English Bulldog vs French Bulldog – Which Breed Is Best?

French bulldogs and English bulldogs: the only difference in their name is the country tag. At the first look, both breeds may seem to have not many differences, and if you are new to them, you may get confused between the two.

If you plan to get a bulldog, you may want to look at their differences and then decide which breed will suit your lifestyle more.


Both breeds have a lot in common. They are both sturdily built with big bones and come with short legs and a wide stance. Their faces are squarish with wrinkles, and they both have short muzzles on their big heads. They also have short coats.

English Bulldogs have more loose skin folds. Their most outstanding feature is the loose hanging chops, and they are of the rose ear variety. Their ears usually droop down towards their face. They grow between 20 to 28 inches and weigh 40 to 60 pounds- not an excellent choice for people with back and joint problems.

French bulldogs have the trademark bat ear that is large and erect.

Little French bulldog puppy

With a more delicate feature, Frenchies are also smaller. A full-grown one can be around 15 inches and weigh anywhere between 20 to 28 pounds. That means you can pick them up, and they can sit on your lap and not give you cramps.


English bulldogs do not fare well in this section. They were ranked at 136 out of 138 dog breeds on the smartest dog breeds list. According to people who own bulldogs, this low ranking can be attributed to their laziness and a stubborn streak. This means that you will have to settle for giving them fewer commands to learn. And don’t forget your treat bag.

The negative point on their trainability doesn’t mean they are dumb. They may rank low on obedience and working intelligence but, these bulldogs make up their reputation with their instinctive and adaptive intelligence.

French bulldogs also do not rank much better. They were ranked 109 out of 127 dog breeds according to surveys based on obedience trials. Still, you do not want to give up on training them. Besides, they are far more active and playful than the English breed.

They have some stubbornness but, you should not give into that. They will do well with some creative exercise improvisations.

When you are training your dog, you will need some patience along with treats. Yes, your dogs recognize treats!

They may be deaf when you call their names or give them a command, but unwrap a treat, and they will come running. Reward them for their progress instead of punishing them.

french and english bulldog playing

Activity Level and Temperament

Both breeds do not belong to the sporting category. They can do with little exercise. But they do need some movement to keep them in shape.

An English bulldog will need more encouragement when it’s exercise time. They are lazy breeds that rather nap their day away or play with their back lying on the couch with their owner doing all the hard work.

The Frenchie also prefers to nap most of the time. But they are more active, and they can tag along on your short walks. You can provide them a space in your yard for playing. All they need is a little space, some toys, and your presence, and they will be happy to run around and keep you entertained.

Both breeds are sensitive to over-exertion. You do not want to wear them out. They do not do well in humid or hot weather as they are both Brachycephalic dogs. If they do need some exercise, it will have to be inside the house when the weather is unfavorable. They are also not great swimmers.

French bulldogs are a bit more stubborn compare to English bulldogs. If Frenchie has decided to tern left it will be challenging to change his mind.

Both breeds are true family members and are good with children. They love to be close to human as possible, even if it requires extra effort.

bulldog sleeping with owner


Both breeds are brachycephalic, meaning ‘short-headed.’ This is attributed to their flat faces. The muzzles and nose are relatively short. Because of their anatomy, they frequently have throats and breathing passages that are undersized or flattened. Hence, they both do not do well in extreme weather conditions and need only minimal exercise.

The list of their health problems includes hip dysplasia- an abnormality in the hip joint, prone to joint dislocation, and can cause painful arthritis in adult dogs.

French bulldogs can suffer from ‘cherry eye,’ a disorder of the nictitating membrane.

They also suffer from allergies like most other canines, from particular food, grooming product, or their environment. The causative factor can be identified and removed or, you can adapt your environment to theirs.

Because of the breeding down of the bulldog, both breeds are prone to ailments. You will need to consider their medication expenses when you choose to take them in. To avoid more chances of disorders showing up in your bulldog, always buy your dog from a trusted and certified breeder. You can also help make the life of one of these breeds better by adopting one instead of hitting the pet store directly.

You can also ask for the parent’s medical history to check any chances of the pup inheriting an ailment.

The English bulldog has many loose folds of skin. The grooming routine should involve cleaning those folds, too, to prevent infections. After a bath, you also need to ensure that those areas dry well.

The life expectancy of the English bulldog is between 8 to 10 years. French bulldogs live longer, between 10 to 12 years.


Both breeds have a pleasant temperament and do well in small spaces. They are also the average barker, which makes them suitable for city life. Both breeds need your constant companionship.

The English bulldog is a laid-back dog that loves to spend any day relaxing. They have a calm demeanor. This breed is suitable for older people who love their stays at home.

The French bulldog has more interest in playing. It is more of an entertainer that loves your undivided attention. They can be mischievous too. Read more about Frenchies personality here.

If you can enjoy the antics of the French bulldog, you may want to go for it. Or, if you prefer a calm couch buddy to relax with, you may be better off with the dignified English bulldog.

cute bulldog puppy


English and French bulldogs are not popular shedders, they requires less grooming compare to other dog breeds. Size of hair are basically same.

For both breeds you should pay attention to nails. If nails gets long, then they should be cut. Without any pressure you can take bulldogs shower once a month.

Once a while check bulldogs down par of body. For them its hard to bend and clean their genitals with tongue. In most cases they are not able to reach that part. Just gently clean with water and napkin while bathing.

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