubborn as compared to Pitbulls.

Pitbulls are very tolerant of children pulling their tails or ears. Overall, both the breeds are sweet, affectionate, and really playful. They are cautious, protective, and can be good watchdogs. Therefore, you can expect your Frenchie Pitbullmix to get along well with other dogs and be sociable.

Dog Training

The French Bulldog and Pitbull are both very intelligent and highly energetic. So you can expect a French Pitbull Dog to be muscular and hyperactive. It can become a pretty easy job for you to train your puppy.

You may sense a slight stubbornness in your dog, but with positive reinforcement, it should work out fine. The best way to teach your dog is by using positive training techniques. Your pup will always be eager to learn new things, and hence, his training sessions should be kept consistent.

French Pitbull Dog Health

The French Bulldog comes with a few complicated health conditions as compared to the Pitbull. Frenchies are brachycephalic, which means they have a short skull and short muzzle. This can give them breathing problems. They are also prone to eye disorders like cornea ulcers.

The short legs of the Frenchies put them at a high risk of developing intervertebral disc disease. This can lead to nerve damage, pain, or even paralysis.

Pitbulls are much healthier than compared to the Frenchie. However, they are also prone to health problems like hip dysplasia, eye problems, and others. An advantage of mixing these two breeds may be the elimination of their genetic health issues in their offspring. With the combination of both, you can expect an average lifespan of 11-14 years of your pup.

French Pitbull Dog Grooming and Feeding

Maintaining your french pitbull would be as easy as it gets. They are low maintenance dogs with their short coat and medium size. They only need weekly brushing to remove loose hair or dead skin cells.

If your puppy resembles the facial features of the Frenchie, then you need to keep the facial folds clean. There can be dirt accumulation between these folds, and that may lead to infection. When it comes to feeding habits, you should not overfeed your dog. Both parents are prone to obesity and overweight.

French Bulldog - Pit Bull

Therefore, give moderate amounts of food that are nutritious and appropriate to their size. If you feed your dog high-calorie diets regularly, then make sure you take him out for regular walks or exercise.

Fun Facts About French Pitbull Dog

  • The French bulldogs are known for their distinct upright “bat ears.” But, did you know that they were originally “rose-shaped”? Yes! The original ears of the French Bulldog closely resembled those of the English Bulldog.
  • Frenchies became a common companion of the Parisian “belles de nuit.” They were seen carrying around by the ladies of the high-class society in Paris.
  • French Bulldogs were famously kept as companions by the Royals like King Edward VII and the Russian Emperor Nikolao Alexandrovic Romanov.
  • French Bulldogs were also used as delivery dogs during the first world war. The most famous of all was named Mutt, who returned safely to the country.
  • Pitbulls were featured thrice on the cover of Life Magazine. No other dog breeds have been featured that many times.
  • Did you know that the jaws of Pitbulls don’t lock? Yes!! Even though Pitbulls have strong jaws, they don’t have “locking jaws.”


A French Pitbull Dog is a great choice for those who love French Bulldog and Pitbull at the same time. This combination may give you a designer dog that is free from the genetic health problems of the two breeds. The Dog will have a longer muzzle and a stout but powerful body.

You will get a dog that is loyal to your family, protective and fearless at the same time. A Pitbull and French bulldog mix will make a great addition to your family if you have kids at home. If you train him well as a young age, then he can become your best friend for life.

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